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Fresh Advocacy On The Table: Supporting Pangasinan's Local Producers with Lola Pering's Heritage Recipes

Savor the rich flavors and diversity of our culinary heritage with authentic regional delicacies conveniently delivered to your doorstep with just a few quick taps on your mobile device and in turn, support local producers in preserving tradition. It's an advocacy relived every day with the cherished family recipes of Lola Pering's Heritage Recipes...

The massive and sweeping impact of the quarantine experience continues to change and transform our daily routine affecting small local producers. Lola Pering's Heritage Recipes does its share by preserving culinary traditions with their regional offerings using local produce to support local communities. Known for their specialty Boneless Bonoan Tinapang Bangus, Boneless Bangus Belly and Boneless Marinated Bonoan Daing Bangus, popular staples from the Bangus Capital of the country, Lola Pering's Heritage Recipes takes the lead in showcasing the very best of Pangasinan with even more tasty offerings. Read on for a peek at regional delicacies from up north and lend a hand in supporting local producers and communities...

For Lola Pering, showing love and affection for her family through cooking was her way of reconnecting with her roots using the freshest local produce for her recipes. It's a tradition that has become part of the story of Pangasinan, savored with each tasty bite (for more on Lola Pering's Heritage Recipes, see my previous post, Pangasinan's Finest Comes To Your Table with Lola Pering's Heritage Recipes). In addition to her traditional offerings like the Sweet Savory Guisadong Bagoong Alamang and specialty bangus or milkfish products, the selection by Lola Pering's Heritage Recipes has now grown to include Healthy Vegetarian Lumpiang Shanghai, Fresh Mushroom Chicharon and Savory Vegetarian Siomai made from ingredients sourced from Pangasinan's local producers.

The Savory Vegetarian Siomai contain absolutely no meat with its filling made entirely with fresh vegetables for a unique, refreshing and healthier spin on the much-loved dim sum. Best enjoyed fried for a savory play on textural contrasts, the Savory Vegetarian Siomai can be enjoyed both as a snack or meal any time of the day. 

The flavors are just as rich and savory as the usual siomai, but without the guilt. A dip in soy sauce with calamansi and chili completes the flavors. It's a good option for the home pantry to satisfy any sudden craving. And much healthier too.

The Vegetarian Lumpiang Shanghai is another healthy option from Lola Pering's Heritage Recipes, with a sumptuous meat-free filling made with vegetables.  

The contrasting blend of crispness and savory vegetable filling adds layers of flavorful richness and texture, you won't miss the absence of meat at all. Densely packed and seasoned, the Vegetarian Lumpiang Shanghai by Lola Pering's Heritage Recipes is an absolute must-try.   

Local mushrooms are given an inventive twist by Lola Pering's Heritage Recipes with the Fresh Mushroom Chicharon, available in Original, Chili Garlic and Salted Egg variants. That delectable crunch teases the palate followed by the earthy, nutty and mildly sweet notes of mushrooms for a satisfying snacking alternative.

Enjoyed as is, the Fresh Mushroom Chicharon delivers all the right notes from the crunch to the deep earthy hints of mushrooms in one bite. The Original variant is the best way to enjoy the natural flavors and subtle sweetness of the mushrooms. But if you prefer a bolder and flavorful kick, the Chili Garlic and Salted Egg variants are excellent options from Lola Pering's Heritage Recipes.

You can also top the Fresh Mushroom Chicharon in salads, Pancit Palabok and even Monggo Soup for that extra layer of crunch. It's a versatile snack and tasty addition to savory dishes at home.  

No dining experience by Lola Pering's Heritage Recipes at home is complete without their specialty bangus offerings like the Boneless Bonoan Bangus Belly. Considered the prime cut by many, each pack contains six slabs of premium bangus belly. Sourced from Pangasinan's local bangus farms, the fresh harvest is immediately gutted and deboned using only the choice cut for this popular offering.

There are a variety of ways to enjoy this premium cut, including fried, steamed, grilled or used in soups. I enjoy a good slab of bangus belly marinated in vinegar, garlic, soy sauce and pepper a few hours before frying in a hot pan. Fried for that tender and juicy texture with a layer of lightly crisp edges, the Boneless Bonoan Bangus Belly combines a delicate sweetness with a lavish, silky smooth and buttery texture for that indulgent finish.

Paired with fresh tomatoes and onions with a side of Sweet and Savory Guisadong Bagoong Alamang, it's an authentic and fresh taste of Pangasinan for a sumptuous feast of comforting flavors at home.   

Tastier and chunkier, the fresh, clean, succulent and rich flavors of premium quality Bonoan Bangus are what sets it apart from the usual variety. And you get only the very best from Pangasinan with Lola Pering's Heritage Recipes

The Bamboo-Smoked Boneless Bonoan Tinapang Bangus by Lola Pering's Heritage Recipes is another traditional specialty of the province. Immediately after harvest, the catch is gutted and deboned before the tedious smoking process using bamboo. The use of bamboo imparts a fragrant aroma enhancing the delicate flavors of the milkfish. No MSG or preservatives are used in the process for fresher and cleaner flavors. Each pack from Lola Pering's Heritage Recipes contains three whole Boneless Bonoan Tinapang Bangus.  

The unique smoky hints of the Bamboo Smoked Boneless Bonoan Tinapang Bangus can be enjoyed fried or baked pairing well with garlic rice for breakfast. It can also be used for fried spring rolls, fried rice, sinigang, sisig or a creamy pasta with its rich smoky undertones. 

The distinct smoky hints and sweetness of the milkfish combine in a smooth, seamless and balanced weave delivering a subtle burst of flavors. Pure freshness and tradition makes this one legit. 

Fresh from Pangasinan delivered to your doorstep, Lola Pering's Heritage Recipes brings the rich diversity of the region using the finest local produce to your table. And each product goes a long way in supporting local communities and producers to preserve culinary traditions.

End your feast of local flavors on a high note with a soothing cup of Traditional Bittersweet Tsokolate Batirol by Lola Pering's Heritage Recipes. The nostalgic aroma of traditional hot chocolate just takes you back to simpler times, and one sip drapes the palate with the distinct bittersweet yet indulgent notes of tablea tsokolate. Paired with the native puto Calasiao, suman or sweet mangoes for breakfast or an afternoon snack, each concentrated disc of native chocolate packs all the flavors and memories of hot chocolate.

From snacks and condiments to savory dishes and tsokolate batirol, Lola Pering's Heritage Recipes brings the flavors of the north to you for a comforting and even nostalgic dining experience at home. And each product supports local producers and communities to preserve cherished culinary traditions. You too can join the movement by hitting the links below...  

For more information on Lola Pering's Heritage Recipes, visit their FB Page at for updates. You can also call 0917 533 8472 (SMS WhatsApp) or 0995 096 4045 (SMS Viber) for orders or view their IG feed at @lolaperingsheritagerecipes.

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