Friday, October 22, 2021

Bigger and Better: Brownies Unlimited Celebrates 33 Years with the New Premium Brownie Collection

Brownies Unlimited goes bigger and better as it celebrates thirty-three flavorful years of pure brownie indulgence... 

Brownies Unlimited unveils its new Premium Brownie Collection in celebration of its milestone 33rd Anniversary with a quartet of delectable bars of sinful temptation. Caramel Pecan, Cookies and Cream, Strawberry Sherbet and Ultimate Fudge, the new Premium Brownie Collection is a culmination of a continuing story that began back in 1988 with its first store offering three brownie variants. Since then, Brownies Unlimited has grown to over 40 company-owned stores and an impressive array of offerings from brownies to cookie chips, cupcakes and silvanas and so much more. Read on for a tasty peek at the new Premium Brownie Collection by Brownies Unlimited... 

Packed in its distinctive red box and sealed, Brownies Unlimited pulls all the stops in creating its new and indulgent fresh-baked Premium Brownie Collection with the use of the freshest and finest all-natural ingredients with absolutely no preservatives. Thirty-three years in an extremely competitive landscape is testament to the brand's enduring commitment to quality. As shifting consumer habits emerge in a challenging new normal such as dining at home, the rise of the food delivery culture and increased online usage as some of the more prominent changes, Brownies Unlimited adapts to the new realities by being accessible to more customers with GrabFood, FoodPanda, Pick-A-Roo, SM Online and FrozenMNL. You can also order through their own online shop at

Despite the difficulties of a lingering pandemic, Brownies Unlimited continues to innovate and roll-out indulgent new creations to stay relevant among its loyal customer base. The Premium Brownie Collection showcases premium ingredients for a refreshingly new brownie experience honed by thirty-three years of experience.

And it's an impressive quartet, each one tempts both the eyes and palate. The base of the new Premium Brownie Collection reflects the core of Brownies Unlimited's uncompromising philosophy. Handcrafted with flour, fresh eggs, butter, premium cocoa, sugar and vanilla extract, Brownies Unlimited nails it down to an exact science. 

The soft, moist, fudgy and chewy brownie is the perfect base for the lavish toppings of pecans, cookies, cream, strawberries and fudge. Indulgent yet distinct from the other, the new Premium Brownie Collection by Brownies Unlimited is a decadent expression to commemorate thirty-three years of brownie perfection.

From sweet and tart to rich and fudgy with layers of deep chocolate notes, the new Premium Brownie Collection by Brownies Unlimited has something for everyone. And for brownie fans everywhere, this is your ultimate brownie fix packed in a box and ready to go.  

Best served at room temp, let's take a closer look at the new variants... 

...starting with the Caramel Pecan. Imagine whole pecan nuts drizzled with decadent caramel on a brownie and you get the picture.

The nutty sweetness of pecans drizzled with caramel combine for a sweet pairing, complimented by the rich chocolate notes of the brownie base. Pecans and caramel just elevates the brownie to satisfy any craving. Nuts and chocolate always work, but these pecans drizzled with caramel hits all the right notes for that perfect brownie experience.

The aptly named Ultimate Fudge is the one for chocoholics. The chocolate brownie is transformed with a luscious and silky smooth chocolate filling topped with chocolate ganache and finished with an intricate lattice-like drizzle of dark and white chocolate. When the usual chocolate just isn't enough, the Ultimate Fudge is your best bet. The chocolate brownie base, chocolate filling, dark and white chocolate, you just can't beat a quadruple dose of chocolate. 

The sweet tartness of the strawberries are highlighted in another creation from the Premium Brownie Collection with the Strawberry Sherbet. The bright and festive hues of strawberries are a visual clue to the vibrant notes of this unique brownie creation.

Topped with strawberry infused chocolate and swirls of strawberry jam, the rich notes of tart strawberries contrasts with the deep hints of chocolate in a balanced and seamless finish. 

The Cookies and Cream variant brings the crunch of Oreo cookies in a delightful play with the elegant notes of chocolate. Layered with Oreo cookies and topped with chocolate cream mixed with crushed cookies for added crunch, the Cookies and Cream lays on both flavors and textural contrasts with each bite.

Pure indulgence yet distinct from the other, the new Premium Brownie Collection by Brownies Unlimited just makes life sweeter, more so in these challenging times. A bite is all you need to transform the long days of quarantine with a vibrant burst of sweetness.

Bigger and better. The story of Brownies Unlimited continuous to unfold and play out as it celebrates thirty-three flavorful years of brownie goodness with the new Premium Brownie Collection. Hit up Brownies Unlimited on their online shop at and order your indulgent quartet delivered conveniently to your doorstep.

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