Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Go Off-The-Grid for Some Good Eats

Burgers, chips, hot dogs, quesadillas, burritos, rice bowls and margaritas. And a bus named Gus. Sometimes all you need is to go off-the-grid to find some good eats and sweet treats. 

The newest concept from the Distillery Group of restaurants, the same team behind Black Olive Cerveceria, Draft GastroPub, and Beso Cucina Vinoteka, Off-the-Grid brings back the fun to classic comfort food. At Off-The-Grid, expect good eats and sweet treats, and a lot of fun.

Uncomplicated, just pure, honest comfort food. Inside, one finds a classic VW Combi, painted with cool graphics reminiscent of the rebellious counterculture movement from decades past. Named Gus the Bus, the cool VW Combi's sliding windows reveal Off-The-Grid's busy kitchen.

Chef Carlo Miguel runs through the wide range of dishes offered at Off-The-Grid, from burgers to hot dogs, fries and chips, to rice bowls and burritos, covering every possible comfort food craving. Hefty meals with reasonable prices, now that's always cool. Then, the windows of Gus the Bus slide open, and the first of many dishes are served... 

Basket O' Rings (P 75), perfectly seasoned and crisp onion rings, a perfect starter and side to any of Off-The-Grid's mains. The crisp layer and sweet onions will have you going at it for seconds and thirds. 

Nachos with Jalapeno Cheese Dip (P 155), crisp triangles with a creamy and spicy dip. Like Off-The-Grid's onion rings, the nachos are perfectly seasoned for bold flavors. The creamy jalapeno cheese dip completes the flavors, making it hard to stop munching Off-The-Grid's nachos.   

Next, a trio of Off-The-Grid's Quesadillas then arrived, Carnitas Quesadilla (P 165)  with spicy pork shoulder in mozzarella and cheddar, Ms. Cheechi (P 165) with chicken, mozzarella, garlic, and cheddar, and Bap-O-Rito (P 165) with US Angus Beef Belly in special Off-the-Grid bulgogi sauce. 

Fish Tacombi (P 165), crisp panko-crusted white fish fillet with fresh tomato salsa, cabbage relish, sesame dressing, and rich Japanese mayo. Tender and delicate fish fillet coated in a crisp layer of breading combine for contrasting textures, blending well with the soft tacos and creamy Japanese mayo.

The Off-The-Grid Chili Dog (P 175), topped with homemade US Angus Beef and bean chili and cheddar cheese sauce on a warm, toasted bun. Fully-loaded and top-heavy, each bite delivers a medley of comforting flavors.

And here's one you can't refuse. The Dog Father (P 215), with foot-long dog, pepperoni, mozzarella, and rich, chunky tomato sauce in a toasted foot-long bun. Nope, you just can't refuse this...

Then, Off-The-Grid's signature burgers arrived, starting with the Macho Nacho (P 195), with US Angus nacho spiced 1/3 pound beef patty topped with fresh tomato salsa, jalapeno, crispy fried corn tortilla in a toasted milk bun...

...the Uncle Sam (P 165), US Angus 1/3 pound beef patty draped in cheddar cheese and topped with cabbage relish and tomato on a toasted milk bun...

...the Couch Potato (P 195), US Angus 1/3 pound beef patty topped with crisp bacon, cheese, cabbage relish, tomatoes, and onions, capped with a sunny side-up on a toasted milk bun...

...and the Yokozuna (P 175), panko-crusted cheddar cheese stuffed pork patty topped with cabbage relish, Japanese BBQ sauce, and sesame dressing on a toasted milk bun, each distinct from the other offering unique flavors.

Then, the rice bowls were served. Off-The-Grid's Dog Silog (P 135), frankfurter and fried egg with pickled papaya on Off-the-Grid's burrito rice. Each bite brings back childhood memories, comforting and familiar, and good times.

Luchador Bowl (P 115), US Angus Beef with bean chili topped with cheddar cheese over steamed white rice. This one takes you to the rich flavors south of the border with the creamy cheese and chili for another hearty meal.

Taiwanese Fried Chicken (P 195), crisp Taiwanese-style fried chicken over steamed white rice, served with a special dipping sauce, and a personal favorite. Perfectly crisp chicken with rice...can't go wrong with that.

And there's more. Off-The-Grid's line of signature Burritos, the Juan dela Cruz (P 175) with pork sisig, the Breakfast Burrito (P 205) with breakfast sausage, scrambled eggs, tomatoes, onions, and hash browns, the Kimchi and Spam Burrito (P 205), with Spam and spicy kimchi in Japanese mayo and Gochujang, and the Hydroponic Burrito (P 145) with an all vegetable blend of cabbage relish, red kidney beans, garlic mayo and hash potatoes.

For dessert, go for Off-The-Grid's Chocolate Banana Smoothie...

...and pair it with Off-The-Grid's Tres Leches Custard, A Cup O' Chocolate Chip Cookies, or the Banana Hazelnut Cookie Butter Pudding.

But the fun at Off-the-Grid doesn't end with dessert. Why not cap your feast with some of Off-The-Grid's Frozen Margaritas, in Classic or Flavored.

Looking for good eats? Go off-the-grid...or simply look for Gus the Bus.

Off-The-Grid is located at the Ground Floor, Venice Piazza, Upper McKinley Road, McKinley Hill, Taguig City or call 831-0507 for inquiries.

UPDATE: Off-The-Grid will be rebranded and renamed Brewhaus, retaining the same location.

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