Monday, October 11, 2021

ECQ Eats: Discover Thousands Of Tasty Offerings Conveniently Delivered to Your Home by FrozenMNL

Think of it as the largest fully-stocked freezer in the metro. And your front page for food discoveries...

When you're running out of ideas in preparing family meals at home for the long days of the new normal, rest easy. FrozenMNL, your virtual online grocery for frozen food discoveries conveniently delivers all your cravings straight to your doorstep with just a few clicks and taps on your mobile device.

Your Grocery At Your Fingertips In The New Normal

An innovative e-commerce food company, FrozenMNL brings well over 2,000 food offerings from hundreds of food brands, chefs, restaurants and entrepreneurs all in one place. Simply scroll their easy-to-navigate site at and discover a wide selection of frozen offerings for satisfying and sumptuous meals at home without the fuss. From hearty and savory dishes to tasty snacks and desserts, FrozenMNL has all the bases covered for any craving. The wide array of offerings and convenience in ordering to delivery makes FrozenMNL an essential addition to your list of dining options, more so in this new normal.

The emergence of new consumer habits such as dining at home, the rise of the food delivery culture and increased online usage as a result of the lingering pandemic continues to change and transform the culinary landscape. In a timely and relevant response to these challenging times, FrozenMNL addresses and fills the gaps by providing easy access to thousands of flavorful offerings in just a few clicks. Imagine all your cravings at your fingertips, that's what FrozenMNL brings to your table.  

Geared up for the new normal, choosing, ordering and delivery is a seamless experience with FrozenMNL. What's in the bag from FrozenMNL? Discover a wide world of global cuisines and flavors...

...from the leading brands, restaurants and food businesses in the metro. International global cuisine to comforting local regional dishes, FrozenMNL is a virtual one-stop shop for preparing exciting and delicious meals at home in the new normal. And the best part? You can customize your order by selecting from different brands and merchants from FrozenMNL in one delivery transaction.

No need to leave home for these delectable treats, FrozenMNL comes to you. Packed, sealed and frozen for freshness at its flavorful peak, your peace of mind is a priority at FrozenMNL. Let's open the bag from FrozenMNL for the day's sumptuous feast at home...

Massaman Beef Curry by Sanphranthai

Authenticity comes your way with the savory Massaman Beef Curry with tender slabs of beef simmered in a thick and richly spiced curry sauce by Sanphranthai. Packed in sealed tubs, simply defrost and gently simmer in a pot or microwave and it's ready to serve. 

Aptly described as the "king of curries," the Massaman Beef Curry by Sanphranthai recreates the lavish curry with its blend of Massaman curry paste, coconut milk, sweet potatoes, peanuts and coriander for a velvety smooth base draping slabs of beef for that savory punch. A fragrant aroma rises from the pot after just a few minutes, a sensory clue on the bold and rich flavors of the dish...

...and it's ready to serve. Paired with steamed white rice, the Massaman Beef Curry by Sanphranthai leaves layers of richness on the palate lingering long after the last bite. The spice blend weaves bold flavors complemented by the beefy notes for an authentic curry experience at home delivered by FrozenMNL.

Laksa by Eat Fresh

Known for their vibrant array of Asian offerings, Eat Fresh brings their specialty noodles to your home with the Laksa Kit. Each component of the iconic dish is packed separately including noodles, fresh seafood toppings and rich broth base in a handy kit. Preparing a comforting bowl is easy, just heat the components in a pot separately and combine in a bowl before serving.  

The thick and creamy broth brings vibrant notes to the palate followed by the delicate briny sweetness of the plump prawn, kani, fish balls and fish cake for a medley of authentic Asian flavors. The heaping load of generous seafood toppings, noodles and the flavorful broth combine for a soothing bowl of pure goodness like a comforting hug on a rainy day at home.  

Prepared at home and fresh off the pot, the different components are already pre-cooked except the noodles for your convenience. Craving for a fresh bowl of Laksa? Just hit up FrozenMNL.

Chicken Alfredo Lasagna by GuLife

For those looking for healthier options, GuLife presents a wide array of vegan offerings like the Chicken Alfredo Lasagna layered with eleven vegetables including alugbati, carrots, kale, kamote tops, kangkong, malunggay, mustasa, parsley, pechay, saluyot and spinach. Warm it up in the oven for a few minutes and dive right in.

The layers of flat noodles maintains its form even after a few minutes in the oven, held together by the creamy cheese. A slice and bite brings the delicate notes of the chicken and the subtle sweetness from the eleven vegetables to the palate with the cheese completing the dish. The fresh vegetables add both clean flavors and textural contrasts to the unique lasagna dish for a healthy meal at home. 

Add some crusty bread and you have a serious meal prepared in minutes fresh from the oven. Unique finds like this are what makes FrozenMNL an attractive option, bringing infinite possibilities to dining at home.  

Superoni Chicago-Style Pizza by Jimini

Always a popular delivery option, FrozenMNL offers an extensive list of pizza selections like the Superoni Chicago-Style Pizza by Jimini. Each pack contains three pieces of the specialty pizza topped with premium ingredients including a whole layer of 100% Mozzarella and slices of premium pepperoni. 

Pizza delivery is nothing new, but taking a fresh baked pizza off the oven makes a whole lot of difference to the usual pizza experience. Charred blisters on the crust give it a delectable crunch while the deep dish Chicago Style brings savory layers of flavor with each bite.

And don't let the size fool you, it's a satisfying and filing meal for one. The play on contrasting textures from the crust to the mozzarella and the sharp notes of the pepperoni come together for a tasty meal at home, straight out of the box and oven delivered by FrozenMNL.

Octopus Takoyaki by Tako Sum

The ubiquitous Japanese style octopus balls are always a good option, and nothing quite like enjoying Octopus Takoyaki by Tako Sum fresh off the oven for that warm and delicately crisp outer layer. Pan-fry, air-fry, microwave, oven or toaster, heat it the way you like it. 

And just after a few minutes, drizzle the special Takoyaki sauce and Japanese mayo contained with each pack on the warm Octopus Takoyaki. Garnish with bonito flakes and aonori or seaweed flakes also supplied with the pack to complete the serving.

A bite of the soft batter with its lightly crisp outer layer brings the sharpness of the Takoyaki sauce balanced by the creamy Japanese mayo to open up the palate before the delicate and succulent notes of the octopus adds its own flavorful layer. The salty hints from the bonito and seaweed completes the dish. Takoyaki? You bet. Get yours delivered by FrozenMNL.   

Wagyu Beef Mushroom Pot Pie and Classic Liege Waffle Singles by Pegi

Meat pies are another savory and comforting option for dining at home. And the Wagyu Beef Mushroom Pot Pie by Pegi are an absolute must-try. Enjoy it fresh off the oven with that light and flaky crust filled with premium wagyu beef and nutty mushrooms. Known for their specialty Liege Waffles, Pegi has another winner with the Wagyu Beef Mushroom Pot Pie.

A good meat pie isn't only about the filling, it's the pie crust that can make or break it. The lightly crisp and flaky crust is the perfect vessel for the savory filling of premium Wagyu beef and mushrooms. Watch the top gently rise after a few minutes in the oven, and it's just about ready.

It's by far one of the best meat pies in the metro. The Wagyu beef, slathered with gravy and mushrooms, packs all the beefy goodness followed by the buttery hints of the flaky crust. The filling and crust come together perfectly, all you need now are some mushy peas or potatoes. And it's quite filling too but if you're still hungry, simply pop another Wagyu Beef Mushroom Pot Pie in the oven. 

For breakfast or as a snack, you can consider the Classic Liege Waffle by Pegi a home essential. Delivered frozen, simply store in the freezer until that craving for waffles hit...

Pegi is one of the few establishments that nails the Liege waffles perfectly from the mildly chewy and firm texture down to the crisp ridges true to the Belgian original unlike the predominantly soft consistency of other commercial options. A dab of butter and some maple syrup, or some ice cream and fresh fruits for that finishing touch and you have a satisfying meal. The Wagyu Beef Mushroom Pot Pie and Classic Liege Waffle by Pegi are a winning pair, and you can have this tasty duo conveniently delivered by FrozenMNL with just a few clicks. 

The Angus Ribeye Steak Kit by Angus San

Steak night at home? No problem. The Angus Ribeye Steak Kit by Angus San is the perfect solution for your steak cravings. Packed in a sturdy box... 

...all you need for that perfect steak dinner like sauces and a meat tenderizer are included with each order. Simple instructions from thawing, tenderizing, cooking, seasoning and serving are also detailed inside the box for easy reference. 

Now's a good time to bring out the trusty cast iron skillet, it's steak night. Angus San offers a premium selection of meats from chicken, pork and world-class beef in a variety of grades from Select, Choice, Prime and Wagyu. Tonight, it's Angus Ribeye.

After tenderizing and seasoning the Angus Ribeye, there's really nothing more to do with this slab of premium beef. A few minutes per side flipped only once on the cast iron skillet are all it takes for that perfect steak. Roast some vegetable sides and you're done. A tender slice reveals a juicy pink center for that medium rare finish. A pinch of sea salt is all that's needed. 

You really don't need much for steak this good, but Angus San completes the package with their specialty sauces like Garlic Butter Sauce for added richness, Tallow or beef fat and Onion Steak Sauce for that mildly sweet and sharp finish.  

Steak nights at home just got better and a whole lot easier with the Angus Ribeye Steak Kit by Angus San. Visit the FrozenMNL site at to view the full selection available for delivery.

Happy Buns

Traditional steamed buns take on a fun and playful vibe with Happy Buns and its colorful selection of offerings. Each "face" represents a sweet or savory flavor variant like Chocolate, Custard, Sweet Taro, Ham and Cheese, Pulled Pork and Tuna Mushroom Cheese Melt

Delivered frozen, you can place the sweet variants of Happy Buns like the Custard, Chocolate and Sweet Taro directly on the steamer for 15 minutes. For the savory variants, Happy Buns recommends placing the Ham and Cheese, Tuna Mushroom Cheese Melt and Pulled Pork in a microwaveable container, sprinkled with a little water and finished in the microwave on high setting for around sixty seconds. 

The softness of the bun with its firm yet subtle chewy texture teases the palate before draping it with the sweet or savory filling. Both the sweet and savory variants are great for snacks or afternoon tea at home, with each variant delivering its own distinct notes and flavors. Totally enjoyed all these Happy Buns, there's just a whole lot of good vibes when you serve it on a platter. And that's something we all need in this challenging new normal. 

Sapin Sapin by Bulalay

Local flavors are next with the specialty Sapin Sapin by Bulalay, a decadent layered delicacy made from glutinous rice, coconut cream and topped with latik or toasted desiccated coconut. A slice reveals the colorful layers of ube, macapuno and langka, tempting the eyes before the palate.

Dense, thick and silky smooth, this is probably the most lavish and indulgent version of the local sapin sapin yet. The sheer weight of the container tells you this isn't your usual local delicacy. And one bite is all it takes to agree, this is definitely the best sapin sapin in the metro. That smooth mouthfeel, the fresh flavors and decadent richness of the ube, macapunolangka and the latik weave in a seamless blend of indulgent notes and elegant textures.

Bulalay is a homebased family business offering other local flavors like their specialty Laing, Tinutungang Tulingan, Bulalay Express and Guinataang Langka. And you'll find all these including their Sapin Sapin at FrozenMNL.

Churros by Los Churreros

Double dipping always happens when it come to churros, and why not. Crisp on the outside and soft and mildly chewy inside dipped in thick Spanish style chocolate, it's easy to get carried away. Los Churreros brings their popular Churros to your home in sealed containers delivered by FrozenMNL.

The delicate choux pastry are delicately arranged and lined with clear plastic sheets to prevent it from sticking with each other. From the freezer to the deep fryer, an afternoon at home with churros con chocolate can be enjoyed in mere minutes.

From the fryer, simply stack the churros on a paper-lined plate to absorb the oil and it's ready. Each pack from Los Churreros comes with a thick dipping sauce of Dark Chocolate. Other options include White Chocolate, Matcha, Salted Caramel, Red Velvet and Caramel Truffle.

That light and delicate crispness and soft and chewy finish inside makes this the familiar churros you love. The crisp ridges lining the churros not only add that crunch... also holds that extra thick coating of Dark Chocolate flowing down the grooves. Afternoon churros con chocolate at home is easy, conveniently delivered by FrozenMNL

Chilly Burgers by Sebastian

Dubbed as the Willy Wonka of Ice Cream, Ian Carandang of Sebastian's unveils yet another inspired ice cream creation with the aptly and wittingly named Chilly Burger. That's luscious and creamy ice cream in between two in-house baked cookies. Sounds good already, right?

The delivery from FrozenMNL included two flavors, the Cookie Dough Duo Chilly Burger with Cookie Dough Ice Cream on chunky cookies and the Midnight Truffle Chilly Burger with Dark Chocolate Ice Cream with a fudge center in between Double Chocolate cookies. Both Chily Burgers hit all the right notes for an indulgent ice cream experience at home or anywhere. 

The lavish cookie and ice cream pairing is just one more creative expression from Sebastian's elevating the ice cream experience. The chunky Cookie Dough Duo is a double burst of cookie deliciousness while the Midnight Truffle brings the deep and bold flavors of dark chocolate into play for an indulgent richness.

A slice reveals the dense and thick ice cream filling with the cookies adding bite and texture. Now with eleven tempting flavor variants to choose from, take your pick for that much needed indulgence at home in this challenging new normal. Handcrafted in small batches, the Chilly Burger by Sebastian's is one more freezer essential to add to your list delivered fresh and frozen to your doorstep by FrozenMNL.

Merry Moo Artisan Ice Cream

Want more ice cream? FrozenMNL boasts of an impressive inventory of leading brands in its line-up including Merry Moo Artisan Ice Cream. Delivered straight from their enormous freezer to your home, frozen items like ice cream arrive in perfect condition by FrozenMNL. 

The ice cream delivery system can be tricky, but FrozenMNL addresses this with special insulated packaging so it arrives fresh and frozen to your door. That's the way to enjoy ice cream. Not milkshake.

And Merry Moo Artisan Ice Cream fits the bill for that ice cream fix or craving. The White Chocolate Green Tea is one of many inventive flavors from Merry Moo Artisan Ice Cream bringing contrasting flavors with the richness of white chocolate balanced by the subtle sharpness of green tea. Seconds? Absolutely. Better yet, grab another pint or two and replenish your stash with another delivery from FrozenMNL.

Brownie Chips by Brownies Unlimited

You loved their brownies, and now you'll love the new Brownie Chips by Brownies Unlimited. Thin and crisp just like that light flaky crust from their specialty brownies, these Brownie Chips will have you munching and nibbling all the way to the bottom of the bag in no time. 

Thin and crisp, each bite delivers the deep richness of chocolate gaining in intensity with another bite. And that crunch adds that perfect finish after each bite. 

I suggest going for at least three or four bags, one bag of Brownie Chips by Brownies Unlimited just goes quite fast in one sitting. But no worries. You can always arrange for another delivery from FrozenMNL

The new normal is definitely here to stay, and its impact will be felt for years to come. The culinary landscape must adapt and evolve with changing consumer habits to remain relevant while providing both variety and convenience to the customer or consumer. FrozenMNL, with its impressive array of offerings and solid ordering and delivery system in place is more than ready for the new normal. Now it's your turn to hit that link and place your orders...

For more on FrozenMNL, visit their site at to order and view the full listing of offerings or their FB Page at for more updates. 

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