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Pitmaster's Smokehouse BBQ: The Undisputed Master of the Pit in Kapitolyo

Premium slabs of pork, beef, and chicken, smoked for hours using fragrant local wood and a unique blend of spices...welcome to Kapitolyo's undisputed master of the pit. At Pitmaster's Smokehouse BBQ.

Pork ribs, beef brisket, bacon slabs, chicken, and even salmon, each one transformed by Pitmaster's Smokehouse BBQ's dedicated team of pitmasters led by Chef Raffy Sunico, Ben Donato, and Mike Floro. Recently opened last May of this year, what started as the usual "ihaw-ihaw' barbecue concept has evolved to become a more technical and legit "smoking" barbecue establishment and a welcome addition to East Capitol Drive's emerging food scene.

Inside Pitmaster's Smokehouse BBQ, one finds the massive smokers where all the magic happens, the heart and source of their smoked creations. Filled with their signature smoked meats flavored with the use of local wood and smoked for hours, Pitmaster's Smokehouse BBQ takes the usual pork and beef BBQ to the next level.

The grills at the busy kitchen are fired up all evening, as the team of pitmasters prepare a variety of signature smoked meats. And seriously good barbecue takes time, so why not enjoy a few rounds of local craft beer like Exit Wounds IPA and Tuff Tuko Pale Ale from Crazy Carabao Brewing Company, just perfect with bbq. 

After a few more minutes on the grill, my dining experience at Pitmaster's Smokehouse BBQ began in full swing...

Start with Pitmaster's Smokehouse BBQ's refreshing Pit Caesar Salad (P 240), loaded with fresh greens draped in a rich Caesar's dressing topped with slabs of bacon and sous vide egg. The familiar richness of the dressing is amplified even further with the egg, punctuated by the bold smoky notes of the bacon slabs. Pitmaster's Smokehouse BBQ's addition of their own signature bacon adds a whole new dimension of flavor to the salad.

Time for another perfectly chilled bottle of local craft beer, as the Pit Nachos (P 260) were served, with torched white nacho chips mixed with salsa, melted cheese, and topped with Pitmaster's smoked pulled pork and kesong puti white sauce. The nachos are infused with the distinct layers of flavors from the smoked pulled pork and the creamy and mildly tart kesong puti white sauce for a new flavor experience. It's little touches like these, with the use of comforting local ingredients, that define Pitmaster's Smokehouse BBQ's unique and comforting culinary style.

The Pulled Pork Roll with Kesong Puti (P 135), crisp spring rolls with savory shredded pulled pork butt tossed in mildly spicy Gochujang, rolled and deep-fried to golden brown perfection, is yet another tasty starter from Pitmaster's Smokehouse BBQ. The bold smoky notes of the pulled pork butt adds depth in flavor, capped by the creamy and mildly sharp kesong puti for contrasting yet balanced notes.

But Pitmaster's Smokehouse BBQ's kitchen has even more flavorful surprises up its sleeves, like the crunchy Chicken Skin (P 125), deep-fried chicken skin glazed with sweet and tart garlic sauce. The rich flavors of the crisp chicken skin is kicked up a notch by the garlic sauce to complete the flavors. Perfectly crisp, with each crunchy bite releasing a burst of rich flavors, better have another perfectly chilled bottle of local craft beer by your side...

And you just have to try the bacon. The Smoked Bacon Strips (P 140), Pitmaster's homemade smoked bacon glazed with honey. Just when you thought bacon can't get any better, it does. The thick slabs of bacon, draped in a sweet honey glaze, releases its deep and rounded smoky notes, perfectly finished by the sweetness of the homey glaze.

Pitmaster's Smokehouse BBQ also offers a variety of sandwiches, including the Grilled Smoked Cheese Sandwich with Bacon (P 260), not your usual grilled cheese sandwich. Filled with smoked cream cheese, smoked cheddar, and slabs of homemade bacon, the rich blend of flavors combine in a seamless blend. Pitmaster's Smokehouse BBQ recreates their signature flavors in between crisp and toasted slices of bread with their refreshing new take on the grilled cheese sandwich. Pitmaster's Smokehouse BBQ's other sandwiches include the Smoked Pulled Pork Sandwich (P 240) and the Smoked Angus Beef Brisket (P 350).

Then, you're just about ready for Pitmaster's Smokehouse BBQ's signature mains, like the Pork Ribs (P 395 Solo with two sides/P 750 Half Rack with two sides/P 1,465 Full Slab with two sides), perfectly smoked for hours with that distinct "smoke ring," that thin line of juicy pink under the charred bark. The meat effortlessly falls-off-the-bone, releasing the rich notes of savory pork with layers of smoky hints for that perfectly smoked finish. At Pitmaster's Smokehouse BBQ, you can choose your own BBQ glaze, including sweet Apple Glaze, nutty Hazelnut Glaze, or the pronounced smoky notes of the East Capitol Glaze. Pair your Pork Ribs with an variety of sides, including Kimchi Rice (P 65) topped with sous vide egg (add P 15), Pepper Rice (P 60), Chimichurri Rice (P 50), Garlic Rice (P 45), and Plain Rice (P 35). Other sides include the Garlic Parmesan Kamote Fries (P 75), Burnt Ends Chili Con (P 95), Garlic Buttered French Beans (P 75), Slaw (P 60), Plain Fries (P 55), Mashed Sweet Potatoes with Thyme Bechamel (P 95), and Elote (P 90), or Mexican-style corn-on-the-cob. if you prefer truffles and pasta for your sides, simply choose from the 4 Cheese Mac and Cheese (P 120), Truffle Fries (P 110), Truffle Pasta (P 135), and Angus Basil Meatballs Pasta (P 140).

The signature Pork Ribs are served with that perfect charred crust, infused with the rich smoky flavors from the long and tedious smoking process, while the meat remains tender and juicy with hints of the flavorful glaze. The delicate notes of the juicy pork ribs pair well with the sweet Apple Glaze, the way pork and sweet notes always do, while the Hazelnut and East Capitol Glaze have their own unique flavors that also work well with the pork. And ditch the knife and fork, go ahead and use your hands (Pitmaster's Smokehouse BBQ provides thin plastic gloves for your convenience). This is pork ribs done right.

Pitmaster's Smoked Coriander Chicken (P 185 Solo/P 375 Double/P 740 Family) is another tasty option, with delicately smoked chicken brushed with honey-chili garlic glaze for that spicy and comforting heat (you can choose your spiciness level, from Mild, Hot, and Magma Hot). And it's amazing what hours of smoking can do to transform and build on the flavors of the chicken, combining well with the honey-chili and garlic glaze.

Craving for more pork love? Pitmaster's Smokehouse BBQ's Smoked Bacon Strips (P 295-200g with two sides/P 450-400g with two sides) should do the trick. The thick slabs of honey-glazed smoked bacon strips deliver all the flavors you love in bacon, smoky and sweet, with just a hint of salty notes to complete the flavors. You can also choose your BBQ glaze, Apple, Hazelnut, or East Capitol Glaze, for even more flavors. And this one pairs well with your favorite local craft beer too. 

And here's the beef...Pitmaster's Smokehouse BBQ's Angus Brisket (P 450-150g with two sides/P 780-300g with two sides/P 1,400-500g with two sides), premium Angus beef brisket smoked for over fifteen hours with your choice of BBQ glaze. The tender beef, with that thin layer of fat, almost melts in your mouth releasing its bold and beefy flavors, coating your palate, and lingering long after the first bite. The richness of the premium beef are perfectly tempered by the smoky notes and the BBQ glaze for one solid beefy punch. Pork, chicken, or beef, Pitmaster's Smokehouse BBQ's got it covered. And if you're craving for seafood, Pitmaster's Smokehouse BBQ also offers their signature Cedar Plank Salmon with Pecorino Risotto (P 480) with Norwegian Pink Salmon.

And just in case you still can't decide, make it easy on yourself and go for the Pit Platter (P 1,595), featuring four of Pitmaster's Smokehouse BBQ's signature smoked specialties paired with six sides of your choice, including all of three house-blend BBQ sauces and one carafe of home-brewed iced tea. Pork Ribs, Angus Brisket, Smoked Coriander Chicken, and Smoked Bacon Strips, all in one platter. And it just can't get better than that. At Pitmaster's Smokehouse BBQ...

Things are definitely smokin' at East Capitol Pitmaster's Smokehouse BBQ.

Pitmaster's Smokehouse is located at 64 East Capitol Drive, Baranggay Kapitolyo, Pasig, or call 616-9719 or +63917-316-0255 for reservations and inquiries.

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