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Doughnuts with a Kikk: The Kikko Man, Kikko Shoyu Bonito and Kikkonana by Poison Coffee & Doughnuts in Collaboration with Kikkoman

They've done Champorado, Garam Masala even Mangga't Suman on doughnuts. But clearly, they're not done yet...

Poison Coffee & Doughnuts, one of the metro's innovative dining concepts, introduces yet another out-of-the-box creation in a unique collaboration with Kikkoman. That's right, and you read it right. When one of the world's iconic soy sauce brands gets together with the creative team behind Poison Coffee & Doughnuts, you can expect some truly inspired doughnut expressions setting it apart from the usual offerings. Think of it as doughnuts with a kikk.   

It's one of those secret ingredients you don't normally expect in a doughnut, but Poison Coffee & Doughnuts makes it work brilliantly with three distinct donut creations. After all, these are the same guys that added the complex spice blend Garam Masala, local champorado and mangga't suman to doughnuts. The soy-sauce infused creations are right up the alley of Poison Coffee & Doughnuts' unique and inventive brand character, and they don't disappoint. 

Unboxing the package releases the subtle yet familiar fragrant and nutty hints of Kikkoman as you wonder just how the deep, rich and mildly salty notes of premium soy sauce works out with a sweet doughnut. Playing with other distinctly Japanese ingredients, Poison Coffee & Doughnuts weaves everything together with The Kikko Man, Kikko Shoyu Bonito and Kikkonana for a refreshingly new and different doughnut experience.

The continuous waves of sweeping transformation due to the quarantine experience forced all of us to adapt and evolve with changing consumer habits like dining at home, the rise of the food delivery culture and increased online usage emerging as distinct reminders of the pandemic. But we've also seen truly inspiring innovations in the metro's culinary landscape reflecting the resiliency and indomitable spirit of a nation and the world in continuous lockdown. As entire economies continue to struggle, the creativity from the food service sector shines revealing a silver lining in the grey skies.

And creativity is what differentiates Poison Coffee & Doughnuts from the rest, remaining relevant in this new normal with inventive creations and collaborations. 

Priced at a premium (P 105 each), it costs more then again this isn't your regular doughnut. Soy sauce just isn't what you'd normally associate with doughnuts, but Poison Coffee & Doughnuts weaves a surprising yet flavorful blend seamlessly with their new creations. Take The Kikko Man, a soy sauce glazed doughnut filled with soy sauce buttercream...

The mildly sharp and distinct notes of soy sauce adds depth to the sweetness of both the glaze and buttercream complementing without overwhelming the flavors. There's a delicate balance with each bite as the sweet and salty notes combine draping the palate with a lingering richness.

The rich yet subtle notes of Kikkoman Soy Sauce brings a whole new layer of flavor to the usual doughnut experience. And quite surprisingly, an unusual combination like this just works perfectly hitting all the right sweet and savory notes. It's the perfect variant to get acquainted with the new creations of Poison Coffee & Doughnuts in collaboration with Kikkoman Soy Sauce. If you're feeling more adventurous, how about some wasabi and bonito flakes on your next doughnut fix?

Poison Coffee & Doughnuts combines other familiar Japanese ingredients, katsuobushi or bonito flakes and wasabi for a sweet and savory doughnut offering even more unique and surprising flavors with the Kikko Shoyu Bonito. The wasabi white chocolate glaze and soy sauce frosting brings delicately balanced notes while the salty bonito flakes is the icing on the cake with its briny finish. Just like the The Kikko Man, it's the sweet and salty profile that gives this doughnut its unique and flavorful punch.

The Kikko Shoyu Bonito with wasabi white chocolate glaze and soy sauce frosting topped with bonito flakes stands out in both flavor and execution reflecting the creative style of Poison Coffee & Doughnuts

The sharp notes of the bonito flakes cuts through the creamy sweetness of the glaze and frosting while the hint of soy sauce enhances the sweetness of the doughnut. Each bite brings seemingly contrasting and unexpected flavors in a balanced blend.   

Who would've thought Kikkoman Soy Sauce, bonito flakes and wasabi would pair so well with white chocolate and sweet frosting on a doughnut? But Poison Coffee & Doughnuts has more tricks up its sleeves...

The wittingly named Kikkonana rounds out the new creations of Poison Coffee & Doughnuts with Kinako dusted soy sauce and miso glazed doughnuts filled with sweet banana pudding. The already flavorful special glaze with Kikkoman Soy Sauce and miso becomes even more pronounced with a sprinkling of roasted soybean flour adding to the nutty sweetness of the doughnut. The sweet banana pudding adds the perfect finishing touch.  

Going for something different doesn't always guarantee success nor does it often work out the way we planned it. With taste being subjective, rolling out new products can be a hit or miss affair. But Poison Coffee & Doughnuts has something special with these new creations. And for those who dare, the results can be satisfying and rewarding.

The special collaboration with Kikkoman Soy Sauce opens up limitless creative possibilities for Poison Coffee & Doughnuts giving all of us a tasty preview of just how far we can push the popular doughnut to new and creative expressions. 

As the uncertainty of the new normal drags on, it's good to see creativity and continuous innovation in the local food scene humming without skipping a beat. Vanilla Glaze, Salted Dark Chocolate, Blueberry Glaze, Pili Glaze, Garam Masala, Champorado and Hazelnut Blue Cheese are just some of the innovative offerings in their selection and Poison Coffee & Doughnuts constantly adds new variants to their growing menu like Mangga't Suman, Macapuno and Maja Blanca. The collaboration with Kikkoman with the Kikko Shoyu Bonito, The Kikko Man and Kikkonana are welcome additions to one of the metro's unique doughnut selections from Poison Coffee & Doughnuts.

You can always have your usual doughnuts, but you can change it up and discover something different and special the next time you're craving for doughnuts. 

As stricter lockdown measures are once again implemented to curb the spread of the new Delta variant, online orders and deliveries becomes a convenient option. How to order online? Easy. Simply click on the link at to view the full menu for your orders or visit for pick-up options. You can also order via your go-to delivery app including GrabFood, FoodPanda and Pickaroo

Craving for doughnuts but raring to try something different? Let Poison Coffee & Doughnuts tease your palate with their inventive new offerings in collaboration with Kikkoman for doughnuts with a kikk.  

Poison Coffee & Doughnuts is located at the Ground Floor, Building C, Karrivin Plaza, Chino Roces Avenue, Makati or call 0917 703 0729 for inquiries. You can also visit their PB Page and IG Feed at and @poisondoughnuts for more information and updates.

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