Saturday, June 7, 2014

Buffet Attack Mode at Banzai!

All unlimited, all authentic, all out eat fest. Time to activate your buffet attack mode at Banzai: The Great Authentic Japanese Buffet...

Prepare yourself for an epic feast with a wide selection of authentic Japanese dishes including teppanyaki, tempura, ramen, sushi, sashimi, okonomiyaki, takoyaki, katsudon, gyudon, soba, steak, salmon, and so much more...

Located along SM Mall of Asia By The Bay, Banzai specializes in authentic Japanese cuisine. The newest restaurant concept from the same group behind Sumo Sam, Akira, Marciano's, Balboa, Dekada, John and Yoko, and Mr. Kurosawa, Banzai pulls all the stops for the ultimate Japanese buffet.

Banzai has an impressive seating capacity for 500 diners with ten food stations spread out, all within easy reach. The decor, cooking methods, ingredients and flavors transport you to Japan, and on weekends, Banzai holds short theater performances adding to the Banzai experience. 

With three in-house Japanese chefs, and imported ingredients from Japan, you get authentic Japanese flavors in an impressive buffet layout. And seeing the chefs preparing the food in the different food stations add to the authenticity of your dining experience.

Different areas are designed with iconic Japanese themes, from Old Japan, to modern downtown Osaka, adding to the fun dining experience. Japanese paper lanterns line the ceiling to complete the Japanese vibe.

And to complete the experience, Banzai offers its unique and fun Trick Art Gallery where diners can wear costumes for photos, a cool treat for families and friends. Fun, playful and creative, the Trick Art Gallery adds to the unique charm of Banzai.

Once seated, make a quick recon of the buffet spread and the different stations. At the carving station, a thick slab of roasted pork belly with crisp crackling greets you.

Over at the Sushi and Sashimi Station, you can find a wide variety of fresh seafood and rolls prepared by the chefs. Go for the signature Banzai Roll, crisp rice rolls with tuna and Japanese mayo...

...or the Dynamite Roll, salmon with spicy dressing for a fiery start.

At the Takoyaki Station, one finds freshly made takoyaki, drizzled with a sweet sauce and creamy Japanese mayo, then topped with bonito flakes.

Back at the Sushi and Sashimi Station, check out some of the freshly prepared sashimi selections. With a fresh batch made every few minutes, you're bound to see something new when you drop by the station.

At the Teppanyaki Station, go for a platter of Beef Teppan, Beef Misono, Chicken Teppan, and Yasai Itame, or mixed vegetables...

...or the assorted Seafood Teppan, with shrimps, squid, salmon, dory and vegetables.

Other Japanese specialties are also available, including the popular Tonkatsu...

...and an assortment of Yakitori, including Beef Yakitori, Chicken Yakitori, Ebi Yakitori, Bacon Kani Yakitori, and Beef Asparagus Yakitori, all freshly prepared at the station.

At the Tempura Station, go for the Mixed Tempura, with ebi tempura and vegetables, also the most popular station at Banzai. No Japanese feast is complete without tempura.

Try something different, like pancakes with a Japanese twist. Okonomiyaki, Japanese pancakes topped with squid or bacon and bonito flakes.

Craving for Ramen? Banzai's got that covered too. Buta Ramen, available in Shoyu or Miso broth...

...or the spicy Tan Tan Men (Chili Ramen), each freshly prepared as you order.

Then, it's time to grab a plate to begin your Banzai experience. Start with some of Banzai's fresh sushi and sashimi...

...followed by light appetizers including gyoza, bacon-wrapped asparagus, bacon-wrapped kani, takoyaki, and a unique Japanese style pizza topped with shrimps and enoki, or winter mushrooms.

Then, head on down to Banzai's Teppanyaki Station for an assortment of grilled beef, pork, shrimps, squid, and vegetables. And go back for more...

For dessert, choose from delicate yet indulgent pastries, to shaved ice concoctions and ice cream. As with all buffets, take your time and just go with the flow. With Banzai's impressive selection, it would take two or three visits to sample all the dishes. So come hungry...

A wide selection and variety of dishes, cool Japanese inspired themes, and great value for money. Ready for the Banzai experience?

Banzai Buffet Rates:
Monday-Friday (Lunch): P 699
Monday-Friday (Dinner): P 899
Saturday-Sunday-Holidays: P 1,088
Children below 4.5 ft.: P 499
Left-Over Price: P 1,288
All rates inclusive of service charge

Banzai is located at Building J, SM By The Bay, Leisure Park, Seaside Boulevard, SM Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay City or call 552-7368 for inquiries and reservations.

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  1. Wish I could try this place... their dishes look amazing and so beautiful! :) Hope is all with you. :)


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