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Cavite Food and Heritage Tour with Transitions Optical: Traditional Cuisine and Pretty in Pink All in One Place at Calle Real and The Pink Table

Traditional local flavors reinvented with a creative twist, and a charming spot for an afternoon cup of thick hot chocolate and churros, two dining hotspots in one location. Welcome to Calle Real and The Pink Table along Sta. Cruz Street in Tanza, Cavite...

Noel and Millie Lozada, the dynamic couple behind Calle Real and The Pink Table, offer both locals and visitors a taste of comforting dishes inspired by cherished family recipes at Calle Real. And you don't have to go far for an intimate spot for coffee and chocolate, just a few steps above at the second floor at The Pink Table. The rustic interiors of Calle Real contrasts with the bright colors of The Pink Table, permeating with a youthful vibrance for two distinct dining experiences in one place, and one of the culinary highlights in our Cavite Food and Heritage Tour with Transitions Optical...

An old ancestral home built in 1922 is lovingly preserved and given new life, transformed into a culinary destination. Located along Sta. Cruz Street in Tanza, Cavite, Calle Real offers traditional local dishes updated with a playful spin, while The Pink Table is the spot for a cup of thick Hot Chocolate and Churros and more...

The afternoon sun was at its usual brightest, just another typical day in Cavite. But my prescription pair from Transitions Optical was up for the challenge, providing superior protection from harmful UV rays and excessive glare with its chameleon-like properties adapting to the ever-changing light conditions. From the glare of the bright outdoors to the muted light of Calle Real's charming interiors, Transcription Optical performed like a charm, delivering absolute visual clarity in any light. It's an essential element to fully experience our Cavite adventure, and seeing #LifeInTheBestLight.

Inside Calle Real, my prescription Transitions Lenses adjusts automatically, perfect vision both indoors and out, all throughout the Cavite Food and Heritage Tour with Transitions Optical  (for more on the Cavite Food and Heritage Tour with Transitions Lenses, see my previous posts, A Rebel Breakfast at Malen's and Cavite's Best with Ka Julia's Kakanin Delicacies).

Our dining experience at Calle Real began with a serving of their signature Tokwa Sisig, with soft and mildly crisp tofu cubes instead of the usual pork in the popular local dish. And Calle Real recreates the familiar flavors of pork sisig with the use of tofu in a refreshing, and healthier, version of the dish, complete with the soothing layer of heat from the chili. It's this innovative culinary style that made Calle Real popular among both locals and visitors, but there's more...

The unique Dried Pusit Salad with Peanut Brittle and Tamarind Dressing adds yet another flavorful starter to the feast, with the crisp and salty notes of the dried squid, the sweet crunch of peanut brittle, sweet mangoes, the clean flavors of garden-fresh greens, and the bold, tart hints of the tamarind dressing blending seamlessly in one dish of contrasting flavors and textures. The salad opens up your palate, as the mains were then served...

Calle Real's signature Crunchy Pork Binagoongan, with juicy pork belly capped by a thin layer of crackling draped in a rich bagoong sauce with tart tomatoes, is another refreshing take on the local favorite. The thick pomodoro-like sauce with its vibrant and tart notes is kicked up a notch higher with the local bagoong, complementing the delicate yet rich notes of the pork belly. The roasted eggplant completes the flavors, and go ahead, you'll want some extra rice along with another slice of Calle Real's tasty Crunchy Pork Binagoongan. This one's a personal favorite.

A bountiful rice-based agrarian economy and deep influences from Spanish cuisine combine for Calle Real's take on the Paella Negra, with soft and fluffy rice cooked with the distinct flavors of squid ink and topped with fresh seafood, chorizo, and peppers. Slowly simmered, the flavors of the different ingredients come together with a burst of rich notes with every bite. The dish also adds that celebratory vibe to your dining experience at Calle Real.

Calandracas, a comforting soupy noodle dish traditionally and communally prepared during wakes, was then served. A link with the past, slow-cooked with a ham-stock soup base with vegetables, chicken, chorizo, and finally sotanghon drizzled with Patis Tanza, it's a dish that reflects the rich culinary heritage of the province. The name of the dish is derived from "calandra" or "patungan ng ataul," a clue of its origins, faithfully recreated at Calle Real.

In between bites, indulge in a few slices of Calle Real's sweet and tart Burong Mangga to cleanse the palate, preparing you for another round of Calle Real's signature dishes... the Cheesy Beef Kaldereta, a modern take on the classic beef dish. The chunks of tender beef, cooked for hours, are fork-tender covered in a flavorful sauce punctuated by the creamy notes of cheese. The thin crisp slices of fried plantains add contrasting flavors and textures to the dish. Extra rice? Absolutely.

The entire dining experience becomes a complete sensory experience, capped with absolute visual clarity with the prescription Transitions Lenses, immersing yourself in the pulse and flavors of historic Cavite, and seeing #LifeInTheBestLight at the Cavite Food and Heritage Tour with Transitions Optical.

After a satisfying meal at Calle Real, it was time for an afternoon snack with hot chocolate and churros at The Pink Table, located at the second floor of the ancestral home.

Just a few steps above Calle Real, one is literally transported to another place and time at The Pink Table. There is an unmistakable youthful vibe at The Pink Table, and the dominant pink color theme is just one of the many visual cues that differentiates the homey and comforting spot with other local dining destinations.   

The Pink Table offers both indoor and al fresco dining options, so simply pick a spot and enjoy the indulgent treats. Furnished with period pieces and antiques alongside witty modern touches, The Pink Table's eclectic theme is both cozy and fun for a memorable dining experience.

A platter of Sopas Tanza, a uniquely-shaped biscuit and an iconic local delicacy, was served on our pink-clad tables. Created by Tanza's Kaibigan Bakery in the early 1920's, the Sopas Tanza is another must-try treat in Cavite, perfect with a cup of freshly brewed local Amadeo coffee.

The Pink Table's Churros and Hot Chocolate caps our flavorful stop in Tanza, Cavite. The local flavors and influences of Spanish cuisine combine for Cavite's distinct culinary heritage, preserved and updated at Calle Real and The Pink Table. Perfectly soft with a crisp outer layer, dusted with cinnamon and sugar, and complemented by the full-bodied notes of the thick Spanish-style hot chocolate, The Pink Table's Churros and Hot Chocolate should recharge your body and soul for the next stop in the Cavite Food and Heritage Tour with Transitions Lenses.

A satisfying lunch or dinner at Calle Real followed by Churros and Hot Chocolate at The Pink Table, Millie Lozada promises a memorable dining experience on your visit to Tanza, Cavite. And tasting and seeing Cavite in a new light with Transitions Optical completes the experience.

Calle Real and The Pink Table are located at Sta. Cruz Street, Tanza, Cavite or call (046) 505-2836 for inquiries and more information or visit their FB Page at

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