Saturday, June 14, 2014

Incredible India and More at Om Lifestyle + Cafe

A Hindu mantra and mystical Sanskrit sound, "Om" is the divine, all-encompassing and original vibration of consciousness. And at Om Lifestyle + Cafe, you can immerse yourself in the richness of Indian culture and flavors surrounded by delicate and ornate items imported from India for that unique dining experience.

For over thirteen years, Suman Gogna has successfully run a home-based boutique specializing in Indian products. Together with her daughter Angjie, the mom and daughter tandem eventually set-up a commercial boutique to showcase the wide assortment and the very best of Indian fashion, jewelry, accessories and home decor items with Om Lifestyle+ Cafe. And to complete your Indian experience, Om Lifestyle + Cafe serves some of the best and authentic Indian dishes in the metro.

Om Lifestyle + Cafe carries a wide variety of Indian home decor, linen, clothing, and accessories, each handpicked, selected and curated by Suman and Anjie Gogna, the creative mother and daughter team behind Om Lifestyle + Cafe. A visit to the unique cafe transports you to India, and the authentic Indian dishes complete your experience.

Start your unique experience at Om Lifestyle + Cafe with their refreshing and signature beverage, the Lemon Ginger Cooler (P 80), the Indian version of lemonade with the distinct note of ginger. The combination of fresh lemons and ginger combine for a soothing beverage, and your Indian culinary journey starts with a burst of flavors.

Samosa (P 40), traditional and savory Indian pastries stuffed with flavorful and spiced potatoes, were then served. Add some of Om Lifestyle + Cafe's rich chili sauce to complete the flavors. As is or with some chili sauce for the extra spicy kick, the samosa at Om Lifestyle + Cafe are light and flavorful, and the perfect starter.

Chicken Biryani Rice (P 150), soft and fluffy long-grained rice enriched with chicken and a variety of Indian spices. The Indian rice dish pairs perfectly with the richly spiced mains for even richer flavors. As with all Indian dishes, the spices don't necessarily add a spicy heat, but layers of distinct flavors. And just in case you're looking for that extra spicy heat, Om Lifestyle + Cafe serves a refreshingly hot chili chutney on the side. Simply add a spoonful for that refreshing kick.

Raita (P 90), a cucumber and tomato salad with fresh and clean flavors. The sharp vinaigrette also cleans the palate, as more dishes are served.

Palak Paneer (P 200), Indian paneer cheese in spinach-based curry sauce. The distinct green spinach curry adds a mild and subtle flavor contrasting with the sharp and creamy cheese for a unique blend. Add a little chili chutney and a spoonful of chicken biryani, and repeat.

Butter Chicken (P 220), sweet tomato based curry with cashew paste and tender chunks of chicken, another flavorful dish that pairs so well with the long-grained chicken biryani rice. The rich and comforting curry sauce has layers of flavors from the different spices, yet the dish remains perfectly balanced.

Mutton Rogan Josh (P 250), a special mutton preparation from the Kashmir region. Slow cooked for hours, the mild flavors of the tender mutton is complemented by the rich curry sauce. Rich, authentic flavors in every spoonful, as you go for a second serving...

Chicken Tikka (P 180) and Paneer Tikka (P 180), pan-grilled chicken and paneer cheese marinated in creamy yogurt and rich Indian spices. The yogurt marinade adds subtle yet creamy notes on the pan-grilled chicken and paneer for delicate flavors. Seriously good.

A full plate. The first round, with a little of everything. Seconds? Absolutely.

For dessert, try Om Lifestyle + Cafe's Gulab Jamun (P 45), sweet dough balls in saffron syrup. The milky dough balls are chewy, and the sweet saffron syrup adds the finishing touches to this indulgent yet comforting dessert. And there's more...

Kufti (P 50), Indian ice cream with saffron and pistachio, a creamy homemade dessert with pistachio and the richness of saffron, a perfect ending to cap an authentic Indian experience at Om Lifestyle + Cafe.

Hot Masala Chai (P 80), with milk, cardamom, cinnamon, cloves and a hint of pepper. The rich Indian spices add complex flavors for a soothing cup. From starters to mains and desserts, the rich and unique flavors of India are faithfully recreated in every dish at Om Lifestyle + Cafe.

After shopping for some unique Indian accessories, why not have an authentic Indian meal at Om Lifestyle + Cafe to complete your experience. And enjoy the best Indian flavors in the metro...

Om Lifestyle + Cafe is located at the 2/F, Fox Square Building, # 53 Connecticut Street, Northeast Greenhills, San Juan or call 705-7072, 631-6983 and 0917-506-7288 for inquiries. You can also visit their website at or their cool FB page at for more information.

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  1. This looks awesome Gerry! Indian is my second favorite cuisine, after Japanese. That butter chicken had me at hello haha... Gotta try this soon! :)

    1. hey JB, the butter chicken's awesome! Great to hear from you bud!

  2. Dear guests, Om Lifestyle and Cafe has a new landline number. You may now reach us at (02) 6220064
    See you soon at Om!


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