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Naughty & Nice in Black with J & M Naughty & Nice Cream by Carmen's Best

Innovation never stops at Carmen's Best Ice Cream, one of the country's leading artisanal ice cream brands. Tapping new markets with fresh, novel products is one way of keeping in step with the ever changing consumer to remain relevant in this new normal, and Carmen's Best is one step ahead of the game.   

Carmen's Best Ice Cream expands its growing product portfolio of specialty offerings with the launch of J & M Naughty & Nice Cream, a unique line of premium alcohol-infused ice cream. Ice cream with a spirited shot of alcohol makes it naughty and nice for a refreshingly new way of enjoying the ice cream experience. Ready to raise a toast for the newest member of the Carmen's Best family? Then, read on...

For Paco Magsaysay, staying relevant in this new normal means offering a pipeline constantly flowing with new products targeted to specific markets to grow its customer base. And since its launch, the new line already helped boost sales and gained a strong following. Just like Carmen's Best Ice Cream, the new line under the J & M Naughty & Nice Cream label uses only 100% pure and all-natural fresh milk sourced directly from the family dairy farm (for more on Real Fresh Dairy Farm and Laguna Creamery Processing Plant, see my previous post, At The Source of Carmen's Best Freshness at Real Fresh Dairy Farm from five years ago). 

It's this heritage of quality earned by the flagship brand that adds a halo of the very same trusted quality with each single-serve cup of J & M Naughty & Nice Cream. Named after the founder's two sons, Jaime and Mikey, J & M Naughty & Nice Cream is targeted to young adults above 18 and served only in single-serve cups. Ready for a tipple with an indulgent spin? Enjoy a shot of your favorite spirit, draped in soothing and indulgent ice cream created by the country's premier ice cream artisans at Carmen's Best (for more on Carmen's Best, see my posts, Carmen's Best Ice Cream: The Story Behind Each Pint, Each Scoop and Each Indulgent Bite on their flagship brand and Reinventing the Basics: Carmen's Best Brings Quality and Value with Their New Value Line, Arctic Ice Cream on Arctic Ice Cream).

The unique blend of silky smooth ice cream made with pure, all-natural cow's milk infused with alcohol offers a tipple with a lavish and indulgent vibe guaranteed to raise your spirits in the long days of quarantine. The new normal continues to transform our daily routine with drastic and sweeping changes as dining at home, the rise of the food delivery culture and increased online usage emerge as new consumer habits from the quarantine experience. You might think introducing a new product line may not seem the right idea in these challenging times. But like any crisis, there remains countless opportunities to tap new markets if you know where to find them. 

Ice cream has always been a deeply personal choice, just imagine your favorite ice cream and you're immediately transported to a happy place. That's why Carmen's Best offers a variety of unique flavors for those special moments, and a new line of ice cream for those looking for a new kind of flavor experience. Infused with alcohol, it's an all-new ice cream experience injected with a subtle naughty streak. J & M Naughty & Nice Cream integrates a solid social media presence by tapping platforms like Facebook to provide access by young adults. Simply send a DM on the FB Page for your orders and inquiries (check out their FB Page at

Young adults and millennials are a huge market with significant volume potential even in the new normal. Creating a new line that appeals to their tech-savvy and social media driven lifestyle means thinking out-of-the-box and J & M Naughty & Nice Cream fits the demographic perfectly. Ice cream infused with alcohol may very well be the next best thing, and Carmen's Best leads the way with J & M Naughty & Nice Cream.

J & M Naughty & Nice Cream offers six unique flavors, including coffee-based variants like Kahlua Coffee, Irish Coffee and Brown Russian...

...and dessert-inspired flavors like Tiramisu and Mudslide. Breakfast with a kick? Try the Secret Breakfast.

Have an indulgent tipple with the Tiramisu by J & M Naughty & Nice Cream with smooth mascarpone cheese ice cream and Lady Fingers dipped in a Bourbon and Bailey's Irish Cream-infused Brazilian coffee blend with an elegant drizzle of bittersweet coffee ripple dusted with ground coffee and cocoa powder for that classic tiramisu finish. The flavors bring a colorful palette of flavors from the deep nutty notes of coffee to the creaminess of the mascarpone and Irish Cream followed by the deep, bold yet soothing notes of Bourbon. The Mudslide is another coffee based treat infused with Irish Cream liqueur blended with crushed chocolate cookies finished with a swirl of decadent chocolate ripple. The indulgent combination of chocolate, Irish Cream and coffee combine for complex layers of flavors for pure indulgence. The Secret Breakfast, one of my personal favorites, includes Cornflakes cookies, Kahlua and Bourbon draped in a silky smooth cream base. That's one cool breakfast.  

Then, there's the coffee-based ice cream blends spiked with alcohol for another round of refreshing flavors. The Kahlua Coffee by J & M Naughty & Nice Cream brings the bold and intense notes of coffee kicked up by the deep hints of Kahlua that's perfect for coffee lovers while the Brown Russian combines the rich notes of Kahlua and Whiskey for depth to an indulgent chocolate base. The traditional Irish Whisky is given a non-traditional spin by J & M Naughty & Nice Cream with the comforting hints of Bailey's draping the palate with its smooth richness tempered by an intense coffee base. 

Each bite brings the familiar richness and silky smooth finish of the Carmen's Best Ice Cream experience, but with both character and attitude from the infused alcohol. The distinct notes of the alcohol are there lingering long after that last bite, but it doesn't overwhelm the palate with its delicately balanced flavor profile. 

Millennial or older, there's a J & M Naughty & Nice Cream for your alcohol-infused cravings. J & M Naughty & Nice Cream brings a whole lot of fun in a single-serve cup, capped by the same quality assurance from Carmen's Best. For those looking for an adult punch to ice cream, this is it. 

J & M Naughty & Nice Cream is just one of the exciting new product introductions from Carmen's Best Ice Cream. With Paco Magsaysay at the helm ably supported by his team including his kids, Carmen's Best is ready to face the new normal head on as it adapts and evolves with innovation and tapping new markets. J & M Naughty & Nice Cream is one more flavorful chapter in the story of the enduring local ice cream brand, and you can expect to hear even more soon...

For more on J & M Naughty & Nice Cream by Carmen's Best, visit their website at You can also visit their FB Pages  at, the exclusive FB Page of J & M Naughty & Nice Cream at and IG Feed at @carmensbest for more information and updates. 

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