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Food News: Unilever Food Solutions Shares 2015's Emerging Food Trends

The growing sophistication of the local palate and pervasive presence of social media remain key drivers in the continuing transformation of the local culinary landscape.  Unilever Food Solutions shares the emerging food trends for 2015 to guide local food entrepreneurs in navigating the ever-changing road map to the modern consumer.

Unilever Food Solutions releases the second wave of emerging food trends in the ever-growing and rapidly evolving local food scene, providing valuable insights to aid food entrepreneurs in developing appropriate and relevant concepts in an increasingly competitive marketplace (for more on Unilever Food Solutions' first wave of key food trends, see my previous post here at Access to travel, information and technology have created a more sophisticated consumer, and maintaining relevance with the modern consumer remains a mandatory business-driven objective for all restaurant owners (pictured above is Livestock's signature Crackling Pork Belly, see my previous post here at for more on Livestock's pork dishes).

"Our mission at Unilever Food Solutions is to ensure that members of the food service industry, however big or small, are equipped with the latest trends in the professional food service. There are three key things food operators need to look at when it comes to trends: cuisines, ingredients, and customers," shared Unilever Food Solutions Executive Chef Joanne Limoanco-Gendrano. "By looking at these aspects of operating a food business, chefs and business owners can surely keep themselves ahead in this ever-growing competitive industry" (shown above is Geisha's signature best-selling Skewered Pork 72, an inventive take on the local lechon kawali. For more on Geisha, check out my previous post here at Here's a snapshot of this year's emerging food trends from Unilever Food Solutions...

Cuisine/Food Trends: Catering to an evolving Filipino palate

Philippine cuisine takes on the global stage as the world discovers our local regional flavors, and at the same time, more and more Filipinos are discovering the world's diverse flavors. But there is a growing preference for more home-cooked meals as comfort food in restaurants, as the Filipino palate continues to evolve seeking new dining experiences from every cuisine and every meal. The evolving Filipino palate can be seen in the resurgence of Filipino cuisine, and a growing preference for healthy meals, and comforting home-cooked meals. Filipino cuisine must now be presented in a modern and innovative way to appeal to a much larger market, both domestic and international, as they search and experience local eats. As shared previously by Unilever Food Solutions, local food is increasingly becoming a destination in itself, with more and more travelers planning their destinations and itinerary around food. Healthy meals are also becoming more popular among Filipinos, as more diners embrace the concept of healthy eating. You can definitely expect healthier options incorporated in regular menus as well as the rise of healthy food deliveries behind this trend. In line with eating better and eating healthier, more and more diners yearn for comfort food and home-cooked meals, returning to simple and rustic flavors as more consumers recreate restaurant-inspired food at their very own homes (featured above is Zabo's signature 18-Spice Roast Chicken, check out my previous post here at for more on Zabo).

Ingredient trends: Exciting the tastebuds with upgrades and mash-ups

It all starts with the freshest and finest ingredients. "Craft" ingredients take the spotlight, allowing chefs and restaurant owners to showcase richer flavors and more pronounced textures to command premium prices. The popularity of specific ingredients also support this emerging trend. Take Matcha, for example, mow preferred by many local chefs for its distinct bitter flavor versus green tea, offering limitless flavor possibilities. And Sriracha, with its spicy yet sweet and sour notes, infused in more exciting sauces and condiments. The love affair with pork continues, as more parts are discovered and rediscovered, like pig's cheeks and ears. There is also a growing demand for anything rustic and healthy, with fruits and vegetables adding color, flavor and texture to many dishes (shown above are fresh fruits and vegetables for homemade juices, more here on my previous post at  

Customer trends: Food more and more becomes the center of online conversations

There's a local joke that diners would start their meal at most restaurants not with a prayer, but with a quick post in Instagram or Twitter. The age of technology and social media has seen the rise of explorative and tech-savvy millenials, as more diners are transformed to empowered "prosumers". These "professional consumers" are no longer the timid consumers of days past, they are well-informed and discerning. And this is precisely what food entrepreneurs must capitalize on, and devise more innovative, creative, and relevant ways to engage the modern consumer and make their dining experiences shareable online. "We envision diners getting more involved with their food experiences as they are now sharing new food and restaurant discoveries online. They are now more conscious of their food and demanding more authentic food and savory flavors," concludes Limoanco-Gendrano. "The Philippine food service scene is moving fast and we envision to absolutely ride along on its rapid wave to serve Filipino food professionals" (local flavors shown above from Hotel Luna's Comedor, check out my earlier post on Hotel Luna's breakfast buffet here at And that sums up the mission of Unilever Food Solutions, to help food business owners and operators with the skills, knowledge, and products to grow and keep their customer base.

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