Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Cravings Satisfied: Mix-and-Match All Your Cravings From Different Restaurants with One Delivery from GrabKitchen by GrabFood

Ever wished you could order from several restaurants with only one delivery transaction? Now you can, with the new Mix-and-Match feature of GrabKitchen by GrabFood. For residents down south of the metro and in old Manila, GrabFood now has GrabKitchen branches in Parañaque and Malate all fired up to satisfy your mix-and-match cravings...

There are days when you're craving for a crusty and savory Bǎnh Mi Gió Lua from So Mot Vietnamese Cuisine. And some crisp and juicy Salt and Pepper Wings from Frankie's. And a refreshing and hearty SGT Steak Salad from Go! Salads. And don't forget the indulgent Mille Crepe creations from Paper Moon for dessert. Now, if only you can do one single delivery transaction for all your orders. Sounds familiar? Now you can with the novel and unique Mix-And-Match feature of GrabKitchen by GrabFood. With two new branches in Malate and Parañaque, go ahead and mix-and-match to your heart's content without worrying about multiple delivery transactions and fees. It's like having a virtual food court with all your favorites in one place. Imagine, all your cravings from different restaurants in one go only from GrabKitchen. 

In the long days of quarantine, you often find yourself craving for dishes from several different restaurants. In its constant pursuit to enrich customers' dining experiences with innovative features as well as support food businesses, GrabKitchen by GrabFood remains at the forefront of the food delivery experience with its wide array of unique concepts. And that includes enjoying a variety of dishes from different restaurants with its Mix-And-Match feature through GrabKitchen. The GrabKitchen network is rapidly expanding with the addition of two new locations, Malate and Parañaque, and that means more customers can enjoy a wider selection of tasty dishes from different restaurants in one convenient site. 

For the GrabKitchen Malate branch, consumers can mix-and-match and enjoy the specialty dishes of Omakase, Frankie's, Recovery Food, Paper Moon, Yogorino, Pepi Cubano, Dapo at Tisa, King Chef, La Titas MNL, Selecta, So Mot Vietnamese Cuisine, Blu Kouzina, Coco Fresh Tea and Juice, Merienda by Pan de Manila and Go! Salads.

For residents in the south, the GrabKitchen Parañaque branch offers the specialty dishes of 24 Chicken, Alishan at the Alley, Army Navy, Cara Mia, La Titas MNL, Kyoto Sushi Bake, El Nacho Libre, Sheikh's Kebab, Breakfast for 2, Black Kimchi!, Pizza Telefono, Selecta, Omakase and Dapo at Tisa.  

Ready to mix-and-match with GrabKitchen by GrabFood? Game on...

My Mix-And-Match dining experience combines the specialty offerings of four different restaurants in one simple and convenient order. Let's start with some bănh mi, shall we?  The Bănh Mi Gio Lua (P 155) by So Mot Vietnamese Cuisine loaded with Vietnamese ham and fresh vegetables on a crusty baguette is a light yet hearty meal conveniently delivered to your doorstep. With rich and contrasting notes and textures from the vegetables and Vietnamese ham, each bite delivers fresh and crisp flavors to satisfy your bănh mi cravings. And that baguette, soft inside and crusty on the outside, is the perfect vessel for the fresh filling of pork and vegetables. 

Can't go wrong with wings and the Salt and Pepper Wings (P 241) by Frankie's hits all the right notes. The rich flavors of tender, juicy and crisp chicken comes through followed by the subtle hints of salt and pepper to complete the experience. Evenly seasoned with a lightly crisp and delicate layer, each tasty bite delivers crunchy and juicy textures. 

The simple salt and pepper seasoning lets you taste more of the chicken with each juicy and crunchy bite, enhancing the flavors of the chicken without overpowering it. Think of it as your go-to back-to-basics wings. Sometimes you just don't need to complicate things. A dab of creamy Ranch adds an indulgent layer of flavor. Craving for wings? GrabKitchen's got you covered.

There's the usual salad and there's salad with steak. The SGT Steak Salad (P 185) by Go! Salads is a fresh and savory alternative with tender strips of seared steak, sauteed mushrooms and garden-fresh and crisp greens slathered in a flavorful Chimichurri dressing. 

The subtle sweetness of the crisp greens opens the palate followed by the savory richness of the seared steak, deep nutty notes of the mushrooms and the unctuous finish of the chimichurri for a salad with a flavorful punch. It's the perfect starter to your mix-and-match feast at home for GrabKitchen by GrabFood. It's just one of many salad offerings from Go! Salads so go ahead and explore the Food App for more choices. 

Don't forget to add dessert to your customized mix-and-match orders from GrabKitchen, like the Mango Mille Crepe (P 1,365) by Paper Moon.

A delicate slice runs clean all the way down, revealing multiple layers of light and thin crepes evenly draped with a sweet creamy filling and fresh mangoes. And before long, you're thinking of going for another slice. Light and not so sweet, the specialty Mango Mille Crepe is the perfect ending to your mix-and-match feast at home delivered by GrabKitchen. 

Gone are the days when your cravings are limited to just one restaurant. GrabKitchen by GrabFood now lets you satisfy all your cravings from different restaurants in one order, that means one delivery fee, with the innovative Mix-And-Match feature available only from Grab. And with additional GrabKitchen locations in Malate and Parañaque, many more customers can discover the mix-and-match offerings for an enriched dining experience. Now tap on the Food icon of your Grab App and start mixing and matching for your next meal at home...

For more on the unique Mix-And-Match offerings of GrabKitchen by GrabFood Malate, Parañaque and other branches, visit the Food Icon on your Grab App.

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