Sunday, June 1, 2014

A Samurai Feast for Three at Nanbantei

A samurai-sized feast for three for only P that's a cool deal. 

Nanbantei of Tokyo's Good For Three Samurai Sets offers authentic Japanese flavors and great value, making dining with friends even more enjoyable. Who says three's a crowd?

Nanbantei of Tokyo is an international chain of restaurants with branches in Singapore, China, and the Philippines, with its flagship based in Roponggi, Japan, a known landmark serving its signature yakitori for over forty years. Simple, clean and authentic flavors served in bite-sized skewers, just can't get better than that.

Nanbantei's open kitchen and grill section fires up for the dinner service, and the grill is loaded with Nanbantei's signature yakitori selection, including chicken, beef, pork, seafood and vegetables. Perfectly grilled, delicately seasoned with salt or gently brushed with teriyaki sauce, you get authentic flavors fresh off the grill. 

And the Good For Three Samurai Set arrives...

Nanbantei offers three Good For Three Samurai Sets to choose from, with each set with three bowls each of Miso Soup and Gohan, or steamed white rice. We sample Set A, which includes three skewers of Tebasaki, Poteto Maki, Negima, Aspara Maki, Pork Yakiniku, and Ebi Tempura, along with miso soup and gohan for three. Start with the Negima, grilled chicken with fresh leeks brushed with sweet yakiniku sauce. The tender chunks of boneless chicken are moist and juicy, and the yakiniku sauce blends perfectly with the subtle smoky flavor of the chicken, capped off by the fresh flavor and texture of the leeks.

Tebasaki, grilled chicken wings delicately seasoned with salt. The juicy chicken wings have a crisp, charred layer for contrasting textures. And this one's good to the bone. There's just something about the simplicity, and purity, of grilled meat seasoned with nothing else but salt. The salt seasoning and the flames bring out all of the meat's flavors. And that's what makes Japanese style yakiniku special, it's about zen-like simplicity that brings out full flavors in every skewer.

Poteto Maki, grilled potato wrapped in bacon and seasoned with salt. Fresh clean flavors. with the creamy potato enhanced by the sharp flavors of bacon. And you know what they say about bacon...everything's just better with it.

Aspara Maki, grilled asparagus wrapped with pork and seasoned with salt. The thin layer of pork simply seasoned with salt on a grill delivers sharp and clean notes complementing the fresh asparagus for balanced flavors.

Pork Yakiniku, grilled and juicy thinly sliced pork belly with yakiniku sauce. The sweet sauce and smoky grilled flavors of the juicy pork combine for another classic yakiniku dish. And don't forget  the Ebi Tempura with six pieces of crisp prawns that come with the set to complete your Samurai feast at Nanbantei. A variety of yakiniku, an order of Ebi Tempura, rice and miso soup for three...all in one cool set. Other options include Good For Three Samurai Set B with Leba Maki (chicken liver wrapped in bacon), Beef Garlic Maki, Pork Garlic Maki, Beef Yakiniku, Shake Kushi Yaki (grilled salmon balls with teriyaki sauce) and a refreshing Kani Salad. Good For Three Samurai Set C includes Bonjiri (chicken tail), Tebasaki (chicken wings), Sakani Maki (dory fish wrapped in thinly sliced pork), Tsukune (chicken meat balls), Shiso Maki (pork with shiso leaf) and crispy Tori Karaage. All sets come with three servings of miso soup and rice.

Then, cap your meal with Nanbantei's Avocado Ice Cream (P 100)...

...or Nanbantei's signature Coffee Jelly (P 120). A perfect yakiniku feast, and excellent value for money. Nanbantei's Good For Three Samurai Sets offer a variety of authentic flavors for only P 888*. Now that's a cool deal.

For more on Nanbantei's authentic flavors, check out my previous post on their new dishes here at, and cool classic cocktails with a distinct Asian twist that pairs perfectly with any of their signature range of yakiniku here at

*Samurai Sets available Mondays to Fridays only, said items may not be exchanged for other menu items, and may not be combined with other offers or discounts. Samurai Sets will be available until September, 2014. 

Nanbantei of Tokyo is located at Bonifacio High Street Central, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City or call 621-3224 for inquiries.

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