Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Good Vibes at Tea Session

Tea in the afternoon. A much needed break from the hectic pace, and a time to recharge. And at Tea Session, you can enjoy a refreshing break with one of their many signature tea-based beverages and light snacks. 

Fourteen refreshing milk teas. Eight fruit teas. Seven creamy milkshakes. Five yogurt smoothies. Four rich and flavorful frappes. Four Yakult tea coolers. Plus a wide range of light snacks and meals, including rice bowls, congee, and noodles to go with your favorite tea blend. Just the spot for that perfect tea session.

A selection of Tea Session's signature milk teas, with Royal Boba Milk Tea (P 80-M/P 90-L), Wintermelon Milk Tea (P 80-M/P 90-L), and Cream Puff with Pudding (P 90-M/P 100-L). The Royal Boba Milk Tea delivers a soothing and rich tea flavor, balanced by the creamy milk blend. The Cream Puff with Pudding adds a richer and creamier note, while the Wintermelon Milk Tea has that refreshing fruity hint. Whatever your mood or craving, Tea Session has that one milk tea blend with your name on it. At Tea Session, you can customize your very own tea blend by specifying the level of sweetness for that perfect tall glass of comfort. Other variants include Caramel, Honey, Strawberry,Choco Malt, Pudding, Cocoa Ballet with Orea, Grass Jelly, Butterscotch, Berry-Banana, Butterscotch and Super Taro Milk Tea. And you can enjoy all these in a quiet, cool and bright spot with shades of calming white and green, like your very own sanctuary.

Pair your very own tea blend with one of Tea Session's light snacks, like the QQ Bread (P 50), warm, soft and chewy mini buns with sesame seeds.

Each chewy bun delivers a subtle sweetness and a distinct nutty hint from the sesame seeds, just perfect with a tall refreshing milk tea.

And if you're really hungry, go for Tea Session's Chicken Chop (P 70), crispy, breaded chicken with a tasty sweet and spicy dip. Each nugget has a crisp layer over tender, juicy chicken for contrasting textures, and that sweet and sharp chili dip completes the flavors.

If you're seriously hungry, then go for Tea Session's comforting Braised Beef Noodles (P 139), a rich and flavorful broth with tender chunks of slow-braised beef and firm noodles.

The richly flavored and dark beef broth is perfectly seasoned, and a hefty meal in itself. And that's what makes Tea Session an ideal spot to chill, with its wide variety of refreshing hot and cold beverages and equally impressive line of reasonably priced meals for that perfect tea session.

Before heading out to brave the rush hour traffic, I go for one more refreshing tea blend. The Peach Mango Yakult Tea Cooler (P 70-M/P 80-L), with the familiar tart notes of Yakult. Other flavors include Mango Yakult, Lychee Yakult, and Passion Yakult. One more sip and you're ready to face the hectic urban pace once more. Good vibes.

Tea Session is located at the Ground Floor, Maia Hotel, Nicanor Garcia Street corner J.P. Rizal Street, Bel-Air, Makati City or call 551-7674 for inquiries.

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