Monday, June 30, 2014

Real Coffee Indulgence at The Coffee Beanery

Ready to ride the crest of the emerging third wave coffee revolution? The Coffee Beanery elevates your coffee experience with the launch of its "gourmet" cafe concept in every cup of pure coffee indulgence. 

Like all good things, real coffee takes time. And at The Coffee Beanery, an established brand in the premium coffee segment for over a decade, each cup is prepared in a slow yet deliberate manner to bring out the purest, cleanest flavors for that perfect cup.

The brand's reinvention is a response to the growing sophistication and evolving palate of local coffee connoisseurs constantly finding ways to elevate their coffee experience. At The Coffee Beanery, you can select from a wide range of premium coffee blends as well as different brewing methods for a customized cup. As part of The Coffee Beanery's relaunch, only coffee beans sourced from the finest coffee farms in the world are offered, including local organically grown beans from Benguet, to ensure a perfect coffee experience.

The Coffee Beanery's expert team of baristas prepare to demonstrate three brewing methods using The Coffee Beanery's very own Summer Blend 2014, a medium roast blend with beans from Panama Carmen Estate and Kenya Karimikui. Each meticulous process is slow, redefining and raising the level of the regular brew to an artisanal cup of pure indulgence. In an effort to create your perfect cup, The Coffee Beanery strives to understand the customers' personal preferences and growing knowledge about quality and brewing methods. Simply have a chat with The Coffee Beanery's team of baristas and based on your preference, the baristas at The Coffee Beanery can recommend the best method for you...

The Siphon Method is a classic brewing process using vapor pressure and vacuum to produce a perfect cup. As the water in the lower chamber heats up, the vapor pressure then pushes it upward to the upper chamber containing the freshly ground beans. As the water cools, it slowly drops back down the lower chamber, for a perfect brew. 

The Aeropress Method is a modern device using cylinders to steep and press the freshly ground coffee directly on a cup or pot. The use of air pressure, as the plunger is pressed through the tube, improves the extraction of flavor from the ground beans for bolder, richer flavors. 

The Pour Over or Drip Method, and the most common brewing method using paper filters filled with freshly ground beans and manually pouring hot water in controlled amounts to extract the flavors. Each method creates subtle and delicate nuances in flavor and aroma, brining out a range of nutty and fruity hints.

The Coffee Beanery also applies the same attention to detail with their own tea blends, with the same manual and slow process to extract the delicate flavors.

The Coffee Beanery offers a wide range of premium tea blends, including flavored teas with fruits like pineapple and mangoes for a refreshing and soothing cup.

The Coffee Beanery's baristas also shared their fun and inventive Iced Taho, a cool and refreshing blend of soft and silky tofu, chocolate and espresso. Familiar yet different, and a creative twist that just works.

"Coffee aficionados will agree that coffee is truly more than a simple cup of indulgence. With all the assortment of flavors, aromas, blends, and creative presentations, enjoying a piping cup is indeed one of the great joys and satisfactions in our day-to-day life. Working from that perspective, The Coffee Beanery aims to cater to those people by presenting them perfectly balanced servings of specialty gourmet coffee, their kind of coffee, just the way they like and want it," said Badjie Trinidad, CEO of The Cravings Group.

The Coffee Beanery's team of baristas (L-R), Zaldy Mangaliag, Karen Valerio, and Crizaldy Osal, each one trained under the "coffee master" chef program at The Coffee Academy of CCA and the EDSA Beverage Design Group, ready to serve your perfect cup of coffee, just the way you want it.

Along with its gourmet brews, The Coffee Beanery also offers an expanded menu to pair with your cup with a selection of deli-style dishes including signature cakes, pastries like the ensaymada, mamon, Spanish bread, pastel de yema and napoleones, and savory baked dishes like menudillo, chicken pastel, and beef stroganoff. 

A part of The Cravings Group, an institution and innovator in the culinary and hospitality industry for over 25 years, The Coffee Beanery's brand relaunch is a positive response to remain relevant among local coffee enthusiasts. Premium gourmet coffee beans and blends, classic brewing methods, an expanded menu, excellent service and a team of master baristas, different layers that combine for that perfect cup of coffee, and that indulgent coffee experience at The Coffee beanery.

The Coffee Beanery is located at the CCA Building, Katipunan Avenue, Loyola Heights, Quezon City or call 426-6684 for inquiries.

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