Thursday, April 2, 2015

Sundays at Salcedo with LuLu's Crab Cakes and The Ultimate Pork Chop

Sundays at Salcedo Street unveils another facet of the busy strip, a more relaxed and casual vibe in sharp contrast with the usual hectic pace during regular weekdays at the heart of the Makati CBD. It's also the perfect day to enjoy an unhurried meal at your own pace. Just what you need for The Ultimate Pork Chop at LuLu's...

A massive slab of tender, juicy bone-in pork chop at Lulu's just feels so right on a Sunday. 

And since time isn't an issue, start your meal at a leisurely pace with LuLu's Golden Crab Cakes with Tinapa and a side of Citrus Salad (P 390), an elegantly plated starter with LuLu's own distinct take on the classic crab cakes with a local twist.

The crab cakes are perfectly crisp on the outside, with tender crab meat inside releasing its subtle and delicate flavors. Squeeze some lemon to draw out the natural flavors of the crab cake, with just a hint of smokiness from the local smoked fish giving it a pleasantly unique flavor. The side of fresh salad pairs well with the dish, with its clean citrus flavors. It's a perfect starter before the main dish at LuLu's...

And here she is...The Ultimate Pork Chop (P 698), US pork chop on the bone, atsuete glazed with a side of LuLu's atsara. The impressive pork chop is elegantly laid on steamed buttered vegetables and pickled onions, LuLu's version of the local atsara, on a plate brushed with annatto oil. And the dish tastes as good as it looks...

The atsuete glaze gives The Ultimate Pork Chop a deep amber tint, as well as adding a subtle sweetness. And this pork chop is thick, almost an inch wide. Yet the pork chop is tender and juicy, easy to slice with no extra muscle needed. A bite releases the juicy flavors of the pork, rounded out by the nutty and peppery notes of the annatto.

The pickled onions add that contrasting sharpness to balance the richness of the pork, and the side of buttered vegetables, with its crisp freshness, complete the dish. Sundays are always perfect at LuLu's. After your meal, why not have a few cocktails at Hooch to complete the weekend, it's just a step away.

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LuLu Restaurant is located at the Ground Floor, V Corporate Center, L. P. Leviste Street, Salcedo Village, Makati or call 403-4376 for inquiries and reservations.

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  1. i loveee crabcakes!! i dream of a restaurant that would serve an entire basket of crab cakes! :) hahaha

    1. hey Fran, the crab cakes were awesome! Great starter before the main dish!


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