Thursday, June 26, 2014

Food News: All Natural Goodness Straight From The Bottle with Mura Sarap Bagoong

Green mangoes and bagoong...even a dreary rainy afternoon feels so much better with these around. 

Tart, sour, mildly sweet green mangoes with that distinct saltiness from the sauteed shrimp paste works all the time. And even better with Mura Sarap Bagoong.

All natural, absolutely no preservatives or extenders, using 100% alamang and premium quality corn oil for superior taste. And you can enjoy it fresh off the bottle. All the goodness from 100% alamang, bottled for your convenience. Pick up a slice of green mango and start scooping some fresh sauteed shrimp paste, and repeat.

And here's even more good news. Mura Sarap Bagoong is also available in sachets (the first in the category), for smaller servings and added convenience. Or that sudden craving green mangoes and bagoong. Ready to serve, straight from the bottle or sachet, without the fuss. Quick, easy and tasty, all you want in a bottle or sachet.

Mura Sarap Bagoong is now available at any SM Supermarket, Shopwise, Landmark, Cherry Foodarama, and Hi-Top. For more information on Mura Sarap Bagoong, visit their FB Page at

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