Thursday, July 28, 2016

More Reasons To Applebee's Eastwood City.

At Applebee's, there's always a reason to celebrate...and a new branch brings the celebration closer to home for those up north.

After the successful opening of their Bonifacio Global City branch (more on my previous post, There's Always A Reason To Applebee's), Applebee's opens its second branch in Eastwood Citywalk 1 in Eastwood City, adding even more options for that special celebration. Or any reason to celebrate. Or simply satisfy your craving for Applebee's Sriracha Shrimp, Green Bean Crispers and more...

Residents up north in Quezon City now have more reasons to celebrate with the opening of Applebee's second branch in the metro at Eastwood City last July 4, 2016. The comforting flavors of Applebee's is a welcome addition to the north's dining scene, and definitely one more reason to Applebee's.  

At Applebee's, every dining experience is a celebration. Good food and good times are worth celebrating, and Applebee's is just the spot. The signature starters and appetizers are just some of the many reasons to celebrate at Applebee's, each one reflecting the culinary diversity of modern and casual American cuisine. It's just overflowing with good vibes at Applebee's, adding to the dining experience. Start with Applebee's popular appetizers, like the hearty and comforting Meatballs (P 295), made with lean beef slowly simmered in a rich marinara sauce topped with Parmesan and served with a slice of ciabatta bread. Rustic and homey, with all the beefy flavors pumped up by the vibrant notes of the tart marinara sauce and sharp notes of the Parmesan, it's all the feel-good flavors you love, and your celebration at Applebee's is off to a good start.

The signature French Onion Soup (P 195) adds that comforting warmth  to your celebration at Applebee's, with the sweet notes of caramelized onions pairing so well with the melted cheese. Covered in gooey cheese, simply take a spoon and dive right in. Take a sip...and repeat.

Continue your celebration at Applebee's with tasty bites of their Boneless Chicken Bites (P 375/P 275 Bar Snack), with tender chunks of chicken lightly breaded for that crisp outer layer draped in your choice of Honey BBQ, Sweet & Spicy, Classic Buffalo, or spicy Korean BBQ Sauce. The tender and juicy chicken and the crisp outer layer deliver contrasting notes, capped by your sauce of choice to complete the flavors.

And no celebration at Applebee's is complete without the Sriracha Shrimp (P 445/P 295 Bar Snack), a personal favorite, with plump and crispy shrimps covered in Sriracha chili-lime sauce that's sweet and sour with just a whisper of heat from the Sriracha, and laid on crisp wonton chips. The shrimps deliver a fresh snap with every bite, with the Sriracha chili-lime sauce adding a flavorful punch. The crisp wonton chips add that extra crunch to the dish for that perfect finish.  

You can also customize your own Appetizer Sampler (P 495) with your choice of any three appetizers, like Wonton Tacos, Green Bean Crispers, Cheese Quesadilla, Chips & Salsa, Double Crunch Bone-In Wings, Pot Stickers, and Boneless Chicken Bites. I go for Appetizer Sampler 3, with crisp Wonton Tacos with a spicy chicken filling, coleslaw, and cilantro; the Green Bean Crispers, fresh and clean flavors with battered and fried green beans with creamy lemon aioli (another personal favorite); and Cheese Quesadillas, crisp tortillas stuffed with a creamy cheese blend and served with tart pico de gallo. The tasty sampler portions allow you to enjoy more of Applebee's signature appetizers, simply take your pick and enjoy.

And now, lunch will probably be your favorite meal of the day with Applebee's special Lunch Combos. Offered every weekday until 4pm, create your own customized Lunch Combo with Applebee's signature dishes for that perfect lunch, starting at only P 245. The Spaghetti and Meatballs with Chicken Tenders and Fries is one combo packed with both flavor and value, and a seriously good lunch option.

And if you're craving for pasta, why not try something different and fun, like the 4-Cheese Mac & Cheese with Honey Pepper Chicken Tenders (P 385). The soft corkscrew-shaped Cavatappi pasta is the perfect base for the dish, with its unique shape and surface area draped in the rich blend of cheeses for a burst of cheesy flavors with every bite. The crisp Honey Pepper Chicken Tenders add both flavor and texture to the dish for another winning combo.

Burgers. Bacon. It's another winning combination recreated at Applebee's, and you can go all-in with the Triple Bacon All-In Burger (P 495), with a hefty all-beef patty with bacon, topped with even more bacon covered in a bacon ranch dressing for that winning bacon trifecta. Oh, and it's capped with cheddar cheese too, on a toasted brioche bun.

And here's the beef. Applebee's Blackened Ribeye with Red Wine Mushrooms (P 1,650), a richly seasoned prime USDA ribeye topped with shitake and button mushrooms drizzled with rosemary au jus, topped with delicately breaded fried onions and peppers on potatoes. Perfectly grilled to medium rare with a juicy pink center, the Ribeye delivers all the beefy flavors you want. But it's the fried onions and peppers that surprised me. I normally don't give a second look at vegetables that come with the steak, but trust me, the fried onions and peppers perfectly complements the steak with its crisp texture and mildly sweet hints.

And you just got to have some pork love at Applebee's. The best-selling Pork Ribs (P 650 Half/P 950 Full Slab), adds that celebratory vibe to any celebration at Applebee's. The juicy and tender BBQ pork ribs are marinated in Applebee's special house blend, and expertly grilled for juicy ribs capped by that perfect charred crust concentrated with rich smoky flavors. Served with corn-on-the-cob, coleslaw, and fries, and your choice of Honey BBQ Sauce, Smoky Chipotle, Spicy Sweet Asian Chili, and Korean BBQ Sauce, it just can't get better than that.

But there's more. Save room for dessert...

Go for the Black Forest (P 295,R), with moist and fudgy brownie chunks, vanilla ice cream, Grand Marnier cherries, and strawberry jam draped in velvety smooth whipped cream and a Maraschino cherry garnished with a hot fudge and pecan nut brim; or the Fluffer Nutter (P 295,L), with bananas, hot fudge, peanut butter, and vanilla ice cream topped with pecan nuts and a cool melted marshmallow cloud to cap your celebration at Applebee's. Sweet endings for another celebration of good food, good times, and good vibes at Applebee's, now open at Eastwood City Walk 1. 

Applebee's is located at Unit 1, Eastwood Citywalk 1, Eastwood City, 188 E. Rodriguez Avenue, Jr., Bagumbayan, Quezon City or vist their FB Page at

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