Monday, May 31, 2021

From Taichung to Manila: Meet the New Kid on the Milk Tea Block, Mizusawa Milk Tea

 It's said to be one of Taiwan's best kept secrets. And it's now here in Manila...

Taiwan's popular Mizusawa Milk Tea of the World and Specialty Coffee opens its very first branch in Manila showcasing the best of Taiwanese tea culture with its specialty product offerings. Read on for a sneak peek at the newest kid on the milk tea block...

Established back in 2009, founder Ho Tse-Hui envisioned sharing Taiwan's milk tea experience with the world through a selection of specialty beverages. Mizusawa's special Milk Tea of the World concept inspired by global flavors set the brand with a distinct tone and character from the competitive clutter. From the popular Brown Sugar Bubble Milk Tea to Earl Grey Tea and fresh fruit teas, Mizusawa takes your palate on a flavorful journey with each refreshing sip. Quarantine restrictions may have put our travel plans on hold, but you can still travel with milk tea around the world. How? With Mizusawa's signature product line inspired by different countries for a unique milk tea experience. And coffee too.

Located at the Ground Floor of Rosemont Tower along Panay Avenue in Quezon City, Mizusawa's first branch in the country joins a rapidly growing network of locations in Taiwan, United Kingdom, Vietnam and Thailand. Still on soft opening when we visited, the staff was more than ready to fulfill the day's delivery orders. Seems like milk tea fans got wind of the new brand. And that's a positive sign. Mizusawa's specialty line of milk teas and coffee are also available for pick-up and delivery via your go-to food delivery app. 

What can you expect at Mizusawa Milk Tea of the World and Specialty Coffee? A whole lot. Choose from their Milk Tea of the World line-up, fruit teas, fresh milk-based beverages, yogurt and smoothies, zero caffeine and fresh tea to artisan coffee, each one freshly prepared as your order.

Your order is prepared to your specifications including sugar level...

...and it's ready. Using the freshest premium ingredients, the world-renowned tea culture of Taiwan from Mizusawa Milk Tea of the World and Specialty Coffee is about to be experienced in a glass.

From their Milk Tea of the World selection, the Blue Aegean Sea (P 150 Medium) stands out with its distinctive layers of vibrant colors. The colorful Blue Aegean Sea draws inspiration from the legendary waters off the Turkish and Balkan coasts, recreated with the soothing notes of Butterfly Pea Tea with its deep blue ocean hues, creamy milk and Mizusawa's special pearls.

Sipping through each layer brings different flavors, shake it up and and the distinct notes come together seamlessly. The chewy and sweet pearls complete the flavors and textures of this specialty beverage.

In true Taiwanese Milk Tea tradition, Mizusawa also offers the popular Brown Sugar Bubble Milk Tea (P 110 Medium/P 125 Large) with its sweet brown sugar syrup and chewy bubbles. Refreshingly sweet with a creamy finish, the pearls with its chewy texture completes the experience. 

Chocolate lovers are in for a treat with the rich and creamy Choco Au Lait (P 150 Medium/P 170 Large) from the Fresh Milk selection. Creamy milk and the deep notes of chocolate combine for an indulgent beverage at Mizusawa. The indulgently rich and creamy notes of the milk are perfectly tempered by the chocolate for balanced flavors. And yes, go for the Large with this one.

Other equally refreshing options at Mizusawa include the Japan Matcha Milk (P 150 Medium/P 170 Large) and Mizusawa Fruit Tea (P 160 Large) with their own unique notes. The infusion of fresh fruits adds bright flavors that pop with each sip, draping the palate with its bold tart notes.

The Japan Matcha Tea has that comfortingly familiar sharpness and mild bitter hints from the Japanese tea, mellowed by the milk blend for a smooth finish. The flavors are bold and fresh, just what you'd expect from Japanese matcha.

Can't get enough of fruits? The Mizusawa House Blend Iced Tea (P 120 Medium/P 140 Large) should do the trick. 

Coffee lovers are in for a treat at Mizusawa with their selection of artisanal single-origin estate specialty coffee like the Kenya Nyeri, a light medium roast with subtle and nuanced hints of lemon and citrus, chocolate, and black tea and the Ethiopia Sidamo, an Italian roast with the rich notes of nuts and cocoa finished with a whisper of zesty kumquat (also available for purchase in boxes containing 10 coffee drip bags or coffee soaking bags).

The light medium roast Kenya Nyeri weaves contrasting layers of richness with the bright hints of citrus followed by bold and robust flavors adding depth with each soothing sip. The Ethiopia Sidamo Italian Roast brings nutty and chocolatey notes with a zesty orange finish. It's excellent coffee, and it's no surprise that Mizusawa runs its own coffee-estate farm in Kenya. Straight from their farms to your cup. 

There are countless reasons for milk tea lovers to visit Mizusawa. For me, it's their specialty artisan single-origin estate coffee from Kenya and Ethiopia. Bring a box home and enjoy a freshly brewed cup of coffee straight from Africa to your table.

The popularity of milk tea in the country can be seen with the ever growing numbers of milk tea brands in almost every corner of the city. The scorching heat of summer makes it the preferred thirst-quencher among the younger market, guaranteeing its continued success as well remaining top-of-mind among consumers. It becomes all the more important that any brand stands out from the clutter of milk tea options. At Mizusawa, it's their unique flavors of the world concept that differentiates the brand from the rest. Try the Blue Aegean Sea yourself, and be transported to the majestic waves of the iconic waters off the Turkish coast. And don't forget their artisan single-origin estate coffee from Africa.

From their Milk Tea of the World selection to fresh milk based beverages, yogurt & smoothie blends, fruit teas, fresh teas and specialty coffee from Kenya and Ethiopia, the new kid on the milk tea block offers one more refreshing way to beat the heat with their globally-inspired flavors. And their coffee too. Even when the temperature hits red, I just can't say no to the artisan single-origin estate coffee from Africa at Mizusawa...

Mizusawa Milk Tea of the World and Specialty Coffee is located at the Ground Floor of Rosemont Tower, 75 Panay Avenue, Quezon City or call 0919 079 0203 for inquiries. You can also visit their FB Page at and IG Feed at @mizusawaph for more updates.

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