Monday, May 10, 2021

Legit. Meet the New Batchoy D-I-Y Kit from The Pork Project by Chef Redd Agustin

Chef Redd Agustin is at it again with, this time with an easy and convenient, fuss-free D-I-Y Kit for an iconic local noodle dish...

Chef Redd Agustin of The Pork Project recreates a much-loved local noodle dish with the new Batchoy D-I-Y Kit packed with real unrestrained flavors in his familiar culinary style. And it's so easy to prepare at home too. It's innovations like this that keeps The Pork Project by Chef Redd well ahead of the game in the new normal...

Each Batchoy D-I-Y Kit from The Pork Project contains a bag of rich broth, noodles, slabs of tender pork belly and offals, crushed chicharon and crisp garlic bits for a sumptuous bowl prepared in mere minutes at home. All you need is right here in a box. You can have your own bowl with these quick, easy and simple instructions:
  1. Boil noodles for 5-6 minutes then rinse noodles in cold water to remove excess starch.
  2. Using the same water, drop the meat bags and heat for 2 minutes.
  3. For the stock, pour the contents in a separate pot and boil for a few minutes. You may adjust the stock by adding water, fish sauce and salt.
  4. Assemble your bowl of Batchoy by adding noodles then topping the meat. Add the crushed chicharon and crunchy garlic bits. You may also add boiled egg and fresh spring onions.
Easy, right?

And it's done. But wait. Don't forget to add the crushed crunchy chicharon and crisp garlic bits, also included in the kit, for the finishing touch. Then, add boiled egg, fresh spring onions and dive right in.

Consistent with Chef Redd's culinary style, the kit recreates all the rich flavors of the traditional noodle dish from the south and then some. The generous servings of fork-tender pork belly slabs and savory offals add to the richness of the regional specialty, while the crunchy crushed chicharon, crisp garlic bits, soft yet firm and springy noodles and the flavorful broth adds even more layers to the dish. And it all comes straight out of a box. 

The broth has that creamy and milky consistency almost like ramen stock, draping the palate with an unctuous richness. Chef Redd doesn't hold back on the flavors, and you'll immediately experience it from the very first sip all the way to the last. Adding the fresh and clean notes from the spring onions cuts the richness for that balanced finish.

Like all his offerings from The Pork Project, the Batchoy D-I-Y Kit by Chef Redd takes inspiration from classic and familiar local flavors. And Chef Redd does it exceptionally well, weaving in all the rich notes in a seamless and balanced blend. It usually takes hours of simmering to prepare the traditional batchoy, but it only takes minutes with the new Batchoy D-I-Y Kit from The Pork Project. Chef Redd keeps his version of the batchoy legit with a generous serving of juicy and fork-tender pork belly slabs that melt in your mouth like butter along with an equally large portion of pork offals. 

When it comes to familiar local flavors, Chef Redd has it all boxed up and down pat with his latest offering, the Batchoy D-I-Y Kit. When that sudden craving for batchoy hits, no worries. Whip up your own bowl like a chef at home in minutes with The Pork Project's new Batchoy D-I-Y Kit.

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