Sunday, July 17, 2016

All Roads Lead to Main Street in Kapitolyo

Hearty and comforting cuisine, real food with real flavors inspired by VanCity and Jet City, comes to Kapitolyo... 

Main Street opens its second branch along Kapitolyo, one of the metro's blossoming foodie destinations, bringing its own comforting culinary style recreating the flavors of Vancouver and Seattle. My first ever dining experience at Main Street happened with a food tour three years ago at Tuscany in Mckinley Hill (more on my post, An Awesome Secret Foodies Tour at McKinley Hill), and I was impressed with their line of signature burgers and their take on the classic Poutine. Classic comfort food is now much closer to Kapitolyo. 

Young chef Adam Tan (L) draws inspiration from the dynamic food scenes of Seattle and Vancouver, known for their modern take on classic comfort food using the freshest ingredients. I've always enjoyed the vibe of Seattle (see my earlier posts, Wide Awake in Seattle and Pike Place Market, Still One of Seattle's Best)... 

...and it's great to find a place that recreates the same vibe with its dishes. In the meantime, enjoy a tipple with Main Street's signature cocktails, like the Don's Old-Fashioned (P 250) with bacon-infused bourbon, the VanCity Summer (P 180, L) with Bombay Sapphire and cucumber, or the Amaretto Sour (P 120, R).

It's all about real food with the freshest ingredients, classic slow food prepared the old-fashioned way reinvented with a modern spin. As Chef Adam Tan prepared the dishes for the preview, I enjoyed my Don's Old-Fashioned as the first dish was served...

The Pulled Pork Nachos (P 350), a hefty platter with crisp tortilla chips topped with tender and juicy pulled pork, tomato salsa, pickled jalapenos, cucumber, and garlic draped with creamy cheese sauce, kicks off our dining experience at Main Street. The crisp nachos bursts with rich flavors with every bite, with layers of distinct flavors combining in a seamless blend. Have another cocktail, or an ice-cold beer, this is one huge serving of nachos.

The refreshing Grilled Chicken Salad (P 230) is another dish with complex flavors and contrasting textures, with fresh greens topped with flavorful and tender herb-grilled chicken drizzled with the vibrant notes of the peanut-lime-honey vinaigrette.

A hearty bowl of Moules Congolaise (P 330) was then served, with Chilean mussels delicately cooked in a smoky broth blend of tomato, lemongrass, and coconut cream sauce for distinct Asian notes. The plump mussels deliver briny notes, infusing the rich broth with its fresh and clean flavors. And that broth is good, tart and creamy, and perfect for dipping with the crisp garlic bread. It's a light meal, yet the flavors are rich, down to the last mussel. This one's a personal favorite.

No craving for comfort food can be complete without a rustic pasta dish, and Main Street offers five signature dishes like the Lamb Ragu (P 360), with Australian lamb shoulder slow-braised for hours in tomatoes and herbs, tossed in soft yet firm fettucine noodles and Parmesan cheese. The slow braising creates bold flavors with depth, infusing the sauce with the richness of the lamb. Rich and savory, tart with just a whisper of sweetness, and none of the gamey notes, this one's another favorite.

Other pasta dishes include the all-time favorite, Spaghetti and Meatballs (P 290, L) with all-beef meatballs stuffed with Mozzarella on spaghetti with tomato-basil sauce topped with Parmesan, and the Prawn and Mussels (P 360, R) a rich seafood pasta with olive oil, garlic, prawns, Chilean mussels, basil, and parsley...

...the Basil Pesto and Chicken (P 340, L) with pesto-crusted chicken breast on fettucine noodles with cream and basil pesto, and the Classic Carbonara (P 320, R) with a rich (really rich) sauce made with eggs and Parmesan cheese, bacon bits and a poached egg. Meatballs, seafood, lamb, chicken, or the classic carbonara, take your pick.

Craving for fried chicken? The Buttermilk Fried Chicken (P 290-3 pc Meal/P 570-8 pc Platter), served with garlic cream sauce and herbed rice or fries, should do the trick. The chicken is juicy and tender, capped with a perfectly crisp layer of breading combining for comforting flavors and textures.

The crisp breading adds bold flavors, but the chicken itself is also full of flavor. The chicken is brined for over eight hours, packing it with a flavorful punch, kicked up a notch higher with the garlic cream sauce. And the herbed rice completes the dish for a satisfying meal. And great value for money too.

And here's the beef...Main Street's Ribeye Steak (P 950), a premium slab of Australian Ribeye (400 g) served with roasted carrots, roasted garlic, and creamy mashed potatoes. Perfectly grilled to medium rare with a juicy pink center, you don't have to bust your wallet for a good steak. With steak this good, you don't need any sauce at all. Seriously.

Cap your feast with Main Street's Creme Brulee (P 120), a unique and indulgent coffee-flavored dessert to end your dining experience on a high note. The Canucks and the Seahawks have their winning seasons, but all roads lead to Main Street for classic comfort food and value for money.

Main Street is located at 10 East Capitol Drive, Kapitolyo, Pasig City or call 239-2827 for inquiries.

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