Sunday, October 24, 2021

Go With The Flow: Bohemian Flair in a Bottle with Free Flow by Monkey Eagle Brewery

Time crawls at a slow pace, and literally takes its sweet time in the long days of quarantine in this new normal. There are some things you just can't control. Sometimes, you just need to go with the flow... 

Tagaytay-based Monkey Eagle Brewery recently introduced their latest creation, Free Flow Bohemian Pilsner adding to its growing portfolio of innovative brews. And just in time too. The new brew is Monkey Eagle Brewery's homage to one of the oldest styles of beer, updated with a contemporary and Bohemian flair. It's just what you need to get through the long days of the new normal... 

Packed, sealed and delivered fresh from Tagaytay, another long day in the new normal is slowly transformed. Unboxing the much anticipated package of fresh libation just brightens up the day, even in this new normal. 

Patient anticipation gives way to the realization that this is exactly what you need. The brand and label exude a refreshing and liberating vibe, coming together in perfect sync. Pilsner, a type of pale lager, takes its name from the Czech city of PlzeƱ where it was first brewed in the early 1800s. Since then, Pilsner or pale lager remains one of the world's popular brews. The new brew by Monkey Eagle Brewery draws inspiration from the Bohemian region where the classic Pilsner was born. You get the classic and familiar notes and refreshing crispness of the traditional pale lager with Free Flow, but you also enjoy a colorful palette of nuanced flavors with each sip along with that liberating feeling of spontaneity. One more sip, and you'll agree the new brew by Monkey Eagle Brewery is aptly named.  

The colorful label should give you an idea on the smooth yet unrestrained character of the brew, easy on the palate while delivering bold flavors with an elegant finish. Light and crisp followed by full-bodied notes at the back of your throat, it's the kind of libation that lets you sit back and enjoy the slow passing of time in the new normal.

The local craft beer movement is now a serious player in the alcoholic beverage category, offering fresh and innovative expressions of the well-loved brew for enthusiasts. Monkey Eagle Brewery is one of them, and one more addition to your growing list of essentials.

The carefree and colorful tone of the brand is given life with a sip of the new brew, draping the palate with its mildly sweet finish and deep malty notes. Some have described the brew as delivering biscuit-like hints adding to its palate pleasing qualities with just a whisper of subtle sharpness in the end for a balanced and smooth sip. 

It's this refreshing profile that makes Free Flow a pleasant companion for leisurely afternoon tipples at home. Easy and uncomplicated with all the right notes and a subtle sweetness, Free Flow allows you to take it slow and enjoy each sip. And go with the flow at your own pace.

The flavor profile also pairs well with a variety of light and savory dishes, such as roast chicken and oysters. Or try it with spicy banana chips with its contrasting notes of sweetness and soothing heat. The cleansing crispness prepares the palate for another bite, washing it down with an elegant and velvety smoothness. And that layer of malty hints adds both depth and body for the proper Free Flow experience.

Laid back and relaxed, Free Flow doesn't scream with loud notes. Instead, it drapes the palate with a mellow finish followed by that subtle hint of sharpness you'd expect from a classic Pilsner. Like any good libation, there's no pressure with this one. Just good vibes all around. 

Lovin' the vibe with this brew. Uncomplicated, casual and unpretentious, the weave of seemingly contrasting notes comes together seamlessly with Free Flow

Just go with the flow. And free yourself from the conventions that hold you back. Order your 4-Pack, 6-Pack or better yet, the 12-Pack of Free Flow by Monkey Eagle Brewery (see links below) and enjoy the long days of the new normal with the free flow mindset. 

For more on the new Free Flow Bohemian Pilsner and Monkey Eagle Brewery, visit their website at and FB Page at for updates or call 0917 175 8289 for inquiries.

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