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It's Back. Japanese Sundays Like No Other at Yakumi Sunday Brunch: The Art of Shun in Solaire Resort

USDA Beef Ribeye, Australian Lamb Chops, oysters, scallops, tempura, yakitori, sushi and sashimi, you name it. The popular Sunday Brunch Buffet at Yakumi is back...

Yakumi, the flagship Japanese restaurant of Solaire Resort, brings back the much loved Sunday Brunch Buffet with Yakumi Sunday Brunch: The Art of Shun and its wide array of premium offerings including prime beef, pork, lamb, seafood and an impressive selection of Japanese dishes by Chef Norimasa Kosaka for a sumptuous dining experience. It's true. It's Japanese Sundays like no other. And it's back, starting October 24 to welcome diners for a lavish Japanese brunch buffet.

Buffet Dining in the New Normal

As the metro gradually and cautiously opens up with the easing of quarantine restrictions, diners can once again experience and enjoy Sunday Brunch Buffet at Yakumi. As the pandemic continues to change and transform our daily routine, dining out will be different with a new set of rules for a safer experience. The buffet format for the Sunday Brunch Buffet will now include the latest health and safety protocols with directional signs for queuing at the stations to socially distanced seating.

Ever since my very first weekend brunch dining experience at Yakumi back in 2017, it's always been high on my list of buffet options (see more on my previous posts, Freshness and Authenticity: The Yakumi Saturday Brunch at Solaire Resort & Casino from four years back and Bigger and Better: Saturday Brunch at Yakumi from 2018). The Yakumi Sunday Brunch: The Art of Shun is as lavish as before with its extensive selection. And you can also add a much better experience with the implementation of safer new normal guidelines.  

At Yakumi, you'll notice clear glass cloches covering all the dishes at the station and the clear plexiglass walls around the grill for added sanitary protection. This not only keeps the food fresh and safe, but encourages a more orderly process without the usual stampede as only the station chefs can handle and serve the food. Just point at what you want, give your table number and the station chef will do the rest. Simpler, no fuss and much more convenient. I don't miss the usual pre-pandemic buffet rush at all. This is just so much better allowing you to concentrate on the important things in a buffet like which dish should I go for first? 

Buffet dining under the new normal procedures becomes not only much safer and orderly, there's a whole lot less of the usual stress as compared to the pre-pandemic format. The former self-service style buffet gives way to a more refined level of buffet dining at Yakumi. And that all adds up to a more relaxed dining experience for a leisurely Sunday brunch with a luxe Japanese spin. 

In addition to the central station and grill, Yakumi has two special rooms for the Teppan dishes...

...and Tempura specialties all prepared as you order so you can enjoy your dishes at its flavorful peak. After the finishing touches by the station chef, the dishes are served to your table for your convenience. In compliance with the new health and safety guidelines, only two diners are allowed at a time inside these stations. A total of eight stations showcasing authentic specialties and the season's freshest ingredients takes your palate on a culinary journey to Japan with just a few steps. 

Prepare to Feast

Even with the additional layers of health and safety standards, Yakumi Sunday Brunch: The Art of Shun remains a culinary spectacle showcasing the very best offerings for a lavish and memorable brunch. At the main central station, the tempting selections include Marinated Miso Foie Gras, delicately pan-seared for an indulgent touch to Sunday brunch...

...along with premium USDA Ribeye and Australian Lamb Chops grilled to your preference. Slabs of pork, thinly sliced beef and assorted yakitori skewers for grilling are also featured at the main station.

The seafood offerings are equally impressive with fresh tuna, salmon, cuttlefish, prawns and scallops...

...presenting infinite possibilities for that perfect Sunday brunch. Sashimi and sushi? Seafood for the grill? Yakumi has both options covered. 

Fresh or grilled? Plump and succulent oysters always makes any brunch special. At Yakumi Sunday Brunch, it's one of many tasty elements threading a memorable brunch. 

Fresh made Makimono and Hand Rolls with a variety of savory fillings become the first order of the day, just point your selection and the station chef will prepare your plate. Before the pandemic, diners usually add their selection directly to the plate, but health protocols changed all that. Your station chef will be glad to assist you with your picks and served to your table. The interactive self-service component of the usual buffet dining format is now all in the past. But the extensive offerings, quality, flavors and overall experience remain just as you remember it.  

From fresh seafood to fruit, vegetable and meat fillings, these hand rolls can be quite filling. But there's more...

Fresh Salmon and Tuna Sashimi are always on the list at Yakumi Sunday Brunch. From Maki, Temaki, Uramaki, Hand Rolls and Nigiri to fresh Sashimi, indulge in a wide selection of handcrafted and rolled creations for that perfect start.

You can also cut to the chase. Get down straight to business with USDA beef Ribeye grilled to medium rare with a juicy pink center, tender Australian Lamb Chops and decadent Marinated Miso Foie Gras for the main course. Both the USDA Beef Ribeye and Australian Lamb Chops deliver bold savory flavors while the Marinated Miso Foie Gras drapes the palate with its unctuous and buttery finish. The subtle contrasting sharpness from the miso tempers the richness of the foie gras for balanced flavors. And the best part? You can come back for seconds. And thirds.

Don't forget the salad. At Yakumi's Sunday brunch, enjoy a refreshing bowl of Mixed Garden Salad with crisp greens drizzled with soya dressing...  

...or the creamy Tofu and Avocado Salad with sesame soya dressing. The addition of creamy silken tofu and slices of sweet avocado gives this salad a smooth richness for even more layers of flavor. The garden-fresh crispness of the salad greens, the creamy dressing and the tofu with avocado combo just elevates this salad with its rich blend of flavors and textural contrasts.

If you prefer the sweet and tart notes of a soy vinaigrette, the Mixed Seaweed Salad is a good option. Simple, uncomplicated yet full of vibrant notes, the briny sweetness of the seaweed and soy vinaigrette combine for bold bright flavors. Other tasty starters include Edamame, Nasu Dengaku or deep-fried eggplant and Agedashi Tofu.

Choose from the day's bountiful seafood catch served fresh off the hot teppan grill to your table... fork-tender and buttery cuttlefish...

...fresh shrimps and blue marlin...

...and succulent scallops, each one finished with a light and gentle sear by Yakumi's teppan masters. The fresh snap of shrimps with each bite and the sweetness of blue marlin will have you going back for more while the freshness of the scallops delivers rich notes lingering long after the last bite. It's flavors you can only expect from the freshest seafood. But it's the cuttlefish that gets a special mention. Normally tough, rubbery and even bland, the teppan masters at Yakumi grills the cuttlefish perfectly while maintaining its soft and almost buttery texture. 

One more plate of USDA Beef Ribeye and Marinated Miso Foie Gras? Yes, please. In fact, you can have as much as you want. 

Yakumi also offers traditional Japanese main courses like Tonkatsu or breaded pork cutlet along with other specialties including Buta Kankuni or braised Berkshire pork belly (a personal favorite since 2017), Japanese Beef Curry and Shabu-Shabu with sliced beef, glass noodles, seaweed stock and mushrooms.

Enjoy a soothing yet flavorful change of pace at Yakumi with a bowl of Cold Soba Noodles served with a dipping sauce...

...or get right back to serious feasting with the Crispy Fried Chicken, deep-fried soy-marinated chicken for that delectable crunch. 

The traditional Sukiyaki with sliced beef, glass noodles, sweet soya stock and vegetables warms both the palate and body with its comforting notes followed by the robust beefy flavors of large thin slices of tender beef. The Sukiyaki at Yakumi is a hearty meal in itself, complete with vegetables and noodles.

Fresh off the grill, enjoy an equally impressive selection of savory Yakitori from chicken and pork to seafood. Prepared as you order, the flavors of the juicy yakitori with its charred outer layer draped in a sweet glaze punches through with subtle hints of smoky notes. 

Why not let the station chef surprise you with a savory assortment from the grill? 

Pair your Japanese feast with an ice-cold Sapporo Premium Beer...

...or Yakumi's Signature Cocktails like the Fukumi Navel with Shochu, Choya Umeshu, orange and lemon juice; the Umami Fizz with Roku Gin, Midori, elderflower syrup, lemon juice and tonic water; and the Hokkaido's Brew with Honey Umeshu Choya and Sapporo Beer. The selection at Yakumi's Sunday Brunch include red and white wine, bottled beer, Shochu and Sake. If you prefer a non-alcoholic beverage, try their specialty homemade beverages like Matcha with Boba Pearls, Aloe Vera Coconut Juice and Aloe Vera Lemonade.

A good beer or cocktail goes well with another serving of fresh oysters, right? Paired with a sweet mango or tart tomato salsa, the clean notes of the oysters are given a vibrant burst without overwhelming its delicate flavors. Wash it all down with Sapporo Premium Beer for that perfect finishing touch to Sunday brunch.

Craving for Ramen? Take your pick from Soya Ramen, Miso Ramen and Tonkotsu Ramen as well as other noodle dishes like Udon Noodle Soup, Soba Noodle Soup and Stir-Fried Udon Noodles and Vegetables

All Ebi Tempura or Mixed Tempura with vegetables? At Kiyami, you can enjoy your favorite Japanese dish your way. Lightly battered and deep-fried for that delicate crispness, the sweet briny notes of the prawns come through unhindered by the thin batter coating. It just doesn't get better than this. 

From appetizers and salads to noodles and soups, sumptuous rice bowls and savory main courses, the Yakumi Sunday Brunch: The Art of Shun is truly a Sunday spectacle of culinary delights for one of the best deals this side of the metro. For items that you'd like to enjoy along with your buffet picks, you can always opt to order from the a la carte menu, reformatted to a single-use sheet and a QR Code for safer browsing conforming to the latest guidelines. 

Diners can enjoy the entire spread at Yakumi from 11:30 am to 2:30 pm, that's more than enough time to sneak in one last dish to satisfy any appetite.

For dessert, tease both the eyes and palate with the playfully inventive creations at Yakumi like homemade Matcha, Black Sesame and Sweet Corn Ice Cream, fresh seasonal fruits and Lollipops on Chocolate Soil... intricate treats served in Bento Boxes made with birch wood planks like the Mochi of the Day, Yuzu Berry Mille Feuille, Strawberry Matcha Cream Puff and Green Tea and Azuki Bean Roll. Pair it with tea or coffee to cap your Sunday brunch at Yakumi.  The Yakumi Sunday Brunch: The Art of Shun is priced at P 2,988+ per person (subject to 10% Service Charge) and can be enjoyed every Sunday from 11:30 am to 2:30 pm. Reservations are recommended. Ready for Japanese Sundays like no other? See you at Yakumi Sunday Brunch: The Art of Shun... 

For more details and reservations on the Sunday Brunch Buffet Buffet at Yakumi, call 8888 8888 or visit You can also visit their FB Page at for more updates.

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