Thursday, October 21, 2021

Sweet Find: Spread Some Lovin' with DG Baby Dulce Gatas From Silay

From Silay down south in Negros to your table, enjoy an indulgent and nostalgic local delicacy delivered to your doorstep...

Flown fresh from Bacolod every week, DG Baby Dulce Gatas brings the sweet notes from the country's famed Sugar Bowl for some serious lovin' to snackin' at home. A local delicacy made from creamy carabao's milk, Dulce Gatas is synonymous with Silay's heritage and local cuisine. And now you can enjoy this much loved treat at home delivered by DG Baby Dulce Gatas. 

More than just a sweet treat, the traditional Dulce Gatas is an enduring icon of Silay's culinary heritage prepared from cherished family recipes. The main ingredients, fresh carabao's milk and sugar from the vast plantations of Negros reflect the agrarian roots of the much-loved delicacy. DG Baby Dulce Gatas brings this local treat to your table for an authentic taste of tradition in tubs and boxes with just a few clicks on your mobile device. The old and new merge in a seamless weave as online options open up infinite possibilities with access to treasured regional delicacies. 

DG Baby Dulce Gatas prepares these homemade delicacies in small batches, and each box gives a rustic homestyle vibe with the individually wrapped treats. Like most local delicacies, traditional cuisine triggers memories taking you back to a place and time. That's what makes these treats special. 

The flavors of Dulce Gatas is best described as a blend between dulce de leche and pastillas with the carabao's milk giving it a smooth finish followed by an intense burst of sweetness rounded out by a chewy texture. Think of it as a local version of soft caramel but with richer and deeper notes. Each box contains twenty-one individually wrapped bite-sized pieces of pure sugary and creamy goodness. 

Soft and chewy, each bite releases a sugary creaminess draping the palate with its luscious and indulgent notes and once you start... just can't stop. A box of twenty-one bite-sized pieces can be gone in one sitting if you don't restrain yourself. A few bites with a freshly brewed cup of coffee? Absolutely. Indulgent, nostalgic and timeless, DG Baby Dulce Gatas is everything you love about Silay and the fabled flavors from down south. And more.   

The DG Baby Dulce Gatas Tub has the same grainy and chewy richness as the individually-wrapped pieces but so much more versatile to satisfy any sudden craving. Simply dive in deep with a spoon. And one spoonful opens up the palate to the creamy and sweet notes of Silay's finest, you'll want another. 

The best way to enjoy the unrestrained and decadent notes of DG Baby Dulce Gatas is pairing it with plain crackers. It's the perfect base for the sweetness of the Dulce Gatas with mild salty hints for contrasting and balanced notes. 

A few generous dabs of the DG Baby Dulce Gatas on a cracker sets you off on a sugar high...

...with a second cracker topped with more Dulce Gatas on the way. But it isn't just the one-dimensional sweetness that tempts you, it's the deep caramel notes with the creamy richness of carabao's milk that makes it hard, almost impossible, not to go for another spoonful. The texture and flavorful burst released after one bite just lingers on the palate for that happy place vibe. It's the tedious process of slow cooking in low heat and constant stirring that builds the layers of flavors and textures behind each tub and box by DG Baby Dulce Gatas. And there's just no short cuts.  

Afternoons in the long days of the new normal are transformed with a bite of this traditional southern delicacy. 

The long hours of simmering on low fire and constant stirring develops a concentrated sweetness with a thick consistency and grainy texture for bite after bite of pure indulgence. 

And a tub of DG Baby Dulce Gatas is just what you need for any sudden craving of sweetness any time of day.

Bring out the crackers or whatever you have in the pantry and be creative. 

Crackers and Dulce Gatas are a winning combo. But there are countless other ways to enjoy Dulce Gatas at home. Spread it on lightly toasted whole wheat bread and enjoy the pairing of sweetness and nutty notes in one big bite... 

...making it an ideal breakfast with a sweet start or light snack. And you'd be surprised at the many ways you can enjoy Dulce Gatas at home.

Add a dab on ice cream...

...or fresh bananas...

...and pan de sal or soft and buttery dinner rolls...

...paired with hot chocolate. I've also tried it on oatmeal, champorado and waffles and it works too. Opening a tub of DG Baby Dulce Gatas offers infinite possibilities and combinations for a taste of Silay at home.

Dulce Gatas can be stored in the fridge and will usually last a month. But trust me, nothing this good lasts that long. You can enjoy it fresh out of the fridge with a slightly drier texture or leave it to thaw a bit for that distinct chewy and moist bite. DG Baby Dulce Gatas also recommends a quick 5-10 second blast in the microwave for that sticky and gooey finish. For me, the best way to enjoy Dulce Gatas is at room temp for its velvety smooth and soft texture. Note that you can only leave DG Baby Dulce Gatas on the shelf for a maximum of three days. Then again, a box or tub of DG Baby Dulce Gatas is usually gone well before that. If in doubt, ref then microwave.  

Like life's pause button, the quarantine experience allowed us all to appreciate the simple pleasures. Even nostalgic local delicacies are easily accessible online, one of the emerging consumer habits along with dining at home, the continuing rise of the food delivery culture and home-based food businesses defining the new normal. Add one more item to your list of essentials for convenient delivery to your doorstep with DG Baby Dulce Gatas

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