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Prince Albert Rotisserie Introduces New Dishes from IHG Culinary Ambassadors

The country's premier fine dining establishment, Prince Albert Rotisserie, introduces the world's best flavors in a variety of plated masterpieces...  

InterContinental Manila's legendary Prince Albert Rotisserie brings the unique creations of five of the world's best chefs into its ala carte menu, with signature dishes from the InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG) Culinary Ambassadors program. The new signature dishes, each prepared by IHG's best chefs, offer an exciting culinary experience with a variety of rich flavors, textures, and style drawing inspiration from a diverse range of cuisines from IHG Culinary Ambassadors.

Prince Albert Rotisserie has long been known as one of the metro's best fine dining establishments. And Prince Albert Rotisserie reinforces its esteemed position as one of the country's finest with new dishes from its renowned IHG Culinary Ambassadors program, exclusive to InterContinental Hotels worldwide.

Inside Prince Albert Rotisserie, the formal interiors exude a classic and timeless elegance, with various culinary awards proudly displayed along the entrance. It's an appropriate backdrop and fitting stage for the signature dishes about to be served...

Prince Albert Rotisserie's new Executive Chef, the warm and friendly Jean Marc Veron, on deck at the open kitchen with his culinary team. Jean Marc Veron hails from Toulouse, France, where he gained and mastered his culinary skills and experience in various French restaurants. His culinary adventures then led him to various exotic destinations, including Kuwait, Morocco, Shanghai, Jamaica, and Kuala Lumpur before heading to the Philippines. An avid mountain biker who once tackled the arduous route from Quezon City all the way to Infanta Quezon and back, a staggering 190 kilometer trail, Executive Chef Jean Marc Veron loves challenges, and does not back down easily from any challenge. Executive Chef Jean Marc Veron brings his wealth of culinary experience to the famed Prince Albert Rotisserie, leading his team in the faithful recreation of signature dishes by the IHG Culinary Ambassadors.

IHG Culinary Ambassadors is a culinary panel of five celebrity chefs selected by InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG) to create an array of signature dishes for the IHG diner. It's a global program rolled out across all IHG properties offering its guests a unique culinary experience you can only find at InterContinental Hotels.  

Each chef of the IHG Culinary Ambassador program showcases a specific culinary style, with Chef Sam Leong representing authentic Chinese cuisine, Chef Ian Kittichai for Thai cuisine, Chef Theo Randall representing classic Italian cuisine; Chef Ross Lusted for modern Australian fare and Pastry Chef Dean Brettschneider featuring his elegant pastry creations. Our special lunch featured a refreshing cold appetizer by Chef Theo Randall and a sumptuous main course by Chef Ross Lusted, each recreated by Executive Chef Jean Marc Veron and his culinary team at Prince Albert Rotisserie. The special lunch also featured the signature Souffle dishes created by Executive Chef Jean Marc Veron for Prince Albert Rotisserie's special offering from May 1 to 15, 2015.

Executive Chef Jean Marc Veron then gathers his culinary team as they prepare for the special lunch featuring signature dishes from IHG Culinary Ambassadors as well as their unique souffle dishes. As the open kitchen fires up for the lunch service, a tray of Prince Albert Rotisserie's signature freshly baked bread arrives...  

Our IHG Culinary Ambassadors experience began with a cold appetizer from Chef Theo Randall, the Buffalo Mozzarella and Plum Tomato Salad, a rich and refreshing dish with fresh, bold and clean flavors from the very best ingredients. The sharp tartness of the juicy tomatoes are perfectly balanced by the creamy mozzarella, complemented the subtle minty flavors of the micro greens, the nutty pesto, and the sweetness of the dried plums. Classic, rustic yet delivering bold notes, the various layers of flavors and contrasting textures blend well together, with each bite releasing a burst of fresh and clean flavors.

Next, the hot appetizer was served, Stilton Cheese Souffle with Spring Onion Salsa, a comforting and savory souffle created by Executive Chef Jean Marc Veron. One of Executive Chef Jean Marc Veron's ala carte souffle creations, featuring a variety of light, airy savory and sweet variations of the classic French dish, the Stilton Cheese Souffle is perfectly soft with just a whisper of the Stilton adding its own unique layer of flavor to the delicate dish. The spring onion salsa adds a contrasting sharpness to the mild notes of the souffle to complete the dish. Executive Chef Jean Marc Veron will also be offering other savory and creative souffle dishes starting May 1 to May 15, 2015, including his Gruyere Cheese Souffle with Duck Leg Confit, Stilton Cheese Souffle with Roasted Prime Rib and red wine sauce, and indulgent desserts like Mango Crepe Souffle and Cinnamon Souffle with Vanilla Ice Cream.

Then, it was time for the main course by Chef Ross Lusted, Grilled Australian Black Wagyu Loin with Spinach Butter, Bone Marrow, Heirloom Carrots, Dried Morels, and Sticky Veal Jus, a hearty and hefty dish with robust and beefy flavors. The premium Australian Black Wagyu is tender and juicy, perfectly grilled to medium with a juicy pink center. The rich buttery and beefy notes of the premium Australian Black Wagyu is complemented by the creamy Spinach Butter, punctuated by the richness of bone marrow.

The sticky veal jus has deep, rounded flavors that pair well with the premium beef, and the thinly sliced carrots, soft spinach and shallots add contrasting notes for complex yet perfectly balanced flavors. You can hardly go wrong with a slab of premium beef, but this dish frrom IHG Culinary Ambassador Ross Lusted elevates it to the next level, woven with various flavors from the different components of the dish. It's a dish that clearly displays that elegant Prince Albert touch. The new dishes are a welcome addition to Prince Albert Rotisserie's signature dishes, offering diners a taste of the world's best.

For dessert, Executive Chef Jean Marc Veron served his signature Molten Chocolate Soffle, made with premium Belgian chocolate and finished by a drizzle of vanilla cream, yet another of his elegant souffle creations. After the vanilla cream is poured, the soft souffle takes on a smooth and creamy texture that almost melts in your mouth, with the distinct chocolate notes lingering long after the first bite. It's a classic ending to a lavish feast of the world's best flavors...

...but the culinary team at Prince Albert Rotisserie isn't quite done yet. As a finale to the sumptuous lunch, Prince Albert Rotisserie's inventive team of pastry chefs serve their intricate chocolate floral creations to the delight of the guests. The impressive creations end the feast on a high and memorable note.

Each petal, each twig and branch, the delicate leaves, and even the base and trunk are made with premium chocolate, almost too pretty to take a nibble. But this is chocolate, and I start with a petal and a twig. Pure chocolate bliss. At the base of each floral creation, indulgent truffles complete the presentation.   

Executive Chef Jean Marc Veron (R), flanked by one of Prince Albert Rotisserie's friendly and courteous staff, Ann (L), look forward to your visit for the IHG Culinary Ambassadors's signature dishes, and soon their special souffle creations, at Prince Albert Rotisserie.

Dining at Prince Albert Rotisserie is always a memorable experience. And the addition of new signature dishes from IHG Culinary Ambassadors adds yet another feather to its cap. The best of the world truly is at Prince Albert Rotisserie. Special thanks to InterContinental Manila's Manager, Mr. Christopher Wichlan, for another memorable dining experience at Prince Albert Rotisserie.

Prince Albert Rotisserie is located at InterContinental Manila, No. 1 Ayala Avenue, 1226 Makati City or call 793-7000 local 776 to 777 or email for reservations. 

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