Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Classic European Waffles at Pegi Waffles

Liege. Brussels. Gaufrette. Sweet or savory. The versatility of waffles have made it an all-time favorite, and no one does European-style waffles better than Pegi Waffles.

Since 1952, the Pegi Waffle factory in Brussels, Belgium, has been making Liege waffles using its own proprietary and traditional recipes, lovingly preserved and served fresh to the delight of pastry lovers. And since 1997, local diners have discovered authentic European-style waffles with the arrival of Pegi Waffles. Now you too can enjoy authentic Liege, Brussels, and Gaufrette waffles at the comforting Pegi Wafflerie in old San Juan...

Pegi Waffles feels like home, and you just know it the minute you step inside the bright and spacious interiors. Pegi Waffles is one of those hidden gems along P. Guevarra Street. And it's the perfect setting for some authentic European waffles and a soothing cup of freshly brewed coffee.

Inside the comforting interiors of Pegi Waffles, one can find a variety of art pieces reflecting their special advocacy with Paint. Share. Care., an art auction for the benefit of Gawad Kalinga Foundation. The goal of the art auction is to bring together artists and hobbyists together and to share their passion to help others.

The Paint. Share. Care. community-based art auction is an initiative led by entrepreneur Anna Roman-Katigbak of Pegi Waffles and GKnomics founder Rose Cabrera with the aim of raising funds to rebuild homes in various communities ravaged by recent calamities. Sometime in August, an art workshop will be organized at the Wafflerie showcasing works by children and hobbyists (should you be interested to assist and participate in these activities, you can send an email at pegiwaffles@yahoo.com). In the meantime, you can view the works of Vincent Padilla at Pegi Waffles, and enjoy a soothing cup of Cafe Latte (P 105) by Lamill Coffee.

Or indulge in Pegi Waffles' Afternoon Tea (P 195) with two pieces of scones, clotted cream, marmalade and a pot of coffee.

The freshly baked Scones (L) have that traditional texture, the perfect base for a dab of clotted cream and marmalade. That afternoon, we were served an additional treat from Pegi Waffles, with their signature Gaufrette (R), thin and crisp butter waffles that pairs well with either coffee or tea and their mini-cheesecake...

...along with a savory waffle with ham and cheese (L). With your pot of tea (R), the afternoon just gets so much better. Under the helm of Anna Roman-Katigbak, Pegi Waffles now offers a full range of dishes to supplement their line of European waffles. Stop by for their all-day brunch, pasta and savory meals, and some waffles too...  

The Eggs Benedict (P 250), with maple-smoked ham topped with poached eggs draped with hollandaise sauce on the signature Brussels waffle is a best-seller at Pegi Waffles. The soft yet firm Brussels waffle is the perfect base for the savory dish, absorbing the richness of the eggs benedict and complementing the mildly smoky and sweet notes of the maple-smoked ham. The rectangular-shaped waffle is not as sweet as the round Liege waffle, pairing well with both savory and sweet toppings. Perfect for breakfast, or anytime of day, the Eggs Benedict on the signature Brussels waffle is an absolute must-try at Pegi Waffles. Other savory dishes served on Brussels waffles include Canadian Bacon (P 220), Maple-Smoked Ham (P 220), Frank & Pegi (P 240) served with a frankfurter for another savory combo, Deli Corned Beef (P 260), Hungarian Sausage (P 260), Supreme Cheese (P 250), and the comforting Euro Chicken Waffle (P 340)...

...recreating the classic and comforting chicken and waffle combo. Topped with crisp, tender and juicy buttermilk-coated chicken with mushroom gravy and herbs on a Brussels waffle, the Euro Chicken & Waffle  is soul food with a European spin. And it works. The waffle's lattice-like surface holds the gravy for a rich burst of savory notes. You can also try the unique Wheat waffles at Pegi Waffles, with Ham Bechamel (P 205) and Tuna Melt (P 205). Craving for rice? At Pegi Waffles, you can enjoy a satisfying brunch with garlic rice, eggs, and coffee any time of day, like their Canadian Bacon (P 280), Maple-Smoked Ham (P 280), Cheese Franks (P 280), Hungarian Sausage (P 280), and Deli Corned Beef (P 280). Don't forget to save room for the Liege waffles, soft with a crisp outer layer, infused with pearl sugar making it ideal for dessert, like the Pegi's Classic (P 105), Salted Caramel Dream (P 100), Banana Bliss (P 110) with banana and cookie butter, Choco Almond (P 110), Turtle Waffle (P 125) with pecans, whipped cream, choco chips, and caramel; Blueberries & Cream (P 110), and the Original Liege Waffle (P 60) with sugar, cheese or chocolate.

Comfort food like pasta dishes are also available at Pegi Waffles, like their signature Lasagna (P 260/P 395 Lasagna meal with soup and salad) in Beef, Salmon, or Spinach. Other pasta dishes include Fresh Ravioli, Fettucine, and Spaghetti served in a variety of ways.

Or go for some of Pegi Waffles' hearty and satisfying entrees, like the Wagyu Beef Salpicao (P 395), with premium beef served with rice and a side of salad. Other entrees include Pan-Seared Salmon Steak (P 395), Chicken Cordon Bleu (P 275), Schnitzel (P 290), and the Naked Wagyu Burger (P 395) served with mushroom sauce, Belgian fries, and side salad.

You can also opt to have you chosen entree served with Pasta instead of rice for even more options.

Pegi Waffles' newest pasta dish, the rustic and comforting Spaghetti alla Vongole (P 260) with baby clams is another must-try dish, served with waffles and a refreshing salad for a complete meal. Waffles or savory dishes, brunch or lunch or a late afternoon snack, you can find all your favorites at Pegi Waffles.

Pegi Waffles is located at 333 P. Guevarra Street, San Juan, or call 866-5132 for more information and inquiries.

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  1. It was great seeing you again. Your feature inspires us to keep going. Thanks so much for taking time to visit the wafflerie, take these photos and write the article. Hope you can drop by soon. ; )

    1. Hi Anna, great seeing you again too! Great catching up with you after all these years!


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