Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Want In On A Secret? Probably One of the Best Sisig Dishes Plus Big, Bold Flavors from Tiny Al's Kitchen

Big, bold and unrestrained flavors are fired up daily from Tiny Al's Kitchen, one of the best kept secrets in the metro...

Big flavors with nothing held back and probably one of the best pork sisig dishes yet, Tiny Al's Kitchen shares their lavish take on comforting dishes like Baked Sole Fillet with Aioli Gratin, Angus Beef Cheeks and Lengua Estofado and the Sisig Aburi packed, sealed and conveniently delivered to your doorstep. All it takes are a few taps on your mobile device and the specialty dishes from Tiny Al's Kitchen are soon on its way to you...

The quarantine experience continues to transform our daily routine as well as the culinary landscape with dining at home, the rise of the food delivery culture and home-based food businesses as well as increased online usage emerging as some of the evolving consumer habits in this new normal. Despite the seeming isolation of quarantine restrictions, a wide array of countless dining options are now available for delivery. One option that should be on your long list is Tiny Al's Kitchen. And there's absolutely nothing tiny about their tasty offerings. Their selection covers western and continental flavors, Hawaiian, Indian, Thai as well as Filipino and regional Bicolano influenced cuisine. That's a whole wide world of flavors coming from Tiny Al's Kitchen.

Start with a light yet sumptuous seafood dish like the Baked Sole Fillet with Aioli Gratin (P 950 good for 4/P 1,450 good for 6/P 2,900 Party Platter for 10-12) with premium imported sole draped in a rich and creamy aioli gratin. Each tender bite just melts in your mouth laying a buttery richness on the palate followed by the subtle sweetness of the sole fillet. Creamy and savory, the Baked Sole Fillet with Aioli Gratin is an excellent seafood option for dining at home. It's an elegant seafood dish, masterfully executed by Tiny Al's Kitchen. Other seafood options from Tiny Al's Kitchen include indulgent Crab Claws in Madras Curry and Black Bean Sauce, Cajun Shrimp with Garlic Noodles ala Kickin' Crab, Shrimp Con Mayonesa and Kahuku Garlic Shrimp with Chili Lime Butter Sauce.

For your savory main dish, Tiny Al's Kitchen draws inspiration from his mother's cherished heirloom recipe with the Angus Beef Cheeks and Lengua Estofado (P 950 good for 4/P 1,450 good for 6/P 2,900 Party Platter for 10-12). A lavish and sumptuous dish, the Angus Beef Cheeks and Lengua Estofado is indulgently rich and unctuous with layers of bold flavors. Infused with creamy coconut milk, the already rich notes of the premium Angus beef cheeks and lengua are intensified even more with each bite. 

A coconut-enriched variation of the local caldereta, the homestyle flavors are comforting warming both the palate and body with its savory richness. Simmered for hours, the fork-tender Angus beef cheeks and lengua combine for a flavorful punch as it melts in your mouth releasing even more delectable notes. Using the finest ingredients, preparing a dish like this at home can be tedious requiring long hours in the kitchen. Tiny Al's Kitchen makes it easy for you, all you have to do is call. The premium Angus beef cheeks and lengua makes this dish, and the coconut cream adds that perfect finishing touch. 

But Tiny Al's Kitchen has one more tasty surprise up its sleeves. We've seen countless variations of the ubiquitous pork sisig from the original in Angeles City to countless versions in the metro. The Sisig Aburi (P 950 good for 4/P 1,450 good for 6/P 2,900 Party Platter for 10-12) is another inventive variation of a local classic, torched for that layer of intense notes. The traditional sisig is not just about crunch, it's about contrasting textures of soft, mildly chewy and melt-in-your-mouth pork mask complemented by crisp bits draped in a creamy richness delivering deep savory notes. A good sisig isn't one-dimensional, and Tiny Al's Kitchen reveals the complex layers in his version. Tiny Al's Kitchen stays true to tradition by maintaining both textural contrast and savory richness with its version of the popular sisig while finishing it with an inventive spin torching the surface. The result is an elegant multi-layered dish with both texture and flavors coming together in a smooth and seamless blend.

The richness of the pork sisig is perfectly tempered by the fresh chilis cutting through the deep savory flavors of the pork for balanced flavors. It's sisig elevated, yet comfortingly familiar just the way you remember it. The upper torched crust of the Sisig Aburi gives it the perfect finishing touch. The secret's out. When you're craving for sisig, Tiny Al's Kitchen has you covered.

Other savory beef and pork options from Tiny Al's Kitchen include Roasted Almond Beef Cheeks Kare-Kare, Beef Belly Roast Beef with Port Wine Demi Glace and Loaded Whipped Potato, Grilled Angus Beef Belly Thai Curry with Roasted Black Beans, Lechon Pugon Con Adobado with Aligue Butter Reduction, Grilled Sous Vide Pork Liempo with Guinataang Balaw and Hawaiian BBQ Pork Platter with Chamorro Red Rice, Kona Potato Salad and Finadene Sauce. Hungry? Give Tiny Al's Kitchen a call...

For more on Tiny Al's Kitchen, visit their FB Page at https://www.facebook.com/tinyals.kitchen and their IG Feed at @tinyalskitchen or call 0917 106 0821 and 0917 623 0051 for orders.

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