Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Sushi Tuesdays at Yumi

It's Tuesday, time for Sushi Tuesdays at Yumi...

After Ramen Mondays, enjoy Yumi's signature line of sushi with its special Sushi Tuedsays treat, a cool buy one take one deal all day long...

Tuna, Squid (Ika), and Salmon Sushi, just some of the extensive and freshest sushi selections you can find at Yumi. But it doesn't end there...

Savor some of the most inventive sushi in the metro, like Yumi's Pork Belly Sushi (P 225), breaded pork belly rolled in sweet mango with Shiitake mayo cream and fish roe. The delicate flavors of the pork belly, with its distinct crispy texture, contrasts with the sweetness of the soft ripe mangoes in a sushi roll like no other.

Aburi Sake Roll (P 305), flamed Norwegian salmon with kani, tamago, Japanese mayo and fish roe, is another sushi dish highlighting Yumi's creativity. The lightly torched Norwegian salmon releases a light smoky texture while remaining creamy and buttery, blending with the different layers of flavors and textures from the kani, tamago and smooth Japanese mayo and the subtle briny notes from the fish roe.

Hamachi Jalapeno Roll (P 265), yet another sushi creation with a spicy kick, with the delicate notes of the creamy hamachi layered with a soothing heat from the chili flakes for something unique and different. The spice does not overpower the hamachi, but you may want an ice-cold beer by your side with this one. Topped with the crisp potato "hay" adding a distinct crunch to every bite, it's a unique roll with complex yet balanced flavors and textures.

Other new must-try dishes include the elegantly plated Grilled Hamachi (P 595), with delicately grilled yellowtail in creamy ginger shiitake sauce topped with micro greens and fish roe.

Simply take a piece of the thinly sliced yellowtail and gently swirl around the creamy sauce for rich flavors. The mildly nutty notes of the sauce add a buttery layer of flavor to the hamachi, for another unique taste experience. A personal favorite.

After sushi, time for some rice. It's always a good idea to go for some Japanese fried rice or chahan, one of Yumi's classics, but you may want to try something new and different... the unique Cauliflower Chahan (P 195), with shredded cauliflower instead of rice, topped with beef and mixed vegetables. And since it isn't rice, go ahead and enjoy a second bowl without the guilt. The texture and mouth feel is exactly like rice, with just a hint of sweetness from the cauliflower. And the best part? No added carbs. Another personal favorite.

And if you're still hungry, go for the Panko Crusted Salmon with Cheese (P 295), breaded Norwegian salmon stuffed with cheese and deep-fried , to cap your sushi feast at Yumi. Enjoy a flavorful week at Yumi with its Ramen Mondays, Sushi Tuesdays, and Tempura Wednesdays, and start your week on a high note.

Yumi is located at the Mezzanine Level, Promenade, Greenhills Shopping Center, Greenhills, San Juan, or call 785-6932 for inquiries and reservations.

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