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Reinventing the Basics: Carmen's Best Brings Quality and Value with Their New Value Line, Arctic Ice Cream

Carmen's Best Ice Cream goes back to basics with its newest range of products offering both value and quality with Arctic Ice Cream...

In a competitive landscape made even more challenging with the new normal, Carmen's Best Ice Cream remains committed to its promise of offering the finest ice cream using the freshest premium ingredients. A rapidly changing environment forced many food businesses to evolve and adapt as Carmen's Best continues to engage with its customer base for continuous improvement. In response to the needs of its customers, Carmen's Best recently launched its newest value line, Arctic Ice Cream created specifically for institutional accounts such as hotels, restaurants and caterers known collectively as Horeca. Offering simple basic flavors such as Vanilla, Chocolate and Ube with many more in the pipeline, Arctic Ice Cream reflects Carmen's Best's continuous commitment in rolling out superior world-class products. And for Carmen's Best's founder, Paco Magsaysay, Arctic Ice Cream is part of an evolving strategy to remain relevant with the times.

To increase market share and volumes, one must constantly seek out new markets to remain top-of-mind in an ever changing marketplace. Envisioned as a value line with lower and more affordable price points, Arctic Ice Cream is now part of a growing portfolio of premium products from Carmen's Best (for more on the flagship brand Carmen's Best and their new alcohol-infused specialty ice cream, see my posts Carmen's Best Ice Cream: The Story Behind Each Pint, Each Scoop and Each Indulgent Bite and Naughty & Nice in Black with J & M Naughty & Nice Cream by Carmen's Best). Guided by key insights gained from Carmen's Best's hotel, restaurant and catering customers, Paco Magsaysay saw the need to develop a new line of ice cream for institutional accounts offering both quality and value. Popular staples like desserts served a la mode or milkshakes in hotels, restaurants and catering services require an ice cream product that not only tastes good but fits the daily operating budget like a glove. From the point of view of Horeca customers, it just doesn't make sense using high-end premium ice cream for a la mode servings. Or milkshakes. Hotels and restaurants would often use alternative options to keep food costs down. And this is where Paco identified an opportunity for Carmen's Best with a brand designed and created from the bottom up to fit a specific need.  

Growing a brand means constantly tapping new markets. Or you can build on your existing customer base by offering new products. For Carmen's Best's current roster of Horeca clients, Paco identified the need to offer a new value line of ice cream that matches the requirements of hotels, restaurants and caterers for their ice cream based staples at a reasonable price. Arctic Ice Cream fits the bill perfectly with its basic flavors and the same quality you can expect from Carmen's Best. The new value line also offers untapped potential from a much wider consumer base with its value-based price structure.

Lower prices doesn't mean lower quality. "The main market is our Horeca一hotels, restaurants and catering accounts. It's priced lower than the large manufacturers' ice cream and it tastes better," explained Paco Magsaysay. As the food service sector continues to struggle in this new normal, Arctic Ice Cream comes just in time to address a specific need. And Carmen's Best does it well, using nothing less than the freshest, purest and all-natural cow's milk sourced directly from their farms (for more on where Carmen's Best's legendary freshness come from, see my post At The Source of Carmen's Best's Freshness at Real Fresh Dairy Farm). The elegant blue label design doesn't give it a value variant vibe, and one bite just validates the quality of the product.

That rich, creamy and silky smooth texture that can only come from fresh cow's milk is recreated with each pint and tub of Arctic Ice Cream. Like any good product, it always starts with the very best ingredients. The comforting and nostalgic flavors of Ube or purple yam just takes you back with its indulgent taste of home. The vibrant purple hue of the ice cream is a visual cue on its richness and soothing flavors. Top it on your favorite halo-halo or fried turon, the Ube variant of Arctic Ice Cream is the perfect finishing touch to your homemade dessert. But it's also great as is for that quick treat at home.

The deep, nutty notes of Chocolate is another popular ice cream flavor, and Arctic Ice Cream hits all the right buttons with their indulgent variant. Thick, dense yet indulgently smooth that melts in your mouth draping the palate with its decadent richness, Arctic Ice Cream makes even the most basic flavors pop with its creamy texture and finish.

Top your favorite homemade fudge brownie with a scoop or two...

...or simply grab a bowl heaped high with generous scoops and indulge. Sometimes it's the simplest flavors that work. And when the simplest flavors are made with the freshest ingredients, it's elevated and transformed for a memorable experience straight out of a tub or pint. That familiar creamy texture with a price that will make you smile, that's a winning equation.

The world's most popular ice cream flavor, Vanilla, is masterfully executed by Arctic Ice Cream in both flavor and texture. Just by sheer volume, Vanilla always the tops the most consumed ice cream flavor list. It's the versatility of Vanilla ice cream that makes it a constant bestseller, used in a variety of desserts from milkshakes to apple pie a la mode. For hotels, restaurants and caterers, Vanilla ice cream is an important part of any menu used in many dishes.   

Arctic Ice Cream's version of the world's most loved flavor is elegantly recreated from its rich flavors to its smooth finish making it a versatile addition to any dish or dessert. As is, the the richness of the vanilla notes lingers long on the palate intensified even more with another bite.

After a few scoops of Arctic Ice Cream, why not indulge in some homemade milkshakes? And when you're using Holly's 100% Premium Farm Fresh Milk from The Laguna Creamery at Real Fresh Dairy Farm, the very same creamy base of Carmen's Best, J & M Naughty & Nice Cream and Arctic Ice Cream, then you're in for a real treat.

The classic Vanilla Milkshake is an easy, refreshing and indulgent way to beat the summer heat at home with its delicate vanilla richness in every soothing sip...

...while a comforting Chocolate Milkshake with its deep, bold notes takes you back to carefree childhood summers. The rich roundness of the chocolate is perfectly balanced by the indulgent creamy finish of Holly's 100% Premium Farm Fresh Milk

There are infinitely countless ways to enjoy your Arctic Ice Cream at home, from generous scoops in a bowl to milkshakes or as a topping to your homemade desserts. And you can add an extra large scoop with no worries with its affordable price points. That combination of real value and quality is hard to beat, more so in these challenging times of the new normal. Real ice cream indulgence is now more accessible and affordable with Arctic Ice Cream. And you can order online with just a few quick taps on your mobile device and your pint-sized indulgence is conveniently delivered to your doorstep via their website at

Arctic Ice Cream, the new value line by Carmen's Best is another flavorful chapter in the story of the much-loved local ice cream brand led by its innovative founder. Paco Magsaysay believes the timing is right despite the difficulties of the new normal, and it's just one more way for Carmen's Best responding to the needs of their loyal customer base.

The sweeping impact of the quarantine experience continues to change and transform our daily routine with emerging new consumer habits like dining at home, the rise of the food delivery culture and increased online usage as some of the enduring reminders of the new normal. The value and quality equation has always been a sure-fire formula for success, but Carmen's Best takes the ice cream game to a whole different level with Arctic Ice Cream.  

For more on Arctic Ice Cream by Carmen's Best, visit their website at You can also visit their FB Page and IG Feed at and @carmensbest for more information and updates. 

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