Monday, July 4, 2016

Optimizing Nutrition with a Full and Healthy Lifestyle with Nestle' Health Sciences

Father's Day may have passed, but its never too late to remember the importance that nutrition plays in the quality of his life. Leading a full and healthy life, with optimized nutrition, is one of the keys offered by Nestle Health Science to counter the effects of ageing. 

Today's fast-paced lifestyle may be accelerating their body's decline, and optimizing nutrition, combined with an active lifestyle, begins with Nestle Health Science's various products, starting with breakfast.

A bowl of cereal and milk, taken regularly for breakfast, is a step in the right direction. With specially formulated products to address the nutritional needs and requirements of adults, like Bear Brand Adult Plus, Milo Nutri-Up, and Nestle Fitnesse, choosing healthier options and optimizing nutrient intake can be their body's best defense against ageing and lifestyle-related diseases. It's all about making smart choices, the right choices, and balance. The mere idea of health problems is something most of us prefer not to entertain. In the Department of Health's list of leading causes for mortality in the country, six of the ten are non-communicable diseases, which include cardio-vascular diseases, cancer, chronic respiratory diseases, and diabetes. DOH defines non-communicable diseases as lifestyle-related diseases that are linked with smoking, unhealthy diet, physical inactivity and stress.

And giving dads the optimal nutrition is one way of giving back, and helping him make proactive choices such as embracing an active lifestyle, keeping a positive outlook, and regularly taking a nutritionally optimized oral supplement.

"Ageing is an everyday occurence. As early as now, we need to remind our parents to start thinking about their health and how it affects their loved ones," said Dr. Jimmy Bautista, Medical & Scientific Affairs Lead at Nestle Health Science. "It is important to incorporate a nutritionally optimized oral supplement into their diets to help enhance immune defenses and regain strength." For oral nutritional supplements to be optimized, they shoud contain high quality whey protein, a heart-friendly fat blend, and moderate levels of carbohydrates, prebiotic fibers, probiotics, and high amounts of key key micronutrients.

Get your dad on the right track and fully enjoy the fruits of fatherhood with Nestle Health Science, and it starts with the right breakfast. And give dads the gift and experience of watching their children and grandchildren achieve their dreams.

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