Sunday, October 10, 2021

Timeless Classics from Homemade Treasures

A culinary treasure in its own right, Homemade Treasures preserves a family's culinary tradition with their line of indulgent offerings...

Tracing the origins of the much-loved ensaimada takes you back to the 17th century in Mallorca but a shared history with Spain as a result of the colonial experience has made the buttery pastry a part of our own rich culinary heritage. Variations of the popular and ubiquitous pastry can be found throughout the country but if you're looking for one of the best, all you need to do is head north of the metro for some of the finest ensaimada at Homemade Treasures. 

I first met Chona Ayson back in 2014 when I sampled her specialty Sans Rival creations like the indulgent Cashew Almond Sans Rival, the Pistachio Sans Rival and her famous Classic 1930s Ensaimadas (more on that from a post seven years back at Flavors of Pampanga: Classic Capampangan Desserts at Homemade Treasures). A made-to-order, home-based baking kitchen in Porac, Pampanga and widely known for their lavish baked creations since 2010, Homemade Treasures takes tradition with an uncompromising approach to an indulgent level from their home kitchen. And it's their ensaimadas that places Homemade Treasures high up on the list among loyal customers and those in the know. 

Chona Ayson recreates a cherished ninety-one year-old family recipe from her grandmother for their Classic 1930s Ensaimada, from the tedious baking process to the pillow soft brioche draped in silky smooth butter generously topped with cheese and sugar. The flavors and textures of the Classic 1930s Ensaimada by Homemade Treasures sets it apart from the commercial and mass produced processed variants for a distinctly decadent richness. That first bite just slowly melts in your mouth with its buttery notes followed by the mild sharpness of the cheese. It's just the way ensaimada should be, prepared and baked with premium ingredients and a whole lot of love.   

Homemade Treasures is one family's culinary tradition shared from their homebased kitchen to your table. And it shows. From the soft brioche and lavish layers of butter and cheese to its delicately wrapped presentation, Chona Ayson has it all down to the tiniest meticulous detail for that perfect ensaimada experience.

The soft and fluffy brioche lays elegant textural notes to the palate while the creamy and mildly sharp flavors of the cheese tempers the richness of the generous dabs of butter for that delicate yet decadent balance. To ensure you enjoy your baked treats from Homemade Treasures at its freshest flavorful peak, a week's lead time or notice is required with every order.  

The Cheese Roll by Homemade Treasures is also recommended, and a good addition to your order list. By far the softest Cheese Roll I've tried, it has the same delicate textural richness you'd expect from Homemade Treasures. A soft bite releases the creamy flavors from the luscious cheese filling rounded out the silky smooth butter and a light sprinkling of sugar.  

Starting your day or taking a break with a mid-afternoon snack is transformed with the Classic 1930s Ensaimada and Cheese Roll by Homemade Treasures... paired with a freshly brewed cup of coffee. It's indulgences like these that get you through the long days of the new normal.  

And you can order your fresh baked treats from Homemade Treasures with just a few quick taps on your mobile device via FB Messenger. Culinary tradition and online access merge seamlessly for your convenience. 

In addition to their lavish Sans Rival selections and Classic Ensaimadas, Homemade Treasures also offers Food for the Gods, Sans Rival Chips and Queso de Bola Chips (be sure to check out their FB Page at for the full listing of specialty baked offerings). Ready to order? The specialty products are available for pick-up at the following designated points:

For Pampanga Clients: Orders can be picked up at Homemade Treasures in Porac, Pampanga.

For Metro Manila Clients (for unrefrigerated goods only): Orders can be picked up at Astoria Plaza in Ortigas, Pasig.

For inquiries and delivery schedules, you can call Homemade Treasures at 0928 507 0928 (note that a week's notice is requested). 

Culinary tradition endures, recreated with cherished family recipes at Homemade Treasures. Stories like this are a rarity in modern times. And despite the challenges of the new normal and the quarantine experience, you can still find these timeless and tasty treasures fresh off one family's home kitchen. All you need to do is head north to Homemade Treasures and discover one of Pampanga's very best.

Homemade Treasures is located at 184 Manibaug, Libutad, Porac, Pampanga. To order via Facebook Messenger, visit their FB Page at or call 0928 507 0928.

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