Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Pizza, Porchetta and Pancetta at Il Ponticello's Brunchissimo

Pizza for the kids, Porchetta and unlimited Pancetta for the adults. Sounds like a perfect Saturday Brunch to me...

Il Ponticello offers its sumptuous Tuscan-style brunch, Brunchissimo, every Saturday with their line of signature brunch dishes, including their best-selling Porchetta. And unlimited Pancetta too. Plus, the kids can make their very own Pizza Santino. Now that's one serious brunch.

A glass of sparkling wine gets you in the proper groove to start your "Brunchissimo" experience. For the kids, what can be more fun than creating their own pizza? Il Ponticello offers a fun and interactive Pizza Santino, where kids 12 years and below can create their own pizza for brunch. And they get to wear a white toque too.

That Saturday, all the kids at Il Ponticello seemed to be having a lot of fun, and the pizza looked like a winner. And why not, might as well find out what the kids were enjoying...and my Pizza Santino (P 250) was served, ready for topping. Wearing the toque was tempting, making your own pizza is, after all, a pretty serious thing. Il Ponticello's Pizza Santino includes a red tomato-based sauce, a white cream sauce, fresh mushrooms, mozzarella, grated Grana Padano, and pancetta. Since it comes with pancetta, I'm making my own Pizza Santino too.

My own Pizza Santino, with one side covered in red tomato sauce and pancetta, and white cream sauce on the other topped with mushrooms. The rustic Roman-style thin crust is crisp on the edges, and perfectly chewy in the center. And it's a pretty good pizza. But if you want to leave the pizza to the kids, you can choose from one of Il Ponticello's "Brunchissimo" selections, like the Truffled Cheese and Mushroom Fritatta, Italian Style Eggs Benedetto, Tuscan Polpettone (an Italian meatloaf), Porchetta Plate, or the rustic Lasagna Carbonara (all priced at P 390). Or go all out with Il Ponticello's Tuscan Brunch Feast (P 1,250) which includes homemade bread with artisanal dips, plus one dish from the brunch specials. And unlimited Pancetta. Whichever way you choose, ala carte or unlimited Pancetta, you just can't lose with Il Ponticello's Brunchissimo.

The signature Porchetta, Roman style six hour whole pork belly roasted with fennel and garlic, is just one of the many reasons to spend a leisurely Saturday brunch at Il Ponticello. Tender and juicy pork with a perfectly crisp layer of crackling, it remains the signature centerpiece at Il Ponticello's Brunchissimo. The delicate flavors of the pork are given a flavorful boost by the fennel and nutty garlic, with each bite releasing even more flavors. Served freshly carved, the natural juices are retained, for that rich and distinct buttery mouth feel. This is definitely one of the metro's best.

One look, and a big bite, are all you need to know why the Porchetta Plate (P 390) is a bestseller at Il Ponticello. The tender pork has a delicate sweetness, and great as is with hints of garlic and fennel adding more layers of flavor. The dish is served with buttered Pilaf rice and gravy.

And there's more. The Pancetta Arrotolata, homemade dry-cured pork belly, rolled then hang-dried on cheese cloth, is another option at Il Ponticello's Brunchissimo Tuscan Brunch Feast. Thinly sliced, each strip of Pancetta delivers both salty and smoky notes to complete your brunch. And just like bacon, you can have your Pancetta fried to crispy perfection. Plus, you can have your fill of unlimited Pancetta Arrotolata, carved and cooked to your liking, at Il Ponticello's Brunchissimo.

And if you still can't get enough of the Porchetta, go for Il Ponticello's Cuban style sandwich with an Italian twist, the Spicy Porchetta ala Romana Sandwich for even more pork love. The hot mustard and the porchetta's crisp crackling gives each bite a flavorful kick, a personal favorite and another must-try dish at Il Ponticello. The subtle flavor of the thick slab of juicy pork belly is complemented by the sharp bite from the hot mustard for bold yet balanced flavors.  

Cap your brunch at Il Ponticello with the Dessert Sampler (P 290), where you can choose three indulgent treats from their Brunchissimo Dessert selection, including the (L-R) Caramello Di Semolina (P 290), Cheesecake Caramel Panna Cotta (P 290), and Tiramisu (P 290). Other desserts include Nutella Bigne, Decadent Chocolate CakeCannoli (P 290) and Budino Al Cioccolatto (P 390). Pair it with another cup of Cafe Americano to complete the "Brunchissimo" experience, every Saturday from 10am to 3pm at Il Ponticello. Saturdays are now even better with Il Ponticello's Brunchissimo Tuscan style brunch.

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Il Ponticello Bar and Italian Restaurant is located at the Second Floor, Unit 203, Antel Corporate Centre, 121 Valero Street, Salcedo Village, Makati or call 553-9971 for inquiries and reservations.

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