Sunday, April 12, 2015

All You Can Eat Steaks at Corniche

All the steaks you want, and more...

Diamond Hotel Philippines' Platter of the Americas themed buffet showcases the very best of classic All-American flavors, including premium and succulent steaks fresh off the grill at their signature Corniche Restaurant. After all, nothing defines the richness of American cuisine better than a perfectly grilled steak.

One of Diamond Hotel's premier dining establishments known for its lavish buffet spreads, Corniche impresses once again with its classic Platter of the Americas themed dinner buffet every Friday. The elegant interiors, with its dramatic high ceiling, is the perfect backdrop for a sumptuous feast of bold American flavors.

The Platter of the Americas themed station features all the familiar classics, from comforting soups and salads to appetizers and mains. Start your All-American feast with some classic Coleslaw, a hearty Potato Salad or some Rocket and Tomato Salad. Then gradually move up for some flavorful starters...

At the Platter of the Americas Station, one can find the tempting Loaded Fries, topped with shredded cheese, bacon, and jalapeno...

...or some classic Mini Angus Beef Burger Patty in Buns. Other dishes at the themed station include Beer Battered Onion Rings, served with aioli, garlic mayo, and ketchup; Cheese Sticks served with tomato salsa, Corn Chip Nachos, and Buffalo Chicken Wings.

Then, it's time for the mains. Take your pick from the Carving Station which includes the American Country Style Leg of Ham... the impressive Prime Rib, ready for carving. The Carving and Grilling Stations usually set the tone in any buffet, a key indicator of what to expect, and the ones at Corniche immediately tells you that you're about to enjoy memorable dinner.

And the Grilling Station is where the action is, as you choose your slab of beef and have it grilled to your desired doneness. Choose from a wide selection of Angus ribeye, porterhouse, tender fillet, and sirloin for an all beef feast. Or add some prawns on the grill for a surf and turf combo. At Corniche, you can enjoy your steak any way you want it.

Chef on Station, Ryan, on deck at the grill, where each steak is grilled to your exact specification. It's also the most popular station at the Platter of the Americas themed buffet, with a constant of queue of diners.  

There's nothing quite like meat on a grill. The sound and aroma of premium slabs of meat on a fiery hot grill has got to be one of the best features of the themed buffet at Corniche, adding to one's overall sensory experience.

My premium US Angus Ribeye, perfectly grilled to medium rare, and great as is, without any sauce. But if you prefer, you can choose from the hotel's own blend of Garlic Chimmichurri Sauce, Cracked Peppercorn Sauce, Bleu Cheese Sauce, Diane Sauce (a creamy mushroom and onion sauce with just a hint of brandy), Garlic Butter, and Hickory Barbecue Sauce. Simply pair it with sweet golden corn simmered in milk and some rustic country style potato wedges, and your steak dinner is off to a great start.

Going for seconds? Absolutely. At the Platter of Americas themed buffet dinner, you can sample a variety of steaks. Other cuts include a hefty Porterhouse...

...tender Fillet of Beef...

...and equally tender Sirloin Steak, each one grilled to perfection. The different cuts of beef offer distinct flavors and textures, and you can enjoy all of them at Corniche, at your own pace.

And if you're really hungry, go for a massive bone-in slice of premium Prime Rib.

Whatever you choose, the Grilling Station is ready to serve you the perfect steak. Then, if you're still up for it, Corniche also offers local and international cuisine in their regular stations, including its Cold Cuts and Cheese, Fresh Seafood (with clams, mussels, oysters, crabs, fish, and prawns), Tandoori, Pasta, Filipino, Asian, Japanese, and Chinese Stations.

Classic All-American flavors continue at the lavish Dessert Station, with the traditional Warm Apple Pie with vanilla ice cream, Spiced Carrot Cake with Orange Creme, Lemon and Brownie Squares and many more... the classic New York Cheesecake with blueberry topping. You can also indulge in Corniche's signature homemade ice cream (here's a sweet tip, go for a scoop of Salted Caramel paired with Baked Cheesecake ice cream for a winning pair) and elegant pastries, or even make your own Halo-Halo. Diamond Hotel's Platter of the Americas themed buffet at the Corniche is available every Friday at P 2,550 net per person, which includes the all-out Angus Grill Station and its spread of premium ribeye, porterhouse, tender fillets, striploin and sirloin beef.

If its fresh seafood you're after, check out the Bounty from the Sea buffet every Tuesday, or Filipino classics every Thursday with the Island Favorites buffet. Saturday nights highlights Mediterranean dishes with its Food of the Gods buffet. But mark Fridays as Steak Days at Corniche. Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, or any day, Corniche never fails to impress. See you next Friday...

Corniche is located at Diamond Hotel, Roxas Boulevard corner Dr. J. Quintos Street, Manila or call 528-3000 ext. 1121 for information and reservations.

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  1. that is delicious. a glass of red wine to go along.

    1. Hi Candy, that would be perfect! Thanks for stopping by!


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