Sunday, May 9, 2021

The Sisig Sotanghon is the Best from Betty's Best

When my favorite foodie aunt says she discovered something new, then it's definitely worth trying...

Everyone has a favorite foodie aunt that shaped the way you enjoy good food. My aunt's specialty Lengua and Kilayin are still tops on my list. And when my aunt says she discovered a tasty new find, you know it's a sure thing. Like the Sisig Sotanghon from Betty's Best...

Dining at home, the rise of the food delivery culture and increased online usage along with the surge in home-based food businesses are just some of the enduring and new consumer habits in the quarantine experience. This shift in consumer behavior allowed many of us to explore and discover flavorful new finds, packed and conveniently delivered to your doorstep. Despite the massive and sweeping changes to our daily routine, the new normal made us all take a closer look at the countless options available for delivery. And as you explore the long list of food delivery choices, your search leads you to Betty's Best...

Based in Pasig, Betty's Best specializes in comforting Filipino cuisine with unique spins for a new flavor experience, like their Lumpiang Shanghai (P 250-20 pcs) or deep-fried spring rolls. Each order includes 20 pieces of the crisp and crunchy spring rolls perfect for sharing with the family.

The seasoned pork filling punches through for a burst of savory richness followed by the crispness of the wrapper for contrasting textures. The sweet and sour chili sauce completes the flavors. Betty's Best brings both quality and value with their extensive range of specialty offerings for a memorable home dining experience.

The Lumpiang Shanghai is just one of many tasty offerings from Betty's Best, other equally tasty options include their Empanaditas (P 250), Pork Barbecue (P 195-P 300) and new Boneless Fried Chicken (P 350). Protected and sealed with cling wrap and wrapped in paper sealed from the elements, your order arrives hot and fresh straight from the home kitchen of Betty's Best.

Then, anticipation builds for the much-talked about specialty of Betty's Best with their popular Sisig Sotanghon (P 420 Small good for 4-6/P 640 Medium good for 7-9/P 860 Large good for 10-12). 

The unique combination of sotanghon plus sisig is one of those innovative combinations that just works. The soft and springy vermicelli glass noodles are loaded with flavor all on its own, but the addition of crisp pork sisig just transforms and elevates the noodle dish to a whole new level of savory goodness. The inventive combination is inspired by her dad's sisig dish and her mom's home-stye sotanghon, coming together for one of the best local noodle dishes available in the metro. 

Drizzle some freshly squeezed calamansi which comes with each order of Sisig Sotanghon for even more layers of flavors. Infused with rich flavors, each bite of the glass noodles brings deep and bold notes to the palate followed by the crisp texture of the savory pork sisig

Served in native bilaos, the Sisig Sotanghon by Betty's Best is perfect for sharing at festive family meals at home. Other must-try local noodle dishes by Betty's Best includes the Palabok Special (P 420-P 860) and Bangus Sotanghon (P 420-P 860), a tasty meatless alternative.

The next day, raiding the ref for a quick meal brings out the remaining Sisig Sotanghon. Reheated on a pan, the glass noodles are still springy and the pork sisig still packs a delectable crunch.

From that first bite all the way to the last, you know you found one of the best local noodle offerings in the metro with the Sisig Sotanghon by Betty's Best. And my foodie aunt is right once again.

Do check out their special combos for even more value and indulgent desserts like their popular Bibingka. Open daily from 10 am to 4 pm, all orders are available for pick-up or delivery via your favorite food app.  

Inventive and unique, the Sisig Sotanghon by Betty's Best is up there high on my list of tasty new finds. The quarantine experience continues to change the local culinary landscape, but we've also seen some creative and flavorful offerings adding to our growing list of food delivery options in this new normal. Bettys Best is one of those delightful discoveries. And my foodie aunt was right, like she always is when it comes to the food I love.

For more on Betty's Best, call 8570-2000 and 0917 800 1865 or visit their website at You can also visit their FB Page at and their IG Feed at @bettysbestph for more information and updates.

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