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Madrid Fusion Manila: The World's Best at SM Supermalls

A shared history, heritage and passion for food, and more than 300 years of meaningful connections. And it all comes together with Madrid Fusion Manila... 

From April 24 to 26, 2015, one of the world's most anticipated culinary festivals will celebrate this shared linkage through food in one epic gastronomical event where the world's top chefs share their culinary innovations taking the dining experience to the next level. And at the center of it all is SM Supermalls as it plays host to this historic culinary event.

SM Supermalls, official partner of the global festival, kicked off the festivities with a demonstration at Sarsa Kitchen + Bar, Mall of Asia. Chefs Bruce Ricketts, Rob Pengson, and Claude Tayag, with the special participation of Chef JP Anglo, shared their culinary mastery in one memorable afternoon.

Madrid Fusion Manila brings Spain and Asia's legendary chefs in a historic culinary gathering at the SMX Convention Center, including Chefs Andoni Luis Aduriz, Elena Arzak, Quique Dacosta, Ramin Freixa, Francis Paniego, Paco Roncero, Mario Sandoval, Paco Torreblanca, Andre Chiang, and Alvin Leung. The culinary demonstration at Chef JP Anglo's Sarsa Kitchen + Bar featured our very own representatives to the Madrid Fusion Manila Congress, namely Chefs Bruce Ricketts, Claude Tayag, and Rob Pengson, each one representing the very best of both classic and innovative local cuisine. The Philippine culinary representatives, along with other noted local chefs, are tasked with sharing our own diverse and imaginative epicurean traditions and culinary heritage to the global stage. Madrid Fusion Manila is the perfect venue to showcase the distinct yet wide range of rich flavors, which is, after all, a celebration in culinary diversity.

Sarsa Kitchen + Bar was the appropriate venue to celebrate local flavors, with Chef JP Anglo's Negrense-inspired cuisine. As guests arrived, we were served some of Chef JP Anglo's signature JP-Q, or Grilled Sticks, including his popular Panit, or crispy grilled chicken skin (P 170) brushed with achuete or anatto cooked in oil and garlic...

...and Isaw, or grilled chicken intestine (P 165) liberally glazed with the same rich achuete oil. The distinct local culinary style and flavor of the region's famed chicken inasal comes through in each flavorful skewer, perfectly paired with the Pinakukat, a sharp coconut vinegar blended with spices.

Chef JP Anglo's own take on the popular pritson, the Pritson Pancake (P 270), with fried lechon wrapped in soft yet lightly crisp pancakes served with hoisin sauce. The delicate flavors of the lechon are kicked up a notch by the sharpness of the hoisin sauce for balanced flavors.

The familiar flavors of chicken inasal are then reinterpreted in Chef JP Anglo's Inasal Tofu (P 170), with tofu instead of chicken, brushed with anatto. The mild notes of the tofu are given a richer and flavorful upgrade by the achuete, with the light char adding just a hint of smokiness. It's inventive touches like these that make the emerging local food scene so exciting.

More grilled sticks were served, the hefty Liempo-Q (P 220), grilled pork belly in skewers served with Sarsa's own BBQ sauce based on a cherished family recipe. The tender pork belly's richness are perfectly tempered by the subtle sweet and smoky notes of the BBQ sauce, and this one's another winner.

Sarsa Kitchen + Bar's imaginative approach to local flavors is both comforting and refreshing, and it would be interesting to see foreign chefs discover and experience local regional flavors. And that's the beauty of Madrid Fusion Manila, where one can relish and savor new flavors and experiences. With that, the stage was set for the three featured chefs to share their own unique dishes... 

One of the emerging young chefs in the local food scene and the creative force behind Mecha Uma, Chef Bruce Ricketts owes much of his understanding and appreciation of ingredients to his mentor, Jason Kribb, and this is seen in his creative and inventive Seared Prawns with Marinated Saba, Avocado and Burnt Coconut Vinegar. The colorful medley of flavors from the playful blend of local ingredients add a whole new dimension to grilled prawns, with rich layers of sweetness with just a whisper of tartness complementing the briny notes of the fresh prawns.

An institution in Capampangan cuisine, Chef Claude Tayag brings back the rustic and comforting flavors of pork adobo with his classic Adobo ni Juan Tamad and Adobong Puti. The richness of slow-cooked pork with garlic, vinegar and soy sauce comes through like a taste of home on a plate. It may look deceptively simple, but nothing ever is with Claude Tayag who insists on preparing everything the right way, from marinating the pork, letting it simmer for hours, and then aging it just enough for the flavors to bind together for the perfect adobo. Like they say, adobo prepared yesterday just tastes so much better than the fresh batch made a few hours ago. And with Chef Claude Tayag, you can expect nothing less (for more on Claude Tayag and his take on local, regional, Capampangan flavors, check out my previous post on Downtown Cafe here at

Chef Rob Pengson is no stranger to innovative cuisine, constantly pushing the culinary boundaries with his inventive style. And this is seen, and tasted, in his indulgent Mango Tapioca Surprise, combining both local and international elements, such as cheese, in a fusion of rich and bold flavors. The blend of contrasting textures with familiar flavors make it new and different. One more spoonful and the layers of different notes play in your mouth. Fresh, clean flavors that excite after every bite, and that's just one dish from Chef Rob Pengson, with many more exciting dishes to come at Madrid Fusion Manila (for more on Chef Rob Pengson, check out my previous posts on Olive Tree Kitchen & Bar here at and here at, and Shine Bakery here at

Chef JP Anglo rounds up the culinary demonstration with his unique Bangus Spring Rolls with Talangka Vinegar and Batikulon Mang Tomas Sauce. The crispy spring rolls with local milkfish is quite familiar, but pairing it with the flavorful talangka vinegar and the gizzard sauce transforms the dish completely. Leave it to Chef JP Anglo to surprise you with his unique twists in Negrense cuisine. There is a lot more to discover about the diversity and richness of our local cuisine, and experiencing the different dishes prepared by some of the country's best chefs illustrates just that. And one can expect even more new and fresh flavors during Madrid Fusion Manila on April 24-26, 2015.

In line with Madrid Fusion Manila, a special SM Gourmet Weekend Market offering Filipino-Spanish delicacies will also be held from April 24-26, 2015 at Mall of Asia. Over at SM Supermarkets and Hypermarkets, a premium selection of cheese, tapas, wine, ingredients, local finds, and special bundles will also be made available during Madrid Fusion Manila. Spanish-themed dishes will likewise be featured at selected restaurants in Mall of Asia, SM Aura Premier, and SM Megamall's Mega Fashion Hall in celebration of Madrid Fusion Manila. Ready to taste and experience the world's best? It's all happening at SM Supermalls.

For the complete schedule of events at SM Malls, visit on Facebook here at or @smsupermalls on Instagram. For more information on how to register at Madrid Fusion Manila 2015, visit

Sarsa Kitchen + Bar is located at the Second Floor, Entertainment Mall, Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay City.

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