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What's Hot? Four Seasons Hotpot City

The hottest thing in hotpot is now open at SM By The Bay...

From the same group behind Vikings Luxury Buffet comes another hot buffet concept, Four Seasons Hotpot City, offering diners a new and unique dining experience. It's simply the hottest thing on the buffet food scene in the metro...

Located at SM By The Bay within the expansive MOA Complex, Four Seasons Hotpot City brings hotpot dining to a whole new level with its sumptuous buffet style spread. And if you've been to Vikings Luxury Buffet, you can expect the same impressive spread and service at Four Seasons Hotpot City.

Inside Four Seasons Hotpot City, one can find different stations for the ultimate in hotpot dining, with a comprehensive Salad Bar and fresh Vegetable Station with the freshest produce, a Seafood Station with an impressive array of fresh catch, and an equally impressive Meat Station with premium beef, pork, chicken and lamb.

At the Meat Station, the automatic slicers churn out paper thin slices of premium beef, pork, and lamb, the ideal cut for authentic hotpot. Simply pick up a tray and select your ingredients for your very own hotpot. An indulgent Dessert Station and well-stocked Beverage Station completes the set-up at Four Seasons Hotpot City. 

Soon, a Premium Station will be introduced featuring a wide selection of Wagyu beef, premium pork and lamb for even more options for your ultimate hotpot. We were then led to one of three VIP Rooms, with your very own individual hotpot, right on your table, and your hotpot feast is about to begin...

Other stations include a Vegetarian Station with a selection of tofu for alternative and healthy ingredients, as well as a Dumpling Station loaded with all types of dumplings and meatballs, each individually prepared by the skilled chefs on station. An Appetizer Station, with its spread of sushi and rolls, as well as a Bread Station, with a variety of cold cuts and cheeses, complete the long list of choices at Four Seasons Hotpot City.  Start your feast with a salad at the Salad Station, with crisp and fresh greens and a variety of dressings get to you in the groove. As with Vikings Luxury Buffet, you can take your time and go on your own leisurely space at Four Seasons Hotpot City, with each station restocked regularly so you don't miss out on anything. Aside from the various hotpot stations, Four Seasons Hotpot City also offers Japanese and Chinese food stations where you can find freshly made tempura and other dishes to complement your meal.

And it all starts with the broth. At Four Seasons Hotpot City, diners can choose from Vegetable, Pork, Sinigang and an herbal Sibut broth as the base for the hotpot. Once your chosen broth is poured on your hotpot, simply press the modern table top glass burner and start cooking your hotpot...

At the open dining area, diners are served large hotpots with a divider, allowing diners to enjoy two kinds of hotpot broths at one time. The interior layout of Four Seasons Hotpot City is designed to approximate that of a sleek and modern gourmet supermarket, where you can easily and conveniently select, choose and pick out your ingredients from the well-stocked stations. The different chefs on station are there ready to assist and satisfy your every craving. The linear format of the stations also make it easy for diners to progressively build each component of their hotpot, starting with vegetables and dumplings before moving up to seafood and meat. You can also create your own sauce at the Sauce Station to complete your hot pot. Start picking up a tray and start building your hotpot, beginning with some fresh vegetables, herbs, and mushrooms...

...and some fresh seafood, including fresh oysters, shrimps, crabs, clams, bamboo shells, sea cucumber, and even mantis shrimps. The many varieties of fresh mushrooms is already pretty impressive, and the seafood selection adds to the infinite number of possible hotpot combinations. Part of the fun in any hotpot dining experience is the idea of customizing your very own meal, with your own selection of ingredients, and cooking it right in your table. At Four Seasons Hotpot City, this concept of customization is taken a notch higher with its impressive selection of fresh and premium ingredients.

The Seafood Station also boasts a wide variety of fresh fish for your own hotpot. Plus, you can choose from an array of freshly made and colorful noodles as well to supplement your hotpot. After creating your own dipping sauce, simply add the ingredients to your hotpot and let it simmer...

A good hotpot is all about building layers of different flavors. And to complete your hotpot, simply add a variety of fish, squid, beef, chicken, and pork meatballs and dumplings to cook in your hotpot. After just a few minutes, the broth takes on a more fragrant aroma with the infusion of fresh ingredients. Don't forget to try Four Seasons Hotpot City's unique and inventive Cheese Balls too for something different.

Top off your hotpot with some premium, thinly sliced choice meat, including beef short ribs, beef striploin, beef shortplate, pork jowls, pork neck, pork belly, and lamb. A selection of offals, like pork liver, lungs, cheeks, tripe, and heart add to the medley of rich flavors.

Open the lid, and your first batch of ingredients are now perfectly cooked, with deeper colors and a richer aroma. Dip your assorted dumplings and meatballs in your very own dipping sauce, and repeat.

Then, top your hotpot with a variety of premium meat, and watch as the various slices of meat transform in color right before your eyes. My pork broth is now richly infused with a variety of fresh flavors, adding more body and bold and robust notes in every sip. Adding some offals in the broth also gives it deep, rounder flavors that intensifies as it continues to simmer. By the third round, ask for a refill of the broth and repeat the process, or try something new. At Four Seasons Hotpot City, you can always start with the familiar and comforting flavors of your favorite hotpot blend, then switch to a whole new combination of ingredients for a new flavor experience.

Cap your meal with indulgent and delicate creations from the Dessert Station, which is just as impressive like all of Four Seasons Hotpot City's elaborate stations. You can even find a dark and white chocolate fountain, and freshly made crepes stuffed with fruits and topped with ice cream...

...or create your own refreshing Halo-Halo, with preserved fruits topped with finely shaved ice, just perfect after a steaming hotpot feast.

or indulge yourself at the Yogurt Machine and swirl your own bowl of tart, smooth, and creamy Yogurt, topped with chocolate and candy sprinkles. Other selections include fresh fruits in season, as well as an array of intricate dessert shooters.

And the best part? You can enjoy unlimited Chang Beer imported from Thailand along with your Hotpot buffet at Four Seasons Hotpot City. At the Beverage Station, you can choose from a variety of soda, fresh juices, and refreshing flavored iced tea for unlimited refills...

...a shot of espresso or a cup of fresh-brewed coffee from their modern coffee machines, or simply a comforting and soothing pot of Twinings Jasmine Tea to cap your hotpot feast.

And you can have unlimited servings of everything at Four Seasons Hotpot City in one all-inclusive price:

Adult Weekday Lunch : P 588
Adult Weekday Dinner: P 788
Adult Weekends/Holidays Lunch & Dinner: P 788

Kids below 3ft: FREE
Kids 3ft-4ft Weekday Lunch: P 188
Kids 3ft-4ft Weekday Dinner: P 288
Kids 3ft-4ft Weekend/Holiday Lunch & Dinner: P 288
Kids 4ft-4ft 6" Weekday Lunch: P 288
Kids 4ft-4ft 6" Weekday Dinner: P 388
Kids 4ft-4ft 6" Weekend/Holiday Lunch & Dinner: P 388

* Prices subject to 5% service charge. Call to inquire about Birthday, Group, and Big Group rates.

An impressive selection of fresh, premium ingredients, from appetizers to mains and desserts, and reasonable prices, combine for one of the metro's best hotpot buffet dining experiences. And you can find all these and more at Four Seasons Hotpot City at SM By The Bay.

Four Seasons Hotpot City is located at Building E, SM By The Bay, MOA Complex, or call 831-7777 and 835-7777 for inquiries.

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