Monday, May 17, 2021

Spread the Summer Vibe on the Home Table with Capitan Del Mar and Embark on Adventures from Home

The new normal doesn't mean putting summer on hold. When you can't go out, why not bring the outdoors in?

Set sail and embark on exciting summer adventures with a sumptuous spread from Capitan Del Mar at home and bring in the summer vibe in this new normal. Have a picnic at home with family with special packed meals in your garden or balcony or simply open the windows and let the outdoors in. The new normal calls for a fresh new perspective and some creativity to fully enjoy the simple pleasures we all missed in this lingering quarantine. When you're stuck at home in the long days of quarantine, let Capitan Del Mar take you and your family on a cool summer adventure without leaving home (for more on Capitan del Mar, see my previous posts, Set Sail for Adventures from Home with Capitan Del Mar on their exciting new promotion and Freshness in a Can: The Day's Freshest Catch from Capitan Del Mar on my first experience with the brand four years ago). 

Summers always meant road trips with packed meals to the beach, movie nights at your nearest theater and memorable festivals but the new normal changed all that. As we hunker down to another round of restrictions under a "heightened" GCQ, a little creativity goes a long way in infusing some familiar activities to a challenging year. Why not have a picnic at home with sumptuous packed meals? Guided by the mission that Filipinos deserve a better seafood experience, Capitan Del Mar serves only the freshest and finest to your table. Get the whole family together and celebrate summer indoors with Capitan Del Mar...

...with a comforting feast from their wide selection of seafood offerings for a memorable home dining experience. Capitan Del Mar's extensive seafood selection include world-class and high-quality products for both local and foreign markets sourced from the abundant waters off Capiz down south.

Enjoy canned sardines at home with Capitan Del Mar's Sardines in Tomato Sauce, Sardines in Soybean Oil and Sardines in Tomato Sauce with Chili... well as canned local milkfish or bangus like premium Smoked Milkfish Belly with Salt Water Added, Milkfish in Soybean Oil and Milkfish in Tomato Paste and Olive Oil

You can also opt for Capitan Del Mar's Smoked Milkfish that's ready-to-eat straight from the sealed retortable pouch...

...or lightly fried on a pan, toasted or roasted to bring out the intense smoky notes. The Smoked Milkfish by Capitan Del Mar is cured and smoked for hours over oak and guava wood chips resulting in deep, bold flavors. 

The tender Smoked Milkfish just melts in your mouth releasing savory and smoky flavors draping the palate with its richness for a welcome addition to your family picnic at home. 

Start packing your meals for a summer picnic at home with Capitan Del Mar...

...with the rich Milkfish in Tomato Sauce and Olive Oil paired with a refreshing light salad...

...and bring it out to the garden or balcony. Or simply open all the windows and dine with the fresh breeze for a unique adventure right in your own home. 

The Sardines in Soybean Oil by Capitan Del Mar makes an easy and no-fuss feast topped over steamed white rice. The richness of the soybean oil adds layers of flavors with each spoonful of rice. The quality and freshness of the seafood with its refreshingly clean notes are what you can expect from every product of Capitan Del Mar.

Gather the family and celebrate summer at home, and bring the outdoors in. Despite the challenges of the quarantine experience, the new normal allowed us all to take stock, pause and appreciate what really matters. It's the simple pleasures of being with family and strengthening ties to bind each of us in these challenging times. 

Reminisce and make plans for future summer travels over a sumptuous feast with Capitan Del Mar, and you know better things are yet to come. Good food, they say, triggers memories and even takes you to another place. Summers in the new normal may not be what we're used to, but that doesn't mean skipping the much anticipated season. Just be more creative and bring the outdoors in.

Memories of previous dive trips and beach excursions are brought back in engaging conversations with family over a sumptuous picnic at home with Capitan Del Mar. A new perspective lets you experience summer in a new light. Why not share your family's take on celebrating summer in the new normal with Capitan Del Mar's exciting Adventures from Home promotion? Who knows, you might even be one of two winners (for more on the Adventures from Home Promotion by Capitan Del Mar, see my earlier post, Set Sail for Adventures from Home with Capitan Del Mar).

Dining at home, the rise of the food delivery culture and increased online usage are just some of the emerging consumer habits from the quarantine experience. This summer will long be remembered as the season that brought us all together despite the pandemic. Celebrate it and bring the outdoors in with Capitan Del Mar...

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