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Take Me Back to Enduring and Comforting Italian Flavors at Mamma Mia

Good food is best enjoyed with great company at your own unhurried pace, and nothing brings family and friends closer quite like Italian cuisine with its comforting, hearty and rich flavors. It's what Italian moms have known all along, delivering consistently familiar flavors that trigger fond memories like a warm hug to the palate and body. At Mamma Mia, that's what you get. Everyday.

They say enjoying a favorite dish is like going home and the limitations of both time and distance momentarily disappear with each flavorful bite. The food experience is transformative, taking you back to a place or time like a portal. Consistency and quality are key to that experience and four years later after it opened, Mamma Mia still serves their dishes just the way you remember it (more on my experience from 2017 on my earlier post here). Come on in and enjoy all your favorite dishes at Mamma Mia and relive the good times...

The challenge for any new restaurant is maintaining quality through the years. It's not easy as operational concerns including supply, food costs and staffing often derail any plan for consistency. Mamma Mia is one of those rare establishments that endured and maintained the quality and flavors we all loved despite the many challenges of the new normal, painstakingly preparing each dish with a loving mother's dedication. It's no surprise that many of the dishes are inspired by young restaurateur's Giulius Iapino's grandmother or nonna giving it a warm, rustic and homespun vibe.   

For those from the south, the hearty Italian fare at Mamma Mia is already a familiar experience. That's because Mamma Mia comes from the very same group behind Parmigiano, a popular dining destination south of the metro led by Giulius Iapino. A thriving and well-established family business, Giulius Iapino brings the same Italian flavors to the heart of Bonifacio Global City.  

The quarantine experience continues to change and transform our daily routine, with dining at home, the rise of the food delivery culture and increased online usage emerging as new consumer habits that define the new normal. Like many food businesses, Mamma Mia now implements all the latest health and safety protocols including social distancing, constant disinfection and the vaccination of staff so you can enjoy your meal with peace of mind. A proper meal at Mamma Mia starts with a refreshing Aperol Spritz, a soothing blend of Aperol, Prosecco and Seltzer.

And just like a proper Italian meal, take your time and order a second round to open up the palate and take in the warm and casual vibe at Mamma Mia. 

That afternoon at Mamma Mia, I got reacquainted with familiar old favorites. The aptly named Italian Bacon Meatball Bomb (P 395) brings a savory burst with each bite with juicy meatballs wrapped in smoky bacon and drizzled with spicy marinara sauce on a creamy bed of ricotta. The side of pickled onions brings contrasting notes to the palate tempering the richness of the Italian Bacon Meatball Bomb, marinara and ricotta for that delicately balanced finish.

I remember my first time at Mamma Mia almost four years ago when it first opened at Uptown Mall (see my post from 2017 here at Mama Knows Best: Introducing the All-Day Italian Dining Culture at Uptown Mall's Mamma Mia) and uploaded many of their specialties to my growing file of must-try dishes like their Melon and Pumpkin with Prosciutto...

...the Mortadella E Pistacchio Pizza...

...and the juicy and crisp Porchetta. Four years since it opened, these dishes have remained consistent as the day I first tried them at Mamma Mia. And that's a true test for many establishments, directing both expectations and the dining experience on the same course. Not much has changed with the photos from my very first experience four years ago... the dishes served that day at Mamma Mia. And the specialty Mortadella E Pistacchio is as good as the time I first tried it so many years back with its distinctive hues of bright green from the crushed pistachios. The nutty and mildly sweet pistachios and the savory richness of the Italian cured pork combine for delicately nuanced yet bold notes. It's the only pizza, to my knowledge, with this elegant combination of pistachios and mortadella. Add a drizzle of honey and experience real indulgence with every slice.

Mamma Mia takes pride in setting their pizza selections apart by stuffing the crust with a rich blend of cheese so you can enjoy it all the way to the very end of the slice. A good pizza is often judged by the crust, and Mamma Mia makes sure you get to enjoy their pizza from the pointed end to that last crusty bite.

Mamma Mia also introduced one of their newest pizza creations, the Friarelli E Salsiccia (P 550) combining the nutty sweetness with a mild sharp bite from the leafy broccoli rabe with the savory notes of spicy sausages on a Mozarella slathered crust. 

Each tasty bite delivers contrasting layers of flavors capped by the delicately charred and blistered crust filled with cheese for that signature finish. Who knew broccoli leaves could bring so much flavor to pizza? With over 15 pizza options to choose from, the new Friarelli E Salsiccia is a welcome and flavorful addition to their menu. 

Just as extensive as their pizza selection, the pasta offerings of Mamma Mia recreates old school, nostalgic and traditional flavors starting with fresh noodles prepared daily in their kitchen. The Frutti Di Mare Pasta in Olive Oil is a sumptuous dish ideal for sharing with family and friends. Generously loaded with the day's freshest catch including succulent clams, mussels and plump shrimps on soft yet firm noodles draped with the nutty richness of olive oil, it's the perfect dish for seafood lovers. The simple olive oil sauce delivers all the rich flavors without overpowering the delicate briny sweetness of the seafood.   

The sumptuous servings are just what you'd expect from your favorite nonna, made with the freshest and finest ingredients with nothing held back. The flavors are uncomplicated and uncluttered, just pure goodness from the richness of premium olive oil and the fresh, clean flavors of seafood. 

Like a much anticipated homecoming, an old friend makes its appearance on the table...

The classic Porchetta (P 750) is one of those dishes that makes each return visit special at Mamma Mia. The slow roasted pork roulade is perfectly juicy and tender capped by a lightly crisp layer of crackling for that familiar textural contrast we look for in a traditional Italian porchetta. The thick gravy adds that flavorful punch to the juicy pork. and the sides of mashed potatoes, tomato salsa and salad completes the lavish dish.

Old and new favorites come together in another memorable afternoon at Mamma Mia, moments that are more special in this challenging new normal. Face masks, shields and social distancing are now part of the daily routine, but a good meal with family and friends prepared with a whole lot of love remains just as special and a much needed break from the daily barrage of the pandemic on our social media news feed. 

Complete your dining experience with Mamma Mia's indulgent dessert offerings, like the silky smooth and decadent Panna Cotta (P 170). Topped with sweet mangoes, it's the perfect ending to a sumptuous feast at Mamma Mia...

 ...paired with the thick Mamma Mia's Hot Cioccolato (P 180). You can also opt for the specialty coffee, frappe and tea selection at Mamma Mia. 

Let good food transport you back to a place and time from memory when things were simpler. Or you can just head on over to Mamma Mia and let them take you there with each dish and plate...

Mamma Mia is located at the Upper Ground Floor, Uptown Mall, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City or call 0966 663 7803 for inquiries and reservations. You can also visit their FB Page at for more information and updates.

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