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That Buttery Ooze with the Specialty Chicken a la Kiev by Kaia's Kitchen

A nostalgic and indulgent dish, Chicken ala Kiev is one of those all-time favorites that still triggers fond memories from countless childhood summers. Everyone remembers their Chicken ala Kiev from Manila Polo Club or Club Filipino, but another home kitchen brings the enduring classic back with a cool modern spin...

The long days of quarantine saw the emergence of home-based food businesses where the kitchen once again became the center of family activities. The family-run Kaia's Kitchen is one those new entries in a growing category responding to changing consumer habits such as dining at home, the rise of the food delivery culture and increased online usage due to the lingering pandemic. What started as a simple project to introduce new dishes to the family soon blossomed into one of the metro's inspiring new food businesses built around the traditional Chicken ala Kiev, reinvented for the new normal. 

The traditional dish of tender and juicy chicken breast fillet stuffed with sticks of cold butter draped in a delicately crisp breading and deep-fried to golden brown perfection weaves multiple layers of flavors and textures coming together in one bite, transforming and elevating any meal. The delicate notes of crisp and juicy chicken are elevated by the richness of the butter, oozing out with each slice and finished by that layer of crispness for textural contrast. It's a lavish chicken dinner with an equally rich history from the royal kitchens of Russian nobility, and now you can enjoy it at home. 

It's a tedious dish to prepare at home, but now you can have a sumptuous Chicken ala Kiev feast without the long hours in the kitchen or the fuss. All it takes is a quick call or DM to Kaia's Kitchen and your individually wrapped and frozen Chicken ala Kiev in sealed containers are conveniently delivered to your doorstep.

The frozen Chicken ala Kiev by Kaia's Kitchen are ready to cook straight out of the pack (just remember to defrost the chicken at least one hour before cooking when taken out of the freezer). Who knew an elegant or complicated dish like Chicken ala Kiev can be prepared in mere minutes? Fried, air-fried or baked, preparing Chicken ala Kiev at home is made so much simpler by Kaia's Kitchen.  

But it's the playfully inventive approach by Kaia's Kitchen to a traditional dish like Chicken ala Kiev that makes it special. Aside from the Original, Kaia's Kitchen infuses savory flavors to her specialty offerings like Parmesan Crusted, Pesto, Truffle Mushroom and the new Smoky Chorizo variant to celebrate their first anniversary. It's Chicken ala Kiev reimagined with a fresh and bold new take with its creative flavor variants.

The Original (P 529/4 pcs) variant is the best way to get acquainted with Kaia's Kitchen's specialty offerings with its traditional flavors. Made with roasted garlic and fresh parsley, the Original variant is as classic as it gets. One bite immediately takes you back to the first time you tried Chicken ala Kiev with its comfortingly familiar contrasting textures of juicy and crisp chicken followed by the indulgent richness of butter. That buttery ooze just sets Chicken ala Kiev apart from the usual chicken dish. Moist and juicy with a delicate layer of crispness, the Chicken ala Kiev is masterfully prepared by Kaia's Kitchen. The deep nutty hints of roasted garlic and clean mint-like notes of the parsley completes the colorful palette of flavors. 

The Pesto (P 599/4 pcs) and Truffle Mushroom (P 649/4 pcs) variants offer unique and distinct flavors to the traditional Chicken ala Kiev, complementing the buttery richness of the dish. And just like the Original, the variants are masterfully executed by Kaia's Kitchen with its flavorful spin.

The infusion of pesto made with fresh basil, garlic and cashew nuts adds savory nutty notes to the Pesto Chicken ala Kiev while the deep earthy hints of the Truffle Mushroom Chicken ala Kiev adds a roundness to the buttery finish of the dish. Both flavor variants don't overwhelm the classic chicken and butter combo we all love, instead subtle even delicately nuanced notes weave seamlessly for balanced flavors and depth. The buttery ooze ties everything together for that rich and and indulgent finish.

The Truffle Mushroom and Pesto variants from Kaia's Kitchen offer new ways of enjoying a classic dish for a new flavor experience. And as we go through more days in quarantine, the specialty offerings from Kaia's Kitchen presents tasty and new options for dining at home.

The Parmesan Crusted Chicken ala Kiev (P 599/4 pcs) with its blend of sharp Parmesan and creamy Mozzarella is another inventive reinterpretation with its loaded cheesy profile. And it just works perfectly with the tender, juicy chicken and buttery ooze for yet another memorable flavor experience. The unique flavors all complement the classic Chicken ala Kiev experience making you love the dish all over again.

Original. Pesto, Parmesan Crusted and Truffle Mushroom, each one an absolute must-try from Kaia's Kitchen taking your Chicken ala Kiev with that buttery ooze experience to a whole new level. What started as a simple project to introduce new dishes to her family is now one of the best food finds in the metro.

To celebrate their milestone first anniversary, Kaia's Kitchen introduced their latest and newest variant for another flavorful spin. The Smoky Chorizo Chicken ala Kiev (P 649/4 pcs) stuffed with Chorizo Asturiano and sweet paprika brings Spanish flavors to the well-loved dish.

The pronounced notes of Chorizo Asturiano and the vibrant colors of the pimenton dulce or sweet paprika gives this new variant a distinct look and flavor rounded out by that buttery finish. The bold and imaginative exploration of flavors by Kaia's Kitchen is reflected in this new variant, and just like the other flavors, it just works. Very well.

The buttery indulgence of the dish are perfectly tempered by the mildly salty and sharp notes of the Chorizo Asturiano and sweet paprika for balanced flavors. All the different elements with their own distinctive flavor and texture comes together with each bite followed by that buttery ooze finish. And once more, Kaia's Kitchen elevates a nostalgic dish for a new flavor experience. Can't decide what to order? Kaia's Kitchen makes it easy with their Sampler Pack (P 599/4 pcs) with your choice of four flavors. 

The basics of a good Chicken ala Kiev include tender chicken breast fillet and butter sealed in a leak-proof bundle draped in crisp breading. Kaia's Kitchen does this perfectly with each of their frozen packs. The infusion of unique flavors like Pesto, Truffle Mushroom, Parmesan Crusted and Smoky Chorizo transforms the much loved Chicken ala Kiev without altering the basic chicken and butter blend that made it popular back in the old days. You can say it's a reloaded version upgrade.

The frozen Chicken ala Liev by Kaia's Kitchen, when thawed and properly defrosted, can be fried, air-fried or baked. Simply follow these easy instructions...

...for easy pan-frying...


...or baked in the oven and just like that, your Chicken ala Kiev feast from Kaia's Kitchen is ready to serve to brighten up the home dining experience in this new normal.

It's both inspiring and reassuring to witness the emergence of home-based food businesses in these challenging times of the new normal. Innovation and creativity are what sets these home businesses apart to stand out in a cluttered culinary landscape. And it's also comfortingly reassuring to see classic dishes from childhood revived and brought back with a modern spin. Kaia's Kitchen is one of those unique stories to come out in the quarantine experience. Now celebrating it's first year, I'm eagerly looking forward to even more inventive interpretations of the enduring Chicken ala Kiev from Kaia's Kitchen...

For more on the specialty Chicken a la Kiev by Kaia's Kitchen, visit their FB Page at and IG Feed at @kaiaskitchenph or call 0949 885 1787 for orders and inquiries.

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