Saturday, July 17, 2021

Just Ice It: A Soothing Cold Brew Trio by Caravan Black

The onset of the rainy season does little to lower the blistering heat, not even a dent. When the temperature rises and you need to cool down, just ice it. Caravan Black offers three soothing ways to beat the heat with their refreshing cold brews... 

Caravan Black unveils their latest selection of specialty cold brews, each one with its own distinct flavor and finish. That's three for the road with the Wilde White, Cold S & G and Cold Blonde to soothe your palate. Thirsty? Then, read on...

Icing it transforms the coffee experience, and the cold brews by Caravan Black presents flavorful alternatives for that caffeine fix while beating the lingering summer heat. Using their signature coffee blends as the base, Caravan Black paints a colorful palette of refreshing notes infused with vibrant layers of richness for a unique cold brew experience. 

Blooming Wilde

The flavorful cold brew trio by Caravan Black presents refreshing options to your own coffee journey, blended with the finest ingredients for that perfectly balanced yet distinct flavor profile. Each has its own character to suit your every mood or craving... the creamy Wilde White, infused with local lavender from Davao for that fragrant and subtle floral hint with every sip. The rich caramel and cacao notes of Caravan Black's specialty coffee is given an indulgent depth of flavor teasing the palate with its seamless weave of contrasting yet balanced finish. From its elegant sweetness to its whisper of vibrant citrus notes, the Wilde White takes a page from the classic wit and flamboyant style of the famed Irish poet Oscar Wilde.  

The bold notes of the specialty coffee blend are mellowed by the subtle layer of nuanced floral hints for a refreshing alternative to the usual cold brew. This isn't your usual cold brew. And the famed Irish poet would definitely approve.

Nostalgic Flavors Reinvented

Drawing inspiration from the local sago't gulaman, Caravan Black adds their own modern spin with the playfully inventive  Cold S & G with chewy tapioca pearls and expresso jelly made from scratch. One sip with the soft sago't gulaman takes you back to carefree childhood summers while the robust yet soothing notes of special grade Arabica beans places you squarely in step with the times. 

And it's a combination that works. A bite of the soft sago't gulaman releases even more intense coffee notes. Have another sip and that should seal the deal. It's creative expressions like this that keep Caravan Black on everyone's radar with simple even nostalgic coffee concepts that surprise and entertain the palate with its novel spin on comfortingly familiar flavors. 

Blondes Do Have More Fun

Sure, it sounds like a Hollywood cliché but Caravan Black injects a whole lot of fun with their Cold Blonde. The signature coffee blend with that rich caramel sweetness and a refreshing and decadent splash of milk combine for yet another palate pleasing cold brew option at Caravan Black. 

And not just any milk will do for this gorgeous blonde. Caravan Black brings their specialty Oat Milk from their game-winning playbook to complete a lavish cold brew experience. Each sip lays an indulgent richness on the palate, with the bold notes from the coffee blend tempered by the creamy Oat Milk. Blondes always leave a lasting impression, and the Cold Blonde does it with that first sip.

And you can bring your cold brew from Caravan Black with you in a handy and convenient 270 mL bottle. Like old friends, take all three with you on the road.

Shifting consumer habits continue to define the quarantine experience with dining at home, the rise of the food delivery culture and increased online usage emerging as key changes in a challenging new normal. At Caravan Black, you can enjoy your caffeine fix with dine-in, take-out and delivery options. But it's the constant roll-out of new product innovations that keep food businesses relevant in a new normal that's very much here to stay. Caravan Black is clearly ahead of the game with their trio of refreshing cold brews.

Cold S & G, Cold Blonde and Wilde White, Caravan Black has you covered when the temperature hits red. Just ice it. In one of three refreshing ways...

Caravan Black is located at 4th Avenue corner 27th Street, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City or call 946 3610 for inquiries. For more on Caravan Black, visit their FB Page at and their IG Feed at @caravanblackcoffee for more information and updates.

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