Friday, April 10, 2015

Dining Well and Dining Right at Wasabi Warriors

Eat good. Do good. Feel good. You can do all Wasabi Warriors.

The global sushi chain from Australia, Wasabi Warriors, opens its very first Philippine franchise in Century City, Makati, offering diners their own unique brand of dining well...and dining right.

The brand's pervasive presence and impressive growth in Australia encouraged Wasabi Warriors to expand its reach to the UAE, Hong Kong, and now Manila, bringing their own unique corporate philosophy revolving around the three intertwined tenets of "Eat Good. Do Good. Feel Good." 

And at Wasabi Warriors, these tenets are taken to heart as their core advocacy, from  single source, sustainable ingredients and premium produce from local farmers and suppliers for healthy yet flavorful dishes, the use of recyclable materials for all their packaging, and giving back by tapping local youth organizations to alleviate poverty.

Diners immediately feel the positive vibe emanating from these tenets, from the warm and friendly service, to the innovative line of healthy yet flavorful dishes. Driven by the mission to provide excellent products and healthier alternatives to the usual fare while honoring the environment, Wasabi Warriors offers diners to eat, do, and feel good. 

Wasabi Warriors is known for its healthy meals on the go back in Australia, highlighted by their use of convenient and recyclable containers and their unique line of Warrior Rolls, cut or uncut, for a quick yet filling bite on the run. The Warrior Rolls are available in white rice, as well as healthier options with Black and Brown Rice.

The use of black and brown rice already sets Wasabi Warriors apart from the usual sushi establishments, infusing unique and distinct flavors to a convenient and handy, and healthier sushi roll. Most of Wasabi Warriors' ingredients are organic, and use free-range chicken, adding to the bold flavors of their distinct menu. The line of Warrior Rolls include seafood, vegetables, pork, chicken, and beef, like the Tuna Mayo & Avocado (P 120), Teriyaki Chicken (P 120), Honey Soy Chicken (P 120), Pork Katsu & Avocado, Fresh Salmon & Avocado (P 150), Chicken Katsu (P 120), Panko Prawn (P 150), Spicy Tuna Roll (P 100), Spicy Katsu Chicken (P 120), California Roll (P 100), and Teriyaki Beef (P 120). And you have the option to have your roll with black or brown rice for all the variants.

Part of the fun with the Warrior Roll is eating it uncut, simply drizzle some Wasabi Mayo or Chili Mayo and go for a big bite. And another. Just the way a warrior would probably do it.

Each of the Warrior Rolls deliver an extensive range of flavors, from mild yet flavorful notes to a comforting heat from the chili that just lingers long enough for that tasty punch. Chicken, beef, pork, seafood, vegetables, teriyaki or katsu, there's a Warrior roll with your name on it at Wasabi Warriors.   

Enjoy your sushi rolls with the usual wasabi and soy sauce dip, or do it the Wasabi Warriors way with their very own Wasabi Mayo and Chili Mayo (L), made in-house, for an all new flavor experience. Just grab the squeeze bottle and generously top your sushi with the mayo, and one bite tells why the automated Sushi Robot (R) is kept busy all day. 

The wide range of Wasabi Warriors' unique and healthy dishes include the refreshing Seaweed Salad (P 120) with thin strips of carrots and radishes in a recyclable container for a quick bite on the move. Other Warrior Bites include Pork Gyoza (P 150-6 pcs/P 80-3pcs), bite-sized, crispy deep-fried dumplings; Miso Soup (P 50), Edamame (P 80), Inari (P 50), a sweet tofu pocket with white rice; and the Inari Seaweed (P 60), a sweet tofu pocket with seaweed.  

Wasabi Warriors also offers fresh and clean flavors with its Seared Salmon Nigiri (P 400-6pcs/P 250-3 pcs/P 100-1 pc), also available in a spicy variant topped with chili. The creamy salmon, with its distinct buttery texture, delivers a richness that can only come from the freshest and finest salmon, with just a drizzle of homemade Japanese-style mayo for even more flavors. If you prefer a spicy kick, go for the variant topped with chili, with the subtle layer of heat tempering the richness of the salmon for balanced flavors.

Wasabi Warriors' Nigiri Packs also include the Ebi Fry Nigiri (P 400-6pcs/P 3 pcs-250/P 100-1 pc), with a crisp, panko-coated and deep-fried shrimp on rice topped with a dollop of homemade Japanese mayo. The crunchy texture of the deep-fried ebi contrasts with the soft rice, blending in a seriously good bite. 

And there's more. Wasabi Warriors offers a line of Warrior Hot Boxes, like the Beef Teriyaki Rice (P 250), with thin and tender beef strips draped in sweet and thick teriyaki sauce on soft and fluffy white steamed rice...

...and the comforting Chicken Teriyaki Udon (P 250), with thick, firm, and chewy noodles topped with tender chicken strips in a light yet flavorful broth. Other Warrior Hot Boxes include the Warrior Udon Soup (P 150) and the Chicken Teriyaki Rice (P 250), packed in convenient recyclable containers that's perfect on the go. 

Bring home the experience and freshness of Wasabi Warriors with some Inari Seaweed (P 60) for take-out. Or any of Wasabi Warriors' Warrior Packs, like the Chicken Warrior Pack (P 350), Ocean Warrior Pack (P 350), Veggie Warrior Pack (P 250), Mixed Warrior Pack (P 350), or the Little Warrior Pack (P 150), each one containing the signature Warrior Rolls and Nigiri. And don't forget to take some Wasabi Mayo and Chili Mayo too.

Local. Free-range. Fresh. Biodegradable. Recycled. Sustainable. Key elements in a corporate philosophy that's gaining even more relevance. And it works. Eat good. Do good. Feel good. At Wasabi Warriors...

Wasabi Warriors is located at the Ground Level, Unit 05 of the Gramercy Residences, Century City, Kalayaan Avenue, Makati.

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  1. The sushi looks so good! Will try out that place one of these days.


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