Thursday, April 30, 2015

Choose Your Beer, Choose Your Burger, At Burgers & Brewskies

Burgers and beer, always a winning pair. 

And you can always enjoy this winning combo at Burgers & Brewskies. Time to choose your burger and your beer at Burgers & Brewskies...

On tap at Burgers & Brewskies, you'll find Holgate's Road Trip IPA (L) and Mt. Macedon Pale Ale (R), two distinct brews from Australia. The refreshingly light and crisp Road Trip IPA is the perfect starter, with its golden hue and blend of hops for sharp, fruity, and citrus notes that pair well with the burger selection at Burgers & Brewskies.   

Named after the impressive peak overlooking the Holgate Brewery, Mt. Macedon Pale Ale has deeper, rounder notes with a delicate caramel malt flavor to wash down the rich flavors of the hefty burgers at Burgers & Brewskies. Have a cold pint and start your own session at Burgers & Brewskies...

A cold pint of Holgate's Road Trip IPA gets you in the groove in no time, with its sharp and refreshing citrus and hoppy notes that's perfect with some of Burgers & Brewskies starters. The bold notes of the hops cleanses the palate, allowing you to taste more of the rich flavors of Burgers & Brewskies's appetizers and burgers. 

You can also find premium imported beer at Burgers & Brewskies, including Beck's, Hoegarden, Corona Extra, Stella Artois, and the classic Gordon Biersch Hefeweizen, a Bavarian-style wheat beer with its signature effervescent head for rich fruity notes. 

Start with some of Burgers & Brewskies' signature Zucchini Sticks (P 105, L), crispy zucchini served with Olive Aioli dip, or wing it with some Buffalo Wings (P 220, Upper Right), coated in cayenne pepper sauce and butter served with bleu cheese sauce or the Salt & Pepper (P 195, Lower Right), seasoned with Chinese Five Spice.

Then, it's time to choose your burger. Burgers & Brewskies offers eleven signature burgers, each made with 1/3 lb 100% US Beef patties made fresh everyday, and grilled to medium for that juicy and tender texture and distinct beefy flavor. There's one to fit your every mood or craving, and here's five burgers that may have your name on it...

The signature Call the Nurse (P 280, L), a premium all-beef patty topped with a sharp yet creamy Spiced Mustard Aioli, B&B Cheese Sauce, Seared Mac & Cheese, and Honey Sriracha Bacon. The Mac & Cheese and sweet, smoky, and spicy bacon add bold notes to the burger releasing a burst of flavors in every bite. This baby pairs well with Holgate's Mt. Macedon Pale Ale, or the Gordon Biersch Hefeweizen with its deeper flavors complementing the richness of the burger.    
Or you can opt for one of Burgers & Brewskies' burger alternatives, like the Winner Winner Chicken Dinner (P 230, R), a 1/3 lb. B&B Chicken Patty with Roasted Garlic Aioli, B&B Cheese Sauce, Rum BBQ Sauce topped with crispy fried onion rings. The delicate notes of the chicken are punctuated by the rich and creamy garlic aioli and B&B Cheese Sauce, with the crispy onion rings adding both texture and flavor to the burger. The mild flavors are best paired with Holgate's Road Trip IPA or a cold Beck's, Stella Artois, or Corona Extra with their refreshing light notes.

A sudden craving for mushrooms? No worries. Go for Burgers & Brewskies' Cloud (P 230, L), an all-beef patty with Roasted Garlic Aioli, B&B Cheese Sauce, Balsamic Glazed Shitake mushrooms and dried figs. The mushrooms add a nutty and savory layer to the burger, blending well with the premium beef with just a hint of sweetness from the dried figs. Holgate's Mt. Macedon Pale Ale, Gordon Biersch Hefeweizen, or Hoegarden wheat beer deliver a depth of flavor that complements the Cloud.  
The classic Philly Cheesesteak reinvented in a burger, Burgers & Brewskies Philly (P 250, R), with a hefty B&B Beef Patty stuffed with sauteed thinly sliced steak and B&B Cheese Sauce, topped with sauteed onions and peppers. The stuffed burger patty releases a burst of rich flavors complemented by the subtle sweetness of the onions and peppers. A light brew like Holgate's Road Trip IPA is the perfect palate cleanser that prepares you for another bite. But if you prefer equally rich flavors, the Belgian Hoegarden wheat beer does the job quite well. 

Then, there's the playful and inventive burger with a unique twist, the quirky Pendong (P 275, L), with the B&B Beef Patty stuffed with Bleu Cheese then topped with sauteed onions and green mangoes. Yup, that's green mangoes on a burger. The green mangoes give this burger a unique flavor, adding  sweet yet tart notes, almost like pickles, to temper the rich flavors of the burger. This one pairs well with Holgate's Road Trip IPA, the Corona Extra, Beck's and Stella Artois with their refreshingly crisp and light notes. There are six other burgers at Burgers & Brewskies, and still so much more to discover. 

And there you have it. The best part about pairing your own beer and burger combo is that there are no rules. Just go with your favorite beer and burger, and enjoy.

A final round of Holgate's Mt. Macedon Pale Ale for the road. At Burgers & Brewskies, you can explore and discover an infinite variety of beer and burger combinations. Start your session with a visit at Burgers & Brewskies... 

Burgers & Brewskies is located at the ground Floor, Estancia Mall, Capitol Commons, Pasig City, or call 246-9069 ext. 197 for inquiries or reservations.

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