Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Taking It A Notch Higher at Tipple & Slaw

Just how can you improve on a tried and tested classic? Leave it to Chef Francis Lim of Tipple & Slaw to reinvent your favorite classic comfort food with a creative and inventive twist...

Chef Francis Lim whips out new new dishes and cool version upgrades on current menu items, taking your dining experience a notch higher at Tipple & Slaw.

Start with Tipple & Slaw's OJ, an homage to the classic Orange Julius from many years back. The creamy and frothy head and the tart orange juice sends you back in time, in a classic throwback recreated by Chef Francis Lim. Still not on the menu, but it will be soon...

Tipple & Slaw's new and improved Chicken Nuggets (P 250), (for more on Tipple & Slaw's cool take on comfort food classics, check out my previous post here at http://dude4food.blogspot.com/2014/09/serious-bites-at-tipple-slaw-sandwich.html), served with honey mustard, ketchup, and barbecue sauce is Chef Francis Lim's homage to the iconic fastfood chain's dish. The nuggets are densely packed with more juicy chicken with a thin layer of crispness that's familiar yet so much better than the usual fastfood variety.

Tipple & Slaw's popular Spam Bombs (P 200) are also given a flavorful update, with chopped spam blended with mashed potatoes topped with nori strips with the addition of Japanese chicken powder sprinkled on the already flavorful Spam Bombs for another layer of flavor. The dish comes with Japanese Mayo and Tabasco Ketchup, for creamy and spicy options, just the way you want it. A cold beer and some Spam Bombs...perfect.

Chef Francis Lim also served two new pasta dishes, starting with the Three Sauce Pasta (P 330), a rich blend of stewed tomatoes, Alfredo cream, and basil pesto on tender yet firm linguine...

...and the Chorizo, Gorgonzola, and Fennel Pasta (P 380), a rustic pasta dish of linquine topped with smoked chorizo, crumbled blue cheese, and roasted fennel cream, each with its own distinct and rich flavors. The deceptively simple Three Sauce Pasta packs a flavorful punch, with the playful blend of three different sauces for a unique flavor, while the Chorizo, Gorgonzola, and Fennel Pasta delivers an equally robust and flavorful kick with the bold notes of the chorizo tempered by the creamy gorgonzola and fennel cream.

And Chef Francis Lim isn't quite done yet, as he served his Sriracha Mac & Cheese (P 150), another comforting classic tweaked with a fiery twist. The blend of rustic penne pasta, three cheeses, and the soothing heat from the Sriracha hot sauce is another combination that works. The smooth and creamy three cheese sauce, layered with just the right level of heat, is the perfect side for any of the entrees at Tipple & Slaw.

Tipple & Slaw is known for its line of sandwiches, and The Porchetta Sandwich (P 380), with roasted pork belly, stuffed herbs, salsa verde, and pickled onions on sourdough bread, is another must-try dish, served with thin and crisp potato strings. Each bite delivers contrasting textures, with the crisp sourdough bread adding some crunch and the juicy slab of porchetta, with its mild salty notes, completes the flavors.

Just how can you top fried chicken? Easy. Top it with some caviar. The classic Crispy Fried Chicken (P 295), topped with indulgent caviar and served with a side of cream cheese gravy for a completely different take. The briny and salty notes of the caviar burst in your mouth, complementing the delicate and juicy flavor and texture of the fried chicken. And that's the way it is at Tipple & Slaw, where comforting classics are leveled up with a flavorful upgrade.

Your favorite BBQ Volcanic Wings (P 380) also gets a flavorful upgade, with crisp, boneless chicken wings stuffed with creamy blue cheese, draped in a sweet and smoky BBQ glaze, and served with carrot celery pickles on the side. Now, you don't even have to dip your chicken wings in any sauce, the blue cheese filling and the BBQ glaze takes care of that. One bite, and you get everything.

The Tipple Coleslaw (P 75), infused with sweet and smoky barbecue sauce, coating each finely shredded cabbage, chopped carrots, and sweet corn kernels, for another flavorful twist. It's also the perfect side for any of the chicken dishes at Tipple & Slaw. 

And here's a cool dog with a flavorful attitude, the Chorizo Dog (P 350), a hefty sausage link topped with fire roasted peppers and hot mustard on a soft brioche bun, served with a side of Tipple & Slaw's signature fires. The sharp notes of the chorizo add that distinct layer of bold flavors, perfectly complemented by the smoky roasted peppers and that burn and bite from the hot mustard. The snap of the sausage, and the different toppings combine for one perfectly cool dog.

Pizza? No worries. Tipple & Slaw's Meat & Cheese Pizza (P 650), with burnt ends of roast beef, pastrami, bacon, and porchetta with mozzarella and cream cheese, all your favorite proteins on a crisp and thin crust. Each square is generously topped for maximum flavors, and the best part? Even the center squares are perfectly crisp, so no need to fight over the pizza's edges.

Biscuits and gravy? Forget about it. Chef Francis Lim upgrades the comforting classic with his own indulgent take, Foie Gras and Biscuits, draped in a rich and thick sausage gravy. I've had homemade biscuits topped with crispy southern fried chicken covered in a thick and creamy sausage gravy, but there's nothing quite like foie gras for an all-new flavor experience. The foie gras just melts in your mouth, and the gravy-lathered biscuit completes the flavors. This one's a personal favorite, and soon on the menu. Leave it to Chef Francis Lim to take classic dishes a notch higher with his inventive tweaks.

From starters to mains, Tipple & Slaw's got you covered. And desserts too. Leave room for Tipple & Slaw's S'mores Ice Cream Sandwich (check out this awesome dessert, and other dishes, in my previous post here at http://dude4food.blogspot.com/2014/09/serious-bites-at-tipple-slaw-sandwich.html) for a a closer look.

Cap your meal with a couple of cocktails at Tipple & Slaw, and here's a double dose to get you in the groove in no time: Tipple & Slaw's classic Negroni (P 280), a smooth blend of premium gin, bitters, and sweet vermouth; and my go to cocktail, the always dependable Old-Fashioned (P 280), with whiskey, bitters, and a zesty citrus rind for that smoky and sharp citrusy finish.

Like what you see? Stop by Tipple & Slaw and let Chef Francis Lim take you and your favorite comfort food to a whole new level...

Tipple & Slaw is located at the Second Floor of The Forum, 7th Avenue corner Federacion Drive, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City or call 500-0882 for inquiries.

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