Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Summer Means Enjoying Gelato Cakes by Indulge At Home From Novotel Manila Araneta City

Everyone knows that some of the finest gelato comes up north from Gelato by Indulge at Novotel Manila Araneta City. But have you tried their equally indulgent Gelato Cakes?

Indulge Gelato by Novotel Manila Araneta City has long been one of the metro's best kept secrets for their exquisite and silky smooth Italian style frozen treats made with premium ingredients and absolutely no preservatives. Indulge Gelato takes it a step further with their decadent Gelato Cakes packed and sealed in tins...

Gelato, in cake form, transforms the gelato experience with a lavish spin. Along with the other sumptuous offerings from Take Me Out by Novotel Manila (more on Take Me Out by Novotel Manila on my previous posts, Summer's Here with Take Me Out by Novotel Manila Flavors of Summer on their savory summer selection and Dining in the Next Normal: Enjoy #NovotelManilaatHome with Take Me Out by Novotel Manila on their specialty dishes), the Gelato Cakes by Indulge lets you beat the summer heat in grand style. Available in unique and indulgent flavors like Macch Made in Heaven or their take on Caramel Macchiato, the It Macha made with Green Tea and Purple Dream with its local blend of Ube Langka and two more equally rich creations delivered the other day, Gelato Cakes by Indulge Gelato is a welcome addition to your home freezer.

Now you can have these masterful creations delivered to your doorstep with just a few taps on your mobile device. And what better way to beat the summer heat than with a few scoops of Rocher That (P 250 net-430 g/P 999 net-1200 g) blended with Ferrero Rocher for that elegant Italian chocolate finish?

The deep and distinct nutty notes of hazelnuts and decadent chocolate from the much loved Ferrero Rocher ball weaves its own layers of richness to this gelato cake creation by Indulge. The soft and delicately chewy and crisp texture of Ferrero Rocher combines with the dense yet sinfully smooth finish of traditional gelato for a luscious gelato experience. 

It's flavor combinations like this that make the selection of Gelato Cakes by Indulge special. And for Ferrero Rocher lovers, this one literally takes the cake. The textural contrast and layers of flavors from Rocher That by Indulge is enjoyed with each spoonful, adding a bright note to long days at home in the quarantine. 

Packed and sealed in a tin, your Gelato Cake by Indulge arrives in perfect condition protected from the elements and the rigors of delivery so you get to enjoy it at its pristine and flavorful peak. And in this new normal, your peace of mind is also a priority. And there's more...

Craving for sweet and fresh mangoes? The Mango Tango (P 250 net-430 g/P 999 net-1200 g) is the one for you with fresh mangoes draped in a creamy blanket of smooth gelato. The fresh mangoes add a cool tropical summer vibe with its vibrant sweetness followed by the dense melt-in-your-mouth gelato for another memorable experience from Indulge by Novotel Manila.

The sweet and mildly tart notes from the mangoes bring that fresh summery and bright vibe, tempered by the cooling soothing finish of the premium gelato draping the palate with a luxurious richness. Almost like dried mangos with its deep mildly sour tartness and sweetness, this Mango Tango rocks. Rocher That and Mango Tango, two lavish gelato cake options from Indulge should be on your list to beat the scorching summer heat. Other equally tasty selections include the Macch Made in Heaven with its rich Caramel Macchiato base, the It Macha with its bold green tea flavor and Purple Dream with its purple yam and jackfruit blend for comforting and nostalgic notes. All it takes is a quick phone call, message or email from your mobile device. To best enjoy your Gelato Cake by Indulge, refrigerate immediately as soon as its delivered.

The quarantine experience continues to make drastic and sweeping changes to our daily routine. Dining at home, the rise of the food delivery culture and increased online usage reflect changing consumer habits that's soon becoming a part of the mainstream. For the food service sector, that means adapting and evolving with the times to remain relevant. The innovative Take Me Out by Novotel Manila is a novel way of staying connected with its loyal customer base and the addition of Gelato Cakes by Indulge to its wide selection of pick-up or food delivery choices keeps them top-of-mind and high on the long list of options in this new normal. 

How to order? Easy. Simply browse through the contact details below on your mobile device to place your orders. Once placed, a payment link will be sent for pre-payment. Proof of payment must be provided before your orders are prepared. You may pick up your orders at the designated pick-up point located at the curbside driveway of the hotel or arrange delivery with a third party delivery service of your choice. Your indulgent tins of Gelato Cakes by Indulge will then be on their way to you. This summer, just chill with the gelato cake creations by Indulge from Novotel Manila...

For more on the indulgent Gelato Cakes by Indulge at Novotel Manila Araneta City, visit their website at https://www.novotelmanilaaranetacity.com/offers/gelato-cake-by-indulge/ or their FB Page at https://www.facebook.com/NovotelManilaAranetaCity/ for more information and updates. You can also call +632 8990 7999 and +63949 886 5591 or email at @H7090-FB1@accor.com for orders.

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