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Igniting the Next Culinary Standard at Discovery Primea's Flame Restaurant

Creating new culinary and memorable experiences though classic yet modern, innovative and inventive dishes is the driving inspiration behind Discovery Primea's newest dining destination... 

...and it's a passion burning with intensity that's seen, tasted, and experienced at Discovery Primea's Flame Restaurant. Read on and ignite your own culinary curiosity and craving at the metro's hottest new dining destination...

Located high above at the 16th Floor of Discovery Primea with panoramic views of the metro's ever-changing skyline, Flame Restaurant's modern interiors reflect its inspiring approach to cuisine. An impressive floor-to-ceiling "Living Chandelier" adorned with fresh plants greets guests, exuding a graceful elegance with a touch of whimsical playfulness, aligned with Flame Restaurant's vision to surprise and delight every guest. What follows is a chain of unique experiences, starting with the friendly smiles of the courteous staff, the elegant interiors with stunning views of the cityscape, linked together by the inventive dishes to complete a total sensory experience. The play on flavors and textures using the freshest ingredients weave layers of subtle yet distinct notes to please the palate for a dining experience unique to Flame Restaurant.

Executive Chef Luis Chikiamco (L) reinterprets modern European cuisine with his own innovative and inspiring fusion of distinct Asian notes, combining in a seamless blend with bold and intriguing directions. General Manager and chef-at-heart David Pardo de Ayala (R) highlights a deep respect and understanding for fresh ingredients... 

...complete knowledge of culinary techniques, and overall mastery of their association, key elements in defining and setting the unique dining experience at Flame Restaurant. Inside, you'll find marble-top open kitchens, called "hubs," where diners can  interact with the chefs to complete the dining experience. 

Little touches, like Flame Restaurant's intriguing Porthole, adds yet another layer to the dining experience, making its appearance along with freshly baked bread. And the delicate fusion of flavors reflecting Flame Restaurant's culinary style is unveiled as we sat at the table. "While each ingredient, each product, has a distinct flavor, the careful combination is the source of great taste and moment of delight. That sense of wonder, surprise, and awe is what we hope will make our guests return for more," said Mr. David Pardo de Ayala.

The Porthole is filled with Extra Virgin Olive Oil infused with garlic, herbs, and lemon poured on fresh local butter from Bukidnon down south. The sharp and zesty lemon hints, along with the nutty garlic and minty herbs, temper the richness of the creamy butter, and my dining experience at Flame Restaurant began...

The first course was then served, delicately plated with the freshest ingredients and skillfully prepared by Executive Chef Luis Chikiamco's culinary team, the Quezo de Bola & Hamon (P 420), a dish inspired by renowned Michelin-Star Chef Massimo Bottura, chef patron of Osteria Francescana in Modena, Italy. Flame Restaurant's inventive take on traditional flavors is given a fresh new spin, weaving its own distinct play on textures and flavors with cheese, glazed ham and gelee, and asparagus.

The fragile lightness of the foam bursts with the bold notes of cheese with hints of ham, pairing well with the cheese and tiny cubes of glazed ham and gelee, perfectly finished by the crisp microgreens. It's a dish that triggers comforting memories with pure flavors, the way ham and cheese always does, executed in a fresh, new and exciting dish.

For the second course, Flame Restaurant's Pan-Seared US Scallops (P 790) was served, plump and perfectly seared scallops with Porcini mushroom marmalade, endive, and Madeira-Mirin Glaze. The scallops are soft yet firm, a textural balance that hinges on the freshness of the scallops, precise timing and temperature. The briny sweetness of the scallops are taken a notch higher with the nutty Porcini mushroom marmalade, and the blend of Madeira and Mirin complete the flavors with a subtle Asian touch. And it works, with each component coming together with delicately balanced flavors.

A refreshing and fruity glass of Rieseling wine cleansed the palate, preparing you for yet another bite of Flame Restaurant's impressive and richly flavored starters. Red wine was then served, signalling the start of the next round of savory dishes, Flame Restaurant's signature mains...

The next courses featured a savory duo of duck, starting with Pan-Seared Foie Gras (P 790) with teriyaki eggplant and pickled pears drizzled with nori-tempura crunch on the side. Executive Chef Luis Chikiamco adds his own inventive style to the classic and rich flavors of foie gras, infusing uniquely Asian notes to the dish. The complex and multiple layer of flavors, from the savory indulgence of foie gras to the teriyaki eggplant and nori-tempura crunch reflects Flame Restaurant's mastery with bringing distinct flavors and textures together, with the richness of the foie gras balanced by the tart pickled pears and the sweet and smoky teriyaki eggplant, capped by the delectable texture of the nori-crunch.

The Pan-Roasted Duck Breast (P 1,200) with pumpkin puree, charred leeks, radishes, and spiced honey glaze, completes the impressive duo of duck dishes. The tender and juicy duck breast releases rich flavors that coat your mouth, contrasting with the sweet spiced honey glaze to complete the flavors. The rustic flavor of the pumpkin puree binds all the components together, with the charred leeks and radishes capping the dish. Rich flavors, down to the last bite, but there's more...

The elegant fusion of flavors continued with Flame Restaurant's Braised US Short Ribs (P 890), tender and juicy Certified Angus Beef short ribs with celeriac puree, mustard seeds, and ginger tamarind sauce, a tart, sweet, and savory dish reflecting once again Flame Restaurant's mastery of fresh ingredients, culinary technique and innovative flavor combinations.

Capped with thinly sliced crisp potatoes, cherry tomatoes and microgreens, the fork-tender certified Angus Beef short ribs' savory and beefy richness paired perfectly with the ginger-tamarind sauce for contrasting yet balanced flavors. The creamy celeriac puree, with its fresh and clean notes, completes another perfect dish from Flame Restaurant. Other mains include charcoal roasted specialties from Flame Restaurant's very own Josper Grill, including US Wagyu Hanging Tender, US Black Angus Ribeye, Australian Rack of Lamb, and US "Duroc" Pork Chop served with a variety of sides and sauces. 

For dessert, Flame Restaurant offers a variety of indulgent Chocolate, Cheese and Fruit creations, like the signature Flourless Chocolate Cake (P 360), served with a side of homemade Pistachio ice cream...

...and the wittingly named Apple, Apple, Apple! (P 320), an indulgent dessert with a trifecta of apple components, including caramelized apples, Calvados cream, and apple gelee in cinnamon puff pastry.

The intricate dessert blends all the familiar apple notes to create a new flavor experience, with the tart and sweet caramelized apples, the rich Calvados cream giving it depth, and the sweet apple gelee in light pastry. Reinventing classic flavors and dishes with a fresh new twist is something you can expect at Flame Restaurant.

The Taleggio (P 390), a cheese-based dessert with homemade apricot and cherry "mostarda" is a personal favorite. The creamy notes of the semi-soft Italian taleggio is punctuated by the tart and sweet cherry and apricot mostarda without overpowering the delicate cheese. Delicate flavors, perfectly balanced. And there's nothing like desserts, brilliantly executed, to thread the chain of unique experiences at Flame Restaurant that started with a warm smile as the friendly staff welcome you, the modern and elegant interiors, the excellent service, and the impressive dishes.

Driven by a burning passion and desire to create new experiences through food, Discovery Primea's General Manager, David Pardo de Ayala (L); and Executive Chef Luis Chikiamco (R) invite you to ignite your own passion for discovering new flavor Flame Restaurant.  

Flame Restaurant is located at the 16th Floor of Discovery Primea, 6749 Ayala Avenue, Makati City or call (632) 955-8888 local 71610 for reservations and inquiries.

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