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What's New at The Mercato United Kitchen? Have a Tasty Peek...

All nineteen kitchens and counting are fired up for familiar favorites as well as tasty new finds...

The popularity and relevance of the cloud kitchen concept continues to gain momentum in a changing culinary landscape marked by emerging new consumer habits due to the quarantine experience. One cloud kitchen is all fired up serving a variety of sumptuous offerings from a growing base of merchants. A recent visit to The Mercato United Kitchen at Circuit Makati becomes a reunion of sorts for familiar favorites, as well as an opportunity to discover tempting new finds. Here's a quick peek at what's cookin' at The Mercato United Kitchen...

Vegan Offerings by Green Meat Hub

That first visit just a few days after it opened revealed some interesting possibilities from the various merchants of The Mercato United Kitchen (more on my earlier post, ECQ Eats: The Mercato United Kitchen Takes Flight with 19 Restaurants Under One Roof). And the wide variety of tempting flavors and cuisines keeps this cloud kitchen on your list of take-out and food delivery options. More than nineteen merchants with just one delivery fee, you can customize your take-out and delivery orders easily with The Mercato United Kitchen. 

Spicy Tapa and Bagnet always hits a comforting spot, but have you tried a meatless version? You read that right. Believe it. Green Meat Hub brings their savory and healthy spin to the table with the Vegan Spicy Tapa and Vegan Bagnet as alternatives to your dining options. Green Meat Hub has it all down to a science, nailing it with both the texture and flavor you won't even miss the meat from the first bite to the last. The Vegan Bagnet is a perfect example, packing the delicate crispness and crunch along with rich seasoned notes just like your favorite bagnet without the guilt. Served with rice and vegetables, it's a complete meal in itself. And healthy too.

The Vegan Spicy Tapa has that beefy bite and mildly chewy texture just like beef along with richly spiced savory flavors to complete the experience. Both the Vegan Spicy Tapa and Vegan Bagnet are spot on, and the wicked sorcery at Green Meat Hub won't make you miss out on pork and beef. Soy, wheat, corn and cassava conspire for a real tasty meat alternative. The best part? We finally have easy access to good vegan options with Green Meat Hub at The Mercato United Kitchen.

Smokin'. The Wild Smoke Wild Cheeseburger

Burger cravings? Let Wild Smoke take care of that with their specialty Wild Cheeseburger, a hefty burger with smashed Angus beef patty, American cheese, caramelized onion, tomato and lettuce slathered with their Wild Sauce on a special bun. That just sounds good already, right?

One bite just brings everything together with the beefy punch of the juicy Angus patty followed by the cheese and perfectly finished by the Wild Sauce. The crispness of garden fresh vegetables adds that layer of refreshingly clean notes for a must-try burger at The Mercato United Kitchen. Burger craving? Done, with Wild Smoke.

From The Farm To Your Table by Gourmet Farms

Gourmet Farms brings their unique farm-fresh offerings to The Mercato United Kitchen with their Palayan Specials, complete meals packed with fresh vegetables, adlai rice and savory proteins. The selection is a good addition to your list of healthy options from the cloud kitchen, conveniently available for take-out and delivery. And freshness is a guarantee. That Gourmet Farms label promises nothing less.

The Palayan Specials by Gourmet Farms feature the freshest ingredients for a satisfying and healthy meal. The tasty variants include Manoy's Inasal, Gambas, Juan de la Cruz, Binondo and Kilawin with adlai and fresh vegetables for a balanced and flavorful meal. 

The selection wouldn't be complete without their specialty salads with vegetables harvested straight from their farms. The Chef's Salad by Gourmet Farms is a perfect supplement to your orders from The Mercato United Kitchen or a light and healthy meal in itself...

...paired with their specialty beverages, including the Healthy Thirst Quenchers and Cold Brew

 Winner Chicken Dinner by Ibarra's Kitchen

A savory whole roasted chicken never fails to brighten up any table, and Ibarra's Kitchen adds the exclamation point with their specialty chicken dishes like the Roasted Chimichurri Chicken. With a delicately crisp and charred outer layer of tender and juicy chicken topped with chimichurri, Ibarra's Kitchen definitely has a tasty winner with this dish. Served with roasted carrots and potatoes, it's an impressive dish that's ideal for family feasts at home.

I've always enjoyed chimichurri on a variety of roasts, and this one is no different. Perfectly roasted, the nutty richness of chimichurri compliments the savory and delicate smoky hints of the chicken for a satisfying meal. But that's not all. Ibarra's Kitchen also offers other chicken variants including Roasted Rosemary Chicken, Roasted Lemon Grass Annatto Infused Chicken, Chicken Inasal and Chicken Barbecue to satisfy any mood or craving.  

Upsize Your Squid With The King Sized Butterfly from Above Sea Level

Served like a trophy, it's a fitting tribute to a unique, fun and quirky seafood dish like no other. The King Sized Butterfly by Above Sea Level is whole large succulent squid butterflied, breaded and deep-fried for that crunchy finish. And each order comes with thee servings of Java Rice for a king-sized feast.

Crisp on the outside, soft and tender inside, it's calamari times ten. It's one of many unique offerings available at The Mercato United Kitchen, and it's definitely an impressive sight for any table or celebration at home.

Let's Eat with La Fang

Assorted Inihaw, Honey Garlic Chicken Wings, Fried Crispy Pata and Rellenong Bangus, that's another feast from The Mercato United Kitchen, La Fang style. The savory medley of Filipino favorites all add up for a memorable all-out feast conveniently delivered to your doorstep.

All your grilled favorites comprise the sumptuous skewered selection, from pork barbecue and funky chicken parts to fish balls...

...including deep-fried pork knuckles or Crispy Pata...

...and Rellenong Bangus or fried stuffed milkfish. True to its name, La Fang brings a whole lot of fun to any feast with its wide variety of tasty local offerings. Simple, uncomplicated yet comforting and hearty, La Fang is your pick for familiar local flavors. Hungry? Hit up La Fang at The Mercato United Kitchen. 

Chicken Inasal by Khutz Diner 

Who doesn't love inasal? Khutz Diner brings this classic from down south with their own take on Chicken Inasal, grilled chicken glistening with the distinctive hue of annatto oil served with garlic fried rice and soy vinegar dip with chilies. Tender and juicy with a mild charred finish, each bite brings familiar notes to the palate. 

Can't Say No To Takoyaki by Takoichi

Previously featured, the savory takoyaki selection by Takoichi is always a must-try at The Mercato United Kitchen (see my post here at ECQ Eats: The Mercato United Kitchen Takes Flight with 19 Restaurants Under One Roof). Top picks at Takoyaki include their Shirane-Yaki with Japanese Mayo, onions and leeks and the Momiji-Yaki with Tobanjan Mayo, chili powder, dried fish flakes and dried shredded pepper. 

Turning Japanese With Kuranosuke

Japanese cravings are handily satisfied with the comforting offerings from Kuranosuke, one of the popular merchants at The Mercato United Kitchen. Enjoy a wide variety of Japanese inspired dishes including savory bite-sized treats like their specialty Gyoza...

...hearty and soothing bowls of Tonkotsu Ramen...

...and fiery fresh bursts from their Spicy Tuna Roll. Freshness and value combine for a sumptuous Japanese feast at home with Kuranosuke, available for take-out and convenient delivery from The Mercato United Kitchen.

One of the many advantages of the cloud kitchen concept is variety, allowing you to order from several kitchens with only one delivery fee. And if you feel like adding a few tasty Japanese dishes to your feast, you can easily customize your delivery order from several kitchens at The Mercato United Kitchen. 

Vegan Ice Cream by The Good Pints

And yes, you can find ice cream at The Mercato United Kitchen. But not just any ice cream. The Good Pints offers an indulgent yet healthy option with their line of vegan ice cream. Available in Mango Banana, Vanilla Bean, Milk Chocolate and Pistachio, expect more from this innovative brand and keep an eye out for The Good Pints for that healthier ice cream alternative.

Tea Time With KahaTea

Then, there's the old favorites from The Mercato United Kitchen including the refreshing milk tea options from local brand KahaTea like the Yema with Kesong Puti for a unique take on milk tea with local flavors. Showcasing a wide selection of local merchants and businesses, The Mercato United Kitchen is a virtual incubator for innovative food business ideas providing greater access to consumers.

Go Big With Harvest Cafe PH

A tall Nutella Lovers or Mocha Caramel from Harvest Cafe PH is just what you need... pair with their massive Shack Big Burger with Mojos and Fries. This burger is big enough to feed an entire family or large group, just slice it up like a festive cake. You simply won't find a burger this big or loaded anywhere in the metro. 

But size isn't the only thing going for this impressive burger. The large and juicy beef patty packs some serious flavors too, and the fresh toppings of cheese, lettuce, cucumber and tomatoes completes this burger feast. It's just one of many unique finds at The Mercato United Kitchen.

Ready To Rock With Chef Rocky's Kitchen

Chef Rocky's Kitchen brings savory Asian flavors with its wide selection of rice meals like the Rocky's Orange Chicken... please your palate with tender and juicy Mandarin Orange battered chicken thigh fillet dredged and slathered in a sweet, sour and tart orange sauce. Delicately crisp outside and juicy inside, each bite delivers the mild flavors of chicken followed by the vibrant and zesty finish of the citrusy sauce for that flavorful burst. Satisfying and filling, the dishes at Chef Rocky's Kitchen brings familiar flavors like Braised Pork Spare Ribs, Egg Foo Yong, Shrimp Poppers, Char Kway Teow, Pad Thai and Crispy Chicken in Szechuan Sauce for hearty meals conveniently delivered to your doorstep.

VIP Treatment with PizzaDidi

Pizza remains a popular staple in the food delivery scene, and you'll find your tasty pizza fix at The Mercato United Kitchen. Feast like a boss with The VIP by PizzaDidi, a fully-loaded pizza with green peppers, onions, savory ground beef and pepperoni on a crisp and mildly chewy crust. The specks of charred spots on the crust deliver the crunch followed by the savory notes of the generous toppings. The fresh vegetables add a subtle sweetness, rounded out by the savory finish of the ground beef and pepperoni. That's pizza for the VIP. 

Snackin' With Capa's

Change up your snacking game. Add a refreshing seafood crunch for a snacking alternative with the Chiton Seafood Cracklings by Capa's, available in Original and Caramel flavors. Crisp and crunchy, these tasty bites made from seafood offer a whole new snacking experience setting it apart from the usual processed options. Real texture and flavor combine for a unique treat, and you'll find it at The Mercato United Kitchen. 

Changing consumer habits like dining at home, the rise of the food delivery culture and increased online usage are just some of the lasting reminders of the new normal and the cloud kitchen concept fits right in to fill the gaps. 

The value of cloud kitchens in today's shifting culinary landscape shaped by the quarantine experience continues to be felt providing viable platforms for entrepreneurs and small food businesses while adding wider and easier accessibility for consumers and customers. At The Mercato United Kitchen, all 19 kitchens and counting are fired up preparing your orders in this new normal. Just hit the links below for your sumptuous meal conveniently delivered to your doorstep...

For more on The Mercato United Kitchen, visit their website at and their Facebook Page at for a full listing of offerings and updates or call 7719 0808 for orders. 

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