Sunday, May 30, 2021

Farm-Fresh To Your Table: Make It Real Fresh with Holly's

Happy cows, they say, provide the best milk. And when cows are pampered with the soothing symphonies of Bach and Beethoven, you can expect some exceptional milk...  

You won't find happier cows than the pampered herd at Holly's from Real Fresh Dairy Farm producing some of the purest and freshest cow's milk. In fact, it's the creamy base for the much-loved local ice cream brand, Carmen's Best Ice Cream which uses only 100% pure fresh milk in its growing portfolio of premium ice cream products.  Located at a sprawling 27-hectare farm property in Laguna, Real Fresh Dairy Farm produces a wide variety of farm-fresh dairy products with over 200 Holstein-Sahiwal dairy cows from New Zealand (for more on the premium dairy products of Holly's, see my previous post, At The Source of Carmen's Best's Freshness at Real Fresh Dairy Farms). And when you want it real fresh, just look for Holly's at your nearest supermarket or selected dealer...

At the farm, milk is collected at 4 am and 4 pm daily, almost 7,000 liters a week and immediately processed. Everything is on the clock when processing pure cow's milk. Farm fresh to your table, Holly's offers a selection of fresh milk products including Pasteurized Whole Fresh Milk and Low Fat Milk in 200 ml, 300ml and 1 Liter sealed HDPE bottles to retain freshness. All products are transported by refrigerated vans to ensure farm-fresh quality and freshness all the way to your table. "Our milk is never spoiled, but our cows are," shared Paco Magsaysay.

The distinctive logo is your guarantee of real farm freshness with every product of Holly's. Each sip of the brand's Pasteurized Whole Fresh Milk and Low Fat Milk drapes the palate with a lingering and indulgent richness followed by just a whisper of natural sweetness and a silky smooth finish. One sip is all you need to validate that happy cows produce the very best milk. 

The Chocolate Low Fat Milk by Holly's combines the all-natural freshness and richness of pure cow's milk with the deep and bold notes of chocolate that hugs the palate with its comforting flavors. Also available in 200 ml, 300 ml and I Liter HDPE bottles, the Chocolate Low Fat Milk by Holly's is an essential addition to your home provisions in this new normal. 

Embark on a healthier lifestyle with the creamy Yoghurt offerings of Holly's, available in both Low Fat and Non Fat variants. The natural and subtle sweetness with just a hint of tartness capped by the smooth finish will have you going through a bottle in no time.

Your health is your first line of defense in this new normal, and having a few bottles of Yoghurt from Holly's stocked in your ref is always a good idea.

Starting your day with Holly's specialty Kesong Puti just makes any day better with its fresh, clean and rich flavors. The soft, creamy texture of the local cottage cheese is just pure freshness without the usual sharp vinegar hints for that rounded smoothness. 

Pair it with some soft pandesal warmed in the toaster over and a cup of freshly brewed coffee, and your start for the day already looks good. In this day and age of processed and mass produced food, it's increasingly rare to find real farm fresh options. But all you have to do is look for that distinctive blue label of Holly's and you're on your way to real freshness.

The Holly's label is your guarantee of real farm freshness. From pure cow's milk to yoghurt and cheeses, make it real fresh with Holly's. After all, the very best milk and dairy products comes from happy cows. 

For more on Holly's Milk, visit their website at and their FB Page at for more information and updates.

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