Sunday, July 31, 2016

Urban Comfort Food, Hot Off the Griddle at Flatiron 1771

The heavy cast-iron griddle, also known as a Flatiron, needs very little care, yet it's virtually indestructible lasting for years. And you can cook almost anything with a griddle, fast and hot. It's also the inspiration behind 1771 Group of Restaurants' newest dining concept serving their own take on urban comfort food and served, you guessed it, hot off the griddle...

Flatiron 1771 serves its own cool take on comfort food using the versatile cast-iron griddle, dubbed Urban Comfort Food. Here's a look, and a taste, of Flatiron 1771...

The name also brings with it a certain New York vibe, in reference to The Flatiron district in Manhattan with its trendy restaurants and the iconic triangular Flatiron Building at its very heart. "New York is a melting pot of influences and most of our dishes are American, but with Asian and Mediterranean touches," said Executive Chef Vicky Pacheco.

Start with a comforting taste of The Big Apple with a bowl of Manhattan Seafood Chowder (P 290), a rich and tart tomato-based chowder with fresh fish chunks, clams, and bacon. The vibrant red tones of the chowder is already a visual cue to its bold flavors, capped by the briny hints of the fresh fish and clams and finished by the deep smoky notes of the bacon. And your Flatiron 1771 dining experience is off to a good start... 

Follow it up with the refreshing Pomelo Orzo Salad (P 300), with garden fresh lettuce, soft orzo pasta, pomelo, crumbled Parmesan cheese, and fried spinach drizzled with grilled lemon vinaigrette. The crisp greens, with its clean and fresh flavors, are kicked up a notch by the tart and vibrant notes of the fresh pomelo, and perfectly finished by the Parmesan cheese and the sharp grilled lemon vinaigrette. It's a plate of fresh flavors, with distinct notes coming together in a seamless blend.

The inventive Pizzaiola Pasta (P 395), with bowtie pasta, bell peppers, salami, and bacon in napolitaine sauce covered with cheese and gratinated to form a crust, is another example of Flatiron 1771's creative culinary style, with the gratinated crust adding both flavor and texture to the pasta dish.

Go ahead and dig-in, and prepare for a burst of cheesy flavors, followed by the intense notes of the bacon and salami, all the pizza flavors you love in a pasta.

Flatiron 1771 also offers a variety of fresh seafood dishes, including the Miso-Glazed Salmon (P 575), with broiled salmon with Japanese miso-glaze, sauteed bokchoy, carrots and buttered rice. It's a deceptively simple dish, yet the flavors are rich and complex, a light yet satisfying dish that's healthy too.

It's a dish that relies heavily on the freshest ingredients for full flavors. This one's a personal favorite.

The Gab Pizza (P 450), a tomato-based pizza topped with garlic, anchovy, and shredded brisket flakes, includes their signature brisket for a refreshingly new take on the usual pizza. The richness of the tender brisket flakes are perfectly tempered by the upfront flavors of the anchovies and the nutty notes of garlic. The rustic and thin crust completes the dish.

The Flatiron Burger (P 525), with a hefty US beef chuck patty flavored with herb butter and topped with grilled tomato and onion in a soft potato bun, served with dill pickle and fries, should satisfy your burger craving. That herb butter adds layers of rich notes enhancing the all-beef patty's beefy punch. And any burger served with a dill pickle makes it right and proper.

And here's the beef, the Flatiron Steak (P 1,250), tender 300g steak cut from beef top blade seared on the griddle with herb butter and cherry tomato-Worcestershire-balsamic sauce, served with green pea mashed potatoes and French fries. The steak is tender and juicy, perfectly seared on the cast-iron griddle locking in all the juices. And the green pea mashed potatoes, almost like mushy peas, really completes the dish.

Finally, the specialty of the house, the Flatiron Brisket 6 (P 850), with fork-tender US beef brisket slow-cooked for over six hours in aromatics and seared on the griddle, served with sauteed brown and red rice, and fresh cucumber coleslaw. Slow cooking makes all the difference. Slow-cooked for over six hours, hence the "6" in the name of the dish, the brisket is fork-tender, with each bite releasing all the richness of pure beefy goodness. Paired with brown and red rice and a refreshing coleslaw, it's a complete dish in itself.

Cap your comforting feast with an indulgent treat, the Intense Brownie Burger (P 560), with velvety smooth coffee ice cream in between two Swiss chocolate fudge brownies on cream cheese sauce, drizzled with chocolate mocha and toffee sauce and cashew brittle shards. Just one look, and you know it's worth the extra hours in the gym, so just give in...

A new and refreshing culinary concept, perfectly executed at Flatiron 1771. Find your own the new Flatiron 1771, now open in Uptown Mall.

Flatiron 1771 is located at the Upper Ground Floor, Uptown Mall, Megaworld Boulevard corner 36th Street, Uptown Bonifacio, Taguig City or call 802-5458 and 0917-854-4540 for reservations and 802-5461 for take-out.

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