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The Best of the Region with Southeast Asian Night at Cafe Belmont

Laksa. Beef Rendang. Lechon Kawali. Chili's Southeast Asian Night at Cafe Belmont.

My weekend staycation at Belmont Hotel Manila goes into high gear with Cafe Belmont's Southeast Asian Night, a sumptuous dinner buffet spread showcasing the region's iconic dishes. Offered every Friday and Saturday, time your next weekend staycation at Belmont Hotel Manila and indulge in the vibrant flavors of Southeast Asia all in one place, at Cafe Belmont.

Located within the expansive gaming complex of Resorts World Manila, Belmont Hotel Manila is the latest four-star hotel in the resort. Smart, streamlined, efficient, and stylishly designed, Belmont Manila Hotel is more than just a business hotel. It's home, minutes away from the airport and the shopping and gaming facilities of Resorts World Manila. The sleek, modern 10-storey facade exudes a functional elegance, permeating throughout the hotel with its efficient staff and smart maximization of space. At Belmont Hotel Manila, you always feel like a VIP and assistance is never too far away with the entire staff ready to serve. During my weekend staycation, the staff even knew my name, and always made sure I had everything I needed throughout my stay.

The tastefully-appointed rooms efficiently maximize the use of space, with Queen or Twin configured  accommodations to suit your needs. And with fast free wi-fi, you stay connected even when you feel secluded in your own private sanctuary despite being across the airport. 

Soon, tourists and business travelers on long layovers in between flights can simply walk across the covered walkway from the airport to Belmont Hotel Manila in minutes, even faster than a cab. Construction is expected to be completed within the year, and you can access the airport with no traffic and without skipping a beat in mere minutes. 

The courteous and efficient staff at Belmont Hotel Manila is just the first of many elements that thread your experience at the hotel. Well-appointed rooms with all the amenities, proximity to the shopping and gaming facilities of the resort and even the airport, and comforting all-day cuisine at Cafe Belmont, you're right in the middle of it all. 

After a comforting lunch of classic local dishes (for more on Cafe Belmont, see my previous post, Comforting Local Flavors at Cafe Belmont), it was time to savor the vibrant regional flavors of Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore at Cafe Belmont's Southeast Asian Night, starting with some fresh Baked Mussels...

The wide variety of dishes at Cafe Belmont's Southeast Asian Night included Lemon-Grass Chicken (L) with juicy chicken delicately flavored with the floral hints of lemon grass and the popular local pork dish, crispy Lechon Kawali (R). But first, a plate of refreshing salad...

The refreshing Lato Salad, a local seaweed also known as sea grapes, prepares your palate for the evening's bold and intense Southeast Asian flavors, with tomatoes and onions drizzled with a tart vinaigrette.

The equally refreshing Cucumber Salad (L) with tomatoes, onions, and egg delivers fresh and clean notes, punctuated by the sharp vinaigrette, and the crisp Lumpiang Gulay (R) offers tasty little bites before the next round of main courses at Cafe Belmont's Southeast Asian Night.

For the mains, start with a heaping serving of richly flavored Vietnamese Fried Rice...

...with a side of Stir-Fried Vegetables. Then, it's time to build your plate with some of the iconic Southeast Asian flavors... the tasty Fish with Black Bean Sauce...

...and the Gkai Kamin, Thai-style grilled chicken with lemongrass and turmeric. For the next round, Cafe Belmont's Southeast Asian Night recreates the traditional flavors of Vietnam, Indonesia and Singapore with savory dishes that will make you come back for more.

The savory and mildly sweet Thit Nuong Xa, or Grilled Pork Belly, delivers smoky and intense notes from the Vietnamese spices, perfect with the Vietnamese Fried Rice. 

The Beef Rendang, with fork-tender chunks of beef slowly simmered in coconut cream and spices, was one of the more popular dishes that evening. Mildly sweet, savory, with just a whisper of heat from the complex spice blend, the Beef Rendang is a personal favorite. And go ahead, have some extra rice with this one. 

The flavors of Singapore are represented with Cafe Belmont's Chili Crabs, with fresh cracked crabs draped in a sweet and sour chili sauce with a spicy kick. The delicate flavors of the succulent crabs are kicked up a notch with the chili sauce, with the sharp notes of the minty spring onions adding even more intense flavors to the dish.

One of my favorite stations at Cafe Belmont's Southeast Asian Night is the do-it-yourself Laksa Station where you can customize your own bowl according to your preference. Simply add some noodles (R) to your bowl, choose your condiments (L) and ladle some thick laksa broth, and you've got a winning bowl.

The thick and creamy broth is tempered by the chili paste, as the different condiments and fresh herbs combine for a comforting bowl of vibrant flavors. The menu cycle is rotated every Friday and Saturday, and other Southeast Asian dishes like Vietnamese Spring Rolls and Hainanese Chicken are also served.

For dessert, cool down from the spicy Southeast Asian notes with the refreshing Peach and Mango Jelly, a chilled dessert with sweet mangoes. But Chef Dean Amado and his team have even more indulgent surprises up their sleeves... the Banana Cake (L), soft and not too sweet bite-sized pieces with the subtle flavors of ripe bananas, and the intricate Coconut Tarts (R), topped with fresh strawberries. Enjoy your dessert with a cup of freshly brewed Cafe Latte or soothing tea, and go for another round of sweet treats...

Not to be missed is Cafe Belmont's creamy Yema Cake, topped with a cherry and white chocolate shard...

...and the refreshing Pandan Jelly, guaranteed to cleanse the palate from the lingering notes of Southeast Asan spices. Chef Dean Amado and his team offer a flavorful taste of the region, all in one place, at Cafe Belmont.

Cafe Belmont's Southeast Asian Night is featured all Fridays and Saturdays from 6 pm to 10 pm for only for only P 900 net per person. Excellent value, which is what defines Hotel Belmont Manila. Matched with the hotel's courteous service, make your next weekend staycation at Hotel Belmont Manila a rich culinary journey of intense regional flavors at Cafe Belmont's Southeast Asian Night.

Belmont Hotel Manila is located at Newport Boulevard, Newport City, Resorts World Manila, Pasay City, Metro Manila or call 632-318-8888 for inquiries and more information. You can also visit their website at

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