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Bento Box? Make That The New Lechon Bento Box by Lydia's Lechon

For well over 55 years, Lydia's Lechon has become part of the culinary mainstream and countless family celebrations with her specialty offerings. True to her promise of bringing #EverydayHappiness, Lydia's Lechon unveils another exciting and new offering to satisfy your lechon cravings...

Your lechon craving, satisfied with a fully loaded bento box. From their iconic lechon to innovative product offerings like their Lechon in a Box (more on my earlier post here at Happiness in a Box: The New lechon in a Box by Lydia's Lechon) and sumptuous Family Boxes (see more here at #LydiasLechonBringsHappiness: Mother's Day Week Family Boxes, Delivered Straight to Your Home by Lydia's Lechon) comes yet another exciting new offering, the new Lechon Bento Box. The usual bento boxes are given a unique spin by one of the country's enduring culinary icons with its latest offering conveniently delivered to your home or office. Ready for your Lechon Bento Box? 

Dining at home, the rise of the food delivery culture and increased online usage have emerged as the new consumer habits defining the quarantine experience. For the food service sector, adapting and evolving with changing consumer habits is key in hurdling past the challenges of the new normal. And for over 55 years, Lydia's Lechon has been serving her brand of #EverydayHappiness with unique product innovations adapting to the changing times. From humble beginnings on the sidewalks of Baclaran back in the sixties, Lydia's Lechon is now an established and diversified business involving restaurants, lechon delivery, food court operations, fast-moving consumer goods, commissary and franchising built around her specialty lechon (for more on the inspiring story of Lydia's Lechon, see my post from 2019, #EverydayLechonHappiness: Lydia's Lechon Turns 55).

The new Lechon Bento Box by Lydia's Lechon is one more innovation in a long history of the much-loved and enduring brand keeping it in step with the new normal. 

Available in three tasty and sumptuous variants, each loaded Lechon Bento Box features their specialty lechon as the main course complemented by refreshing sides and rice for a complete and balanced meal. Normally, sides are usually prepared as an afterthought. But the kitchens at Lydia's Lechon prepare these sides from scratch for real flavors. 

Each Lechon Bento Box is properly sealed to keep it safe from the elements during delivery...

...while keeping your food fresh at its flavorful peak with a tamper-proof seal and that goes a long way for your peace of mind in this challenging new normal. Now let's take a closer look at each of the new Lechon Bento Boxes from Lydia's Lechon...

...starting with the Lechon Bento Box A (P 320) with tender and juicy roast pork topped with crisp crackling and served with sides of comforting macaroni, buttered beans and carrots and steamed white rice. Right off the bat, you know this is special.

The generous portions are guaranteed to satisfy any appetite, with tender slabs of pork and cracklings as your main course with steamed white rice. Lydia's Lechon understands your cravings, you don't have to purchase the whole hog for that lechon fix. You can easily enjoy #EverydayHappiness with the specialty lechon of Lydia's with the new Lechon Bento Box. 

The buttered vegetables deliver fresh and clean notes with the indulgent finish of creamy butter. Each bite delivers an audible snap from the garden-fresh beans and carrots making it the perfect side to your Lechon Bento Box feast at home or anywhere you choose.

The creamy macaroni with fresh carrots draped in a smooth dressing competes your Lechon Bento Box feast. 

The Lechon Bento Box by Lydia's lechon is the perfect option for dining at home or corporate meetings at the office or anywhere that not only addresses your lechon cravings but also leaves you totally satisfied without feeling shortchanged or wanting more. The generous portions and the quality of each component in the Lechon Bento Box takes care of that.

And the highlight of your Lechon Bento Box experience will always be the star of the show, the specialty lechon. Perfectly roasted with delicately nuanced notes, each bite delivers a burst of savory richness completed by the special All-Around Sauce by Lydia's Lechon. 

The Lechon Bento Box B (P 320) features even more vegetables for another tasty option with fresh broccoli along with buttered corn and carrots to pair with the signature lechon and steamed white rice.

The subtle sweetness and fresh crunch of the broccoli transforms the bento box making it a balanced combination. The freshness of the broccoli cleanses the palate, allowing you indulge in the richness of the roasted pork. I particularly enjoyed this Lechon Bento Box option with fresh broccoli compensating for the lavish pork indulgence. 

The buttered corn and carrots brings a fresh sweetness to the wide range of flavors from the Lechon Bento Box complementing the juicy notes of the roast pork. The fresh duo of broccoli with buttered corn and carrots makes this Lechon Bento Box another excellent option. 

For those who prefer comforting and nostalgic local flavors, the Lechon Bento Box C (P 320) with Chopsuey (you can also opt for Pinakbet) and Fresh Lumpia is the one for you.

The familiar flavors of the classic local Chopsuey adds a comforting vibe to this option...

...pairing well with the vegetable filled Fresh Lumpia or spring roll with its own peanut-based sauce. The fresh spring roll delivers vibrant fresh flavors with each bite, followed by the contrasting textures of the garden-fresh vegetable filling. Think of it as an all-Filipino ensemble, neatly packed in a bento box. 

No dining experience with Lydia's Lechon is complete without their famous All-Around Sauce. Thick and rich with flavor, the pork liver-based All-Around Sauce gives that familiar sweet finish to lechon. Each Lechon Bento Box comes with its own tub of sauce.

And if you're planning a festive family celebration at home, Lydia's Lechon completes the dining experience with their line of specialty whole roasted pig. 

Three fully loaded options, each one reasonably priced for both excellent value and variety. Lydia's Lechon has another game winner with the Lechon Bento Box from their successful playbook. And you can have it conveniently delivered to your doorstep with just a quick taps on your mobile device.

Lechon Bento Box A, B or C, take your pick. You also have a variety of options to order your #EverydayHappiness from Lydia's Lechon. The new Lechon Bento Boxes by Lydia's Lechon are now available for delivery, take-out, pick-up and advanced orders via their Delivery Hotline at 8939 1221 and 8404 0178 (Quezon City) and 8851 2987 to 89 (Baclaran). You can also order online for delivery at or via Messenger. Order via Viber at 0917 538 0304 (Globe) or 0918 967 5213 (Smart) or go to your favorite food app like GrabFood, FoodPanda or Klook

Payment options include Online Money Transfer through GCash, PayMaya and Mlhuillier, Online Bank Transfer with BDO and MetroBank, Credit/Debit Card for store and website transactions and COD

More than fifty-five years and counting, Lydia's Lechon continues to innovate ensuring you can enjoy your #EverydayHappiness in a variety of tasty options with the new Lechon Bento Box. Experience happiness in a bento box today with the new Lechon Bento Box by Lydia's Lechon...

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